December 3, 2016

Sharing HotBuys Advice: December 2016 #1

Bonjour Bizou
23 SD

I like them, but not enough to buy. I mean, the color is definitely not made for me, I don't like brown shades too much, maybe only beige. The shape is original, but there's something wrong with the sided foot, isn't it? Is it not too much sided? Do you know what I mean? 

At first I wanted to combine the boots with a dress, and I had one from Riviera with a leopard pattern in the same brownish tone that the boots. But something wasn't right. Obviously it was the shape of the boots, so I decided to cover it as much as possible without covering too much. That's when I decided to wear jeans instead and created what I like to think is a boho outfit. It's not very very boho, just a little bit, and it's nothing too extravagant, in fact is pretty casual and wearable, but at least I think the boots look good.  

I do like the boots! I think there weren't any boots in this colour before in Starplaza and I think they can be a nice addition to our wardrobes. I'm not buying them yet though cause I have a pair of boots from Nelly of almost the same shape in beige. If they were cheaper maybe but it's a no from now. Maybe in a few days I change my mind and reassure to buy them, I just need something to push me into the final decision wether it's a yes or a no.

About my outfit I knew I wanted to wear them underneath a midi skirt or culottes, I think this kind of boots look really good with these type of items. The outfit turned out pretty easily from there, turtleneck for having these wintery warm vibe, an earth toned bag matching the boots...

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Street Style

December 1, 2016

Sharing HotBuys Style: December 2016

December starts today, and new month means new HotBuys. I hope we also have a Christmas Calendar because I love advent calendars. Aw guys, I really love Christmas, winter and everything that comes with it, and I know Judith loves it as well. I hope we have enough time to keep the blog active and give you new things. But that's enough! Let's see what Stardoll has for December in form of HotBuys...

Which items are you most excited to get? What are your favorites? Which do you think would be the most difficult to style? 
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