August 27, 2016

Sister Talking: LE released

Dear Judith, 

Stardoll has released a new collection of Limited Edition. We've been there when some of the items were still available, but we are not superstar right now and we didn't feel like paying real money for virtual clothes. I was going through the store though, and saw a lot of items I liked. In my opinion, this release is one of the good ones. If all the items I like were available maybe I would have gone for the superstar pack and get my (virtual) hands on some of those clothes.

As I didn't, and you didn't either, and as we're not doing Store Statements on limited collections, I started doing some outfits just for fun on the plaza. Then I remembered we have this section where we can talk to each other and share our thoughts with the other and with the rest of people that is reading this (hello guys!).

My favorite piece is the blue fur coat and the Saint Laurent hat. You loved the Gucci bag once you saw it, and I have to say that is one of my favorite pieces as well. I don't know why but I love those burgundy and gold boots from Aquazzura. The (obviously sold out) belts are to die for! There are other pieces that are pretty fine as well, like the nude transparent top, the Rodarte pants or the thin black scarf.

I tried to create some outfits with my fav items just for fun, so... here they are! My favorite is the first one.. I didn't notice the super cool choker there is on the store, or I would have added it on the first outfit. And oh well, I would have removed the white choker I'm wearing for the other two outfits. Hehe, sorry about that!

Hope you like them! What has been your favorite outfit of my creations Judith? And what would you have liked to buy?


August 26, 2016

Street Style

Spotted: millaxx

I love it when I'm going to feature an amazing outfit and I see it's from a doll that we've featured before! You can always search for your name in this blog, as everytime we feature someone we tag your name so you can find yourself after! This time, we feature another amazing outfit from millaxx. It's not a very complicated outfit, in fact it has very few items, but that jacket... gives life to the whole outfit! I've never seen it before but just looking at this is screaming something like "I know you want me". I love absolutely everything... Look at the placement of the bag!! It's perfect! Thanks for this amazing outfit.

August 25, 2016

Sisters' Style: Voile Bejewelled Burberry Style Heels

🎶  Guess who's back, back again

Sisters are back, tell a friend 🎶

So Mireia was wearing these shoes the other day and when I saw it and realised I had them too, as they gave them as a superstar gift, I thought: "let's make an outfit with them and post this as a Sisters' Style post!"

I didn't even try to make it look different these time, it came out really easily, but that's good! Two completely different takes on the shoes. Mireia's, an all-white smart outfit, mine's, a casual one with jeans and plain black t-shirt. What we both did is adding little details in silver as the shoes have this big silvery diamond.

I really like the colour of these pair of shoes and the elegant touch that the diamond gives. But my favourite thing about them is that they are very versatile and can be worn with a super smart ouftit or with a casual one. For example, in our outfits, Mireia, although she looks elegant, has dressed them down just a tiny little bit with more modern elements like the jewerlly, making a super cool trendy and business like outfit. Me, on the other hand, I dressed them down completely and the only other elegant element I added is the Chanel bag. In my look they give elegance and glamour in Mireia's look they bring a little bit of colour and make the outfit more special. 

Street Style