October 26, 2016

Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #8

Fallen Angel
17 SD

Oh these are nice! Still expensive though, but they look beautiful! I love them, but I see a little problem... I think they are going to be difficult to combine, they are so gorgeous that they have to be the main piece of the outfit in my opinion, and there aren't too many options to accomplish that. By the way, I hope Maurice (aka kickherout, hello there!) gets her hands on them, cause the minute I saw them I thought I could totally picture her gorgeous doll wearing them, totally her style.

For my outfit I tried to do what I mentioned before, make them the center of the outfit. I did a black and white with some silver accessories on the clutch and belt to combine with the little studs on the shoes.

I disagree with Mireia on this one, I'm not a big fan of the shoes, they remind me a little bit of the shoes people wear to dance "sardanes", a traditional folk dance of Catalonia (I'm talking about THIS). Ok, they're a lot prettier than the folk ones, but still it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see them. Anyway, they're not hideous and can actually look nice, but it's another no for me.

About my outfit I love how they combine bold items with jeans and casual clothes in Net-a-Porter and I tried to do a little bit the same.

On our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted, you have the possibility of winning this pair of shoes following some simple rules. You can share an outfit with the shoes on there, or here on the comments below and remember that we will pick 2 outfits for our monthly "Sharing Hotbuys Style". If you're picked you will win one HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), the owner of our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted.

October 24, 2016

Sisters' Style: Starpoint Rewards Detailed Turquoise Skirt

Oh wow, I didn't realize of how much time it has passed since the last Sisters' Style post! But, here we are with another one. This time we are using one of the pieces that you get from getting Starpoints, so one of the Starpoint Rewards, as Stardoll names it.

I actually love the colour, and the texture of the skirt is pretty cool, but for me it's too lady-like with this flare shape. That's why I decided to cover it with some coats. It looks like I went for a winter version of the skirt, while Judith's outfit is more spring themed. Anyway, I like how both of us went searching for other items with the same beautiful dark turquoise colour. I found this top and Judith found some shoes. Good job!

Another coincidence is both of us adding black to the outfit, even though Judith put some white on it with the trend of tees underneath lace. Honestly, it looks amazing. Also, the sunglasses look quite similar... But I guess we all agree that our outfits are very different! Another possible comparison besides the season, would be that mine is more adult/mature while Judith's is more juvenile/youthful. Sometimes our age is reflected ;)

Hope you like it and if you want to know how we did those outfits...

October 23, 2016

Spotted: Meeermer

I found Meeermer through one of our partner blogs, mylestyle.blogspot.com, ran by the amazing Marta-43. She included in a super interesting post about sets (check it our HERE) a design by this doll that caught my attention, and when I went to visit her, what did I found? Not only was she talented at Stardesign but also at styling! I fell in love with her outfit. I love all the layers on the top part of the outfit and how it doesn't look like too much or bulky, I love the effect of the long patterned top with the ripped jeans, I love the gucci bag... I LOVE EVERYTHING! So obviously I had to share. An by the way, she has a stylish stardoll sister too! ;) (SISTER POWER <3)