Seen on FM-Style: Come Together

For this week tasks our contestants had to come together in pairs. For the first time in FM-Style we introduced team work and they had to agree with their partner in what to wear to present coordinated outfits, a.k.a what you're used to see in the SSS Street Style posts with Mireia and I only more perfectly matched and more thought out and incredible.

Nothing new guys, they didn't disappoint. In fact, I'm going to share everyone's outfits this time, since as they delivered the task in pairs there are only 4 tasks and therefore the post it's not going to be extremely long. And I'm going to share them from best to worst, obviously from my point of view. 

So, for me the winners of this task would be Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) & Stefan (Sweet_gal11) with this amazing work.

I love their combination of the trench coat sleeveless jackets with puffy sleeves, keeping that the center of attention and combining it with simple yet effective elements. The outfits are not that complex, they don't have a lot of items or detailing, but they're the perfect evidence of how choosing the right elements and placing them carefully can take you to something genius! Plus the coordination here it's obvious but at the same time not literal, which would be picking the exact same items.

On the second place, according to my rating, we would find Whitney (strobarycake) & Alicja (alusiak123)!

They went for monochromatic outfits with strong detailing (hello gold jewellery!) and a minimal vibe. But what I love the most about their entry it's not their outfits, but their way of agreeing in what to do. If you have been following the cycle you must know that their styles are completely opposites!! And yet they managed to deliver coordinated outfits without loosing their own personality. I think that they were the team with the highest difficulty in terms of matching but that didn't stop them!

On third place of Judith's favourites we have Monika (The_Chuba) & Letícia (leiona_-) and their same pattern different piece.

I really like both of her outfits and I love how being of different styles they still look great with each other and coordinated. They paid a lot of attention to details and tried to incorporate the same elements in different shapes and styles in their outfits. Why are they in third place with such good work you may ask? Well, the same way I thought Whitney and Alicja had the highest difficulty at the time of coordinating their outfits I think that this pair had it easier to match, which obviously doesn't make their task bad only less impressive for me.

And finally we have Andrea (Andre1396) and Drew (modmayhem) with their white and red outfits.

Andrea and Drew did a good job with their outfits but I feel that out of the four teams they were the less coordinated between themselves. They only paid attention to the colour palette and forgot a little bit about pieces, style, detailing... I still love the suit Drew created and the red boots and their combination with that dress of Andrea, and I do think that maybe with a little bit more time their work would have been flawless. 

At the time of judging this task we gave a group mark to each pair and an individual mark for each of them, and the final mark was the average of those two. That put Beata in first place and Drew in the last. So, farewell Drew, you have an amazing style, I love your glam and trendyness but this cycle is rough and only one can be the winner. I hope to see you again in further cycles!

And you! Yes, you! I'm inviting you to the movies so make sure you check The SSS next Sunday!