Spotted: the_chuba

the_chuba. You may have seen her on the weekly Seen on FM-Style posts, but here it is a gorgeous look out of the competition I caught Monika wearing when I came by her suite. And what is she wearing? Not only one, but two monthly HotBuys, and I love it so much. It's actually something similar to what I had in mind when it came the time to style the sweatshirt (the poll is coming tomorrow), but I wasn't able to do it. She did, and the final result is amazing. No wonder she is one of the finalists of Cycle 13. Totally deserved. Keep doing what you're doing Monika, we love your outfits!


Seen on FM-Style: Beautiful People

Everywhere everywhere
Everywhere I go
Everywhere that I've been
The only thing I see is
Is beautiful people

For this task, the semifinalists had to create two looks for the Fashion Week that has just happened, Fall/Winter 17-18. They had to choose two shows they could attend, and they were all smart enough to choose one on the morning and one on the evening, as it was the easiest thing to do to have time to attend both being able to change clothes to do so. The clothes needed to be appropriate for the shows they were attending. And so, they all chose Paris Fashion Week, the most glamorous and prestigious fashion week of the world. 

I like to imagine this as if FM-Style was a fashion website that needed to cover the Fashion Week. Then we sent our best "reporters" and they have to play the part as well. So, on the 3rd of March, our girl Alicjia (alusiak123), attended the Loewe show at 9:30 am. Then she went for brunch with some business partners and went back to the hotel to get ready for the second show of the day she had to attend, Yohji Yamamoto, at 8:30 pm. She did a great job, in fact she was one of the best dressed between our collaborators, so we know for sure we want her for our next project. 

Letícia (leiona_-) arrived to Paris on the 4th of March, she went out for some cocktails with some other fashion celebs,  and then on the next day she was getting ready for Balenciaga at 10:30 am. After the show she went for lunch with her contacts in Givenchy, that later on carried her to the showroom of the brand, where she met and interviewed Riccardo Tisci. There she chose her look for the evening show, at 8:00 pm, and after that she went to the after party with all the other front-row people. Definitely she caught the eye of the photographers, so we want her as well for the next project.

Monika (the_chuba) arrived on the 5th of March, she did some shopping during the day, and went to the hotel early to prepare her outfits for the next day, as she had two shows to attend to. She prepared her outfits and got some beauty sleep. She got ready early in the morning and after a nice breakfast with some old fashion friends, she went to the Stella McCartney show, which was happening at 10:00 am, first show of the day. She went for lunch with Stella herself, and discussed some related to the future events and after that, she went back to the hotel to get ready for the second show: Alexander McQueen at 8:00 pm. Once the show had finished she had to go quickly as we were already demanding her for the next project.

Unfortunately, our 4th collaborator, Stefan (sweet_gal11) got other business thing to do, and couldn't attend as planned the shows of March 4th. As he seemed very busy, we decided to prescind from him for the next project. 

Okay, that's all. Yes, I invented a whole story for doing this recap, but as you may have guessed (or not) about the final sentence of each person, my favorites are in order: Alicja did a wonderful job, very professional which got her the highest score. Letícia did a great job as well, very fashionable and on trend, which got her the second position on this task. Finally, Monika did good, but not as surprising as the other girls, which got her the last position on this task. However, nothing is decided for the final, where our 3 final contestants will fight for the first position! 

But relax, we're going on vacation!