September 26, 2016

September 25, 2016

Simulating: Caroline Vreeland & Shea Marie

Here comes the best Simulating post we've ever done! Again Mireia and I we're combining forces, cause really is a lot more fun to do it together than alone, and as big fans of coordinating our outfits that we are we decided to bring that as well to a simulating post.

Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie were already famous before they started to do fashion week together. Caroline is the granddaughter of the famous fashion editor Diana Vreeland and Shea Marie is a fashion influencer with a million followers on Instagram and owner of the swimsuit brand Sameswim. In fact Mirea and I have been following the style of Shea for quite a while, we met her through her blog PeaceLoveShea (although she doesn't post very often now) and in fact Mireia had already done a Simulating post of her (check it out HERE). But since they started coordinating her outfits for fashion weeks her photos have been all over tumblr, street style posts, instagram...

So, as Mireia and I also like to coordinate our street style outfits we decided that we HAD to do this simulating. We have picked some of their outfits to bring you their stardoll version.

September 24, 2016

Some Advertising: vousme

Hello peeps!
Here I am again, with some new advertising because I feel like I have to share the amazing idea that Navi, aka vousme on Stardoll, had. It's super simple but improves any outfit. But what is it? Is it a piece of clothing? Make up? Jewellery? Any accessory? No, no and no. First let me introduce you the creator, please welcome... vousme !

You might have seen her on some of the Seen on FM-Stlye posts, as she has been a contestant on our club and has delivered amazing entries with her characteristic minimalism, so she's definitely not a new face here on the Stylish Stardoll Sisters: click here to see all the posts in which she has been tagged.

She's a 17 year old girl from Indonesia with a great sense of fashion. The style that I've seen her rock is super minimal, and I love it. And her creation? The perfect addition to any minimalistic outfit, here it is:

It's just a simple addition, but you can transform some simple white sneakers (Adidas Stan Smith if you wish), into the great Adidas Superstar in black and white. Amazing huh? It's just some hair put really good together, so you can add the stripes super easy on the Beauty Parlor. The design costs only 7 sd, visit vousme and get yours! I already bought mine ;) What are you waiting for? Oh wait, if you're not convinced, let me share some outfits: 

It's very easy to do. First, you have to get your hands on the basic pair of sneakers. You can find them very easily on the store, 5th floor. They are very useful and they only cost 11 SD. Then, you just have to place the back part of the design under your doll's ankle on the Beauty Parlor, and there you have a new pair of sneakers. Look at the change: 

Street Style