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Seen on FM-Style: Who let the dogs out? | Cycle 15 - Task 6

Task 6 on Cycle 15 at FM-Style caused some excitement! The theme reminded some contestants of Rupaul's Drag race, a show we have heard about but never actually seen it. Our real inspiration for task 6 came actually from ANTM Cycle 22, but any how we love when everyone has fun with tasks so we can officially say that task 6 was a hit. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Cycle 15 - Task 6: Who let the dogs out? 
  NOTE: Obviously this video was posted by Mireia, this is her kind of humour. It may seem like I'm the only one behind the post but the truth is she helps a lot preparing it and leaving everything ready for me to just come and write it. Thought she deserved a shout out, thanks sis!

I don’t know who did let them out, but for this task you’ll need them standing next to you! Create an outfit that looks coordinated with your dog. You don’t have to buy the dog, you can show us a dog picture from the Internet but please, include a photo of the dog or use a Stardoll dog, we have to see the outfit and the dog, meaning a description of the dog is not enough.

The Origin.
This task was taken from Task 7 - Cycle 12, which means, it hasn't been that long and we had back then some of the same people who is participating now in Cycle 15. Kelly (kelzsprouse_1) was there, Maurice (kickherout) was there and so was Glimmer (CoralCool91) and I must say the three of them have improved their entry a lot this cycle. We also had Rawan (bornthiswaay) participating as a judge. Her outfit for Cycle 12 and the one she delivered for this cycle kind of have the same vibe but still it's cool enough to share. Here are my favourite entries from Cycle 12. 
In order of appearance: GoldieMememe, bornthiswaay & Marta-43.

The Inspiration.

The Judges' Examples.

The Contestants' Entries.

Well, well, well so many beautiful outfits, I have to say the judges (except me, that did the outfit in a rush) all did amazing, no wonder the contestants did well with such great examples. For real, Lucy's (sunnysidessue), Amaia's (amaia_estebanez) and Fede's (FedericoMosi) would have scored a really high mark from me, not only do they look super cool but in addition those outfits are perfect for their dogs, a total match if you ask me. 

Matching with a dog might sound a bit random and not make any sense at first but it's only a matter of thinking it a bit through. The easiest way to match is obviously imitating the different colours and tones in their fur, an approach that most of the contestants took, but for standing out and doing REALLY GOOD in this task you had to take it a bit further. 

The style is really important and so is the clich├ęs and common thoughts associated to certain races. Emotional feelings cannot get in the way here, cause if you do a Rottweiler like the one you had or have that was really sweet it's fine but the judges haven't actually met your dog so when they see it, their instant thought will be that you should look fierce and so, feelings can take you into the wrong path.

The figure and other traits of the dog, like length of the hair or size of the dog are also details that can help to make the outfit even more perfect. Basically if you think about every little detail that characterizes the dog and try to portray it with clothes you can hardly go wrong in matching terms. Obviously there's also the fact about balancing all that with making your outfit look nice and considering what's more important to know which item to sacrifice for some other. 

So yes, basically a lot to take in mind but, task 6 folks, the difficulty level is getting higher! A last minute outfit won't secure you passing anymore.

Finally if you look at the dog you want to represent and are completely clueless about what can you do, there's always the possibility of giving that dog the traits you want. Something you can achieve putting accessories on the dog too and giving it the same style you're going for in your doll. That is what Marta (Marta-43) did back in Cycle 12 and what Alma (Alma1902) did this cycle too and the result looks great!

Considering all this, for me the best entry this week goes to Yousra (miss.privacy), who got best task again. Yes, you're reading properly, again. I don't know if this is like the third time she wins in a row or if we've had any other winners, to me it's seems like she's always on top. C'mon girls let's make her sweat a little bit! ;). 
Anyway, I think, this week was totally deserved. She went for a Great Dane and she represented every little detail I was talking about before. The colours are completely fine and go perfectly with the dog even not being the exact and exclusively same tones, she went for big oversized clothes since that dog race is really big and the style is also perfect, kind of laid down but still graceful and fashionable. I was really impressed, still am.

I also liked the badass vibes from both dog and doll in Kat's (pandaribbon) entry, and the different vibes but still both so good of the ones that went with Dalmatians, Maurice (kickherout) and Rawan (bornthiswaay).

On the unhappy side of the story we have Fotini (LoveFotinh) who maybe made the mistake of getting carried away with emotions. Her entry was sweet but was lacking an important fashion factor and a stronger match with the dog. That got her eliminated and sadly we won't be seeing her super long blonde hair in the next weeks.

All the other contestants are already working on the new task and... they like to focus on colours? Good, we hear you! So we've given them more colours to focus on. 

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Seen on FM-Style: Mixing Patterns | Cycle 15 - Task 5

We're not Tom Cruise but we have been in Risky Business this week.
Our contestants had to face a tricky task that could easily go wrong and us judges had to make our first real elimination, as until this moment all our goodbyes were for people that didn't deliver the task in time. To help us with that we also welcomed a new member to the judging panel, the super stylish and one of our oldest club members Amaia (amaia_estebanez), replacing Leticia (leiona_-) who isn't able to judge anymore.

But enough chit chat, let's discover the task that costed us the first loss.

Cycle 15 - Task 5: Mixing Patterns
The tittle says it all, doesn’t it? For this task you have to manage to mix at least two different patterns in your outfit. Those patterns should be visible, not in small accessories.

Two is the minimum of patterns required in your outfit, but there’s not a maximum, even though there won’t be more points for more patterns. Have fun with the mix!

The Origin.
This task was taken from Task 6 - Cycle 2, meaning a long, long time ago. The club was still in its humble beginnings, a lot of talent had yet to arrive and I wasn't even collaborating organizing the cycles. I was competing instead with poorly outfits. I did win that cycle but the competition was not half as high as now, and that's why, to be honest, there's not anything worth showing you from our second cycle. Feel free to check it HERE yourselves and laugh a little with my outfits though.

The Inspiration.

The Judges' Examples.

The Contestants' Entries.

I trusted our beloved contestants to do good in this task even before posting the applications for cycle 15, and they did not disappoint. The only two entries I'm not that happy with made a mistake of shapes and item choice, not on actually print mixing, so I guess we can proudly say that the task went out smoothly, as you can see in the images above.

Mixing different patterns sounds like no big deal but the truth is that at the time of dressing up we usually don't go for it, so the task was odd enough to have some difficulty and our contestants gave a perfect lesson on how to do it. 
  • You can mix different approaches of the same print, like Alma (Alma1902) did with her pop art prints.
  • Mix different prints that match in style and colours, served to you by Kelly (kelzsprouse_1) and Glimmer (CoralCool91). 
  • Pick prints that are more subtle so that they don't clash, as Maurice (kickherout) did.
  • Or going all in with the colours and prints to make a fun and different outfit like the original entry of Michal (MajkaStar1999).

Feel free to check this notes when creating outfits. FM-Style Mixing Prints 101 ©. 

And, like all classes and like all lessons, there's always some top students that stand out between their classmates. I never ever want to be a teacher but this week I'm giving:

A+ to Monika (the_chuba). Because she managed to mix three different prints like it was nothing, so gracefully. Her outfit is super chill and breezy, all in light colours and still looks city ready and trendy. Some judges were against the Gucci loafers (I must admit that Stardoll could have brought a better version of those although I still like them a lot, I guess you either love them or hate them) so she didn't get the highest score, but that's why we like to have such a big team of judges. Mireia and I have similar tastes so we need a lot of different opinions to balance the judging and make it as fair as possible.

And our as fair as possible judging panel gave the title of Winner of the Week, again, to Yousra (miss.privacy). She did delivered a really cool outfit also mixing not two but 3 different patterns after all.

A to Maurice (kickherout). She definitely made Mireia and I have a great time, cause we spend some time commenting on who did she look like and making some jokes about it, all of them with love of course. Just read her whole feedback (link available on the new task TOPIC in the CLUB) and you'll get an idea ;). Her outfit is kind of crazy and kind of genius at the same time. I'm not able to imagine anyone else to make me say YES to that hat. Love the extravagance and big personality Maurice always brings to her looks you should check her BLOG, one of our partners, to see more of that.

A to Michal (MajkaStar1999). She already risked it in task 2 delivering something very different and it didn't exactly turned out in the best result buy yet she did again. I applaud her being true to her style in addition to her originality. And maybe I wasn't too fond of the outfit with tartan we got to see in task 2 but I am definitely fond of this one. Looks so fun, colourful and powerful. 

Finally, on the other, not so bright, side we have that one person who even though she didn't fail (cause let's be honest no one fails in FM-Style lately, they're too good for that) she did get the lowest score and unfortunately that means goodbye. I want to say that despite being a fair elimination in my opinion, I'm still so angry about it because she also brought a lot of personality to the cycle and I was always kind of excited to see her entries. But the competition is the competition and one slip in one task can cost you no tasks at all. That's why we sadly give our farewell to Sandra (dobrapogoda). 

All the remaining contestants are already working on the new task and I don't know yet how it will go but I can feel a bit of excitement and enjoyment in the task's topic, so don't miss out and...

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