Seen on FM-Style: Stratified Society

Hey, hey, hey!! Before we get on with this I'm going to confess something. I'm stealing this post from Mireia. She had it all prepared, all photos added, the task written, the little text we always put ready and the only thing she had left to do was actually writing it. I'm mean, I know... She did the "boring" part and now I'm taking it away. But I have just judged the final (OMG, OMG, OMG) and I couldn't resist! I was in a complete FM-Style mood. Hope you don't mind Mireia! Ok, now, let's see what happened on task 8!

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on Stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We got to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Welcome to the first ever #TeamCycle !

Task 8: Stratified Society
This is the task before the semi-final. There are still 5 groups left, and the winner will be declared just in 2 more tasks. As in last task there was no elimination, this week will be a double elimination! We repeat what we said on last task: forget about the street style rule! It’s not necessary anymore. You can opt to do street style, but it can be editorial if you wish to do that.

That being said… Task 8, stratified society. Can you imagine what are we talking about? Low, middle and upper class. Those three different society classes must be reflected on your entries, each one done by a different member of the team.

You can choose to do it in the actual era, or go to the past for inspiration, that is totally your choice. The outfits should still have some cohesion, but coordination would not be necessary. You already know how this works. Wish you the best of luck!

DISCLAIMER: This is a form of speech, we are not dividing or criticizing people. The way you dress doesn’t particularly have to show which class you belong to. Just look to the inspiration album to see what we mean. We are referring to topics in here, not trying to offend anyone or any particular style. In fact the three outfits should be equally amazing no matter which class you’re representing.

Inspiration Album: 

So for me this task had two major difficulties:
1. Managing to make all three looks stylish and equally cool, no matter the social status they're representing.
2. Make the three of them look coordinated while make them different enough that you can clearly see which social status was thought for each one.

Not sure about the reason why this time we didn't have judges examples either, but anyway, the sisters always make up for it in the blog so... here it is! And with the beautiful gothic quarter of Barcelona as background ;)
For coordination we focused on the use of gold jewellery as depending on its looks (and quality) it can look either very elegant or very tacky. And a little touch of red, which I don't remember if it was planned or not but looks really good!

And these are the teams' entries, together with the score they got for this task:

1. Team KAL - 7.56

2. SHADES - 7.25

3. MAC TEAM - 6.63

4.  The Flaming Jalapeño Gang - 8.31

5. Sarcasm. - 8.56

This task brought many cool and interesting outfits. I am quite satisfied with what our teams presented though it's true that in some cases the difference between one class and the other is less obvious. After doing the example and seeing the contestants entries I am realising that the struggle is between middle class and high class, which tend to end up looking more similar. But anyway, here are my favourites!

- On first place of my personal podium, and being objective (at least I think I am, after all they won the task...), we have Sarcasm.! I love the outfits Jane and Sami created. Both lower class and high class are quite exaggerated looks which make the difference between the three classes clearer. And the tree are amazingly cool and they look good together, so GREAT!

- Second place goes to The Flaming Jalapeño Gang! The selection of colours Whitney, Lucía and Kelly used looks so lovely and they all look super cute with the background. I was hoping for something more extravagant and luxurious for the high class look, but still, an amazing task.

- And finally on my third place we have Team Kal (ok, just realised I completely agree with the results... it wasn't on purpose promise)! They worked really well on this task doing research and putting together a more meaningful task. Their outfits represent the three classes based on the blue collar, the white collar and the gold collar. Which is a concept for jobs I'm not going to be able to express correctly so if you're interested google it. Ana and Kat always do very well on the concept part, but in my opinion middle class and high class outfits were very similar and could be improved, so that's why they're on third place and not first... Cause I have to say it, I love a good well thought concept! ;)

If you read last review (check it HERE) you already know that a double elimination was coming. To make it fair the elimination was based in the media between the marks of task 7 and the marks of task 8, and that meant we had to say goodbye to MAC TEAM and Team Kal. Really sad for the sisters as we both lost one of our teams, but you can't argue with numbers and mathematics.

Coming up next: Task 9 (the semifinal)

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Street Style


Sisters in HotBuys: October 2017

Welcome back to our second Sisters in HotBuys post! Here comes our thorough review of what Stardoll has brought us for the month of autumn, pumpkin spice latte and Halloween.

HOT BUYS - October 2017

J: Not bad... The shape is nice and I like the tartan pattern. The colours are a little bit too bright for this kind of item in my opinion, less saturated colours would look better.
M: I do like the shaping, like high waisted pants, very tight and with those straps to put over or under (your choice) shoes. I haven't really seen anyone wearing these kind of pants, but I think they are really original and could look very cool. However, I agree with Judith and although I like tartan, I'm not sure about those vivid colours for those  pants. 

M: No. I'm not buying, too expensive and classic. It's too short, so you have to combine it with all high-waisted things or it will look weird. I don't like the golden clip either or the neckline. Pass!
J: Yeah, I agree. It's very classic for a basic item and very simple for a cool extravagant statement piece. It's not ugly but totally, meh!

J: Oh. My. God. What is this? Why this shape? It doesn't make sense at all. Who would wear a scarf like this? It covers almost the whole outfit! And even with a different shape, the colour isn't special either and the scarf on itself doesn't have anything. A big NO, NO, NO. Still don't understand what were they thinking...
M: I would not even buy this even if it costed like 1 SD. I think that's all I have to say. 

M: I think I have a very little problem with glasses. At first when I saw them in the add I did not like them too much, but now putting them on my doll... They look very nice and cool. All glasses always give that cool vibe to any outfit, that's my problem. Like I NEED to add glasses to everything. I'm not buying at first, but I leave them there for later, and if you see them on the outfits below... that means I ended up purchasing. 😉
J: We might have to fight for this HotBuys sis... I like them too! I like that they have such a light shade, I think almost all the sunglasses I own have dark shades, and they look really nice. Sweet and with a kind of vintage touch. I quite like them and the price it's fair.

J: Nice! I like this knitted texture and the shape looks good. I think it can make very cute and cozy outfits but still really fashionable. I'm not entirely sure about its possibilities though. I mean, I think I would tend to style it always in the same way and would end up not using it a lot for that reason. Don't think I'm going to buy but it's a nice item. Not like the scarf we got a few days ago. 
M: So cute! I know this dutch word that describes this skirt perfectly: GEZELLIG! I would definitely buy if I owned some more stardoll coins (oopsies I'm too lazy to pay). I think I will try an outfit on the plaza though, in case I love the final result I'll make sure to buy before it goes.

M: Those shoes doesn't cause any reaction on me. I like tartan. OK. I like that elegant shape. OK. Both together? OK. Am I buying? FOR WHAT? I don't know, it's not that I don't like them, but I don't like them. They are just... OK. 
J: I don't like them. If I wanted to wear tartan on my feet I would do it in socks or in stilettos, definitely not sandals. The design would have to be a lot more interesting to make me reconsider these are just average sandals looking weird with a tartan print on.

J: I don't like it. I guess it's not bad but the colours are too vivid for my taste and for this kind of sweater. I like cozy sweaters to be more soft to the eyes... I don't know, it doesn't convince me much, but at least the graphics are good. 
M: It's not bad but it's not good either. Looks comfy, the pattern is very different from what we have going on in stardoll. But... not sure of the shape. Again, it will look cool with high-waisted thingies, or over dresses, like it was tucked on itself, but not with everything. I like my virtual clothes to be versatile and not limit me. They are already pretty limited, not like in real life, so please, don't limit me even more!

M: What bothers me most with this hat is that  you can't actually wear any hair with it. In fact, it will be very complicated trying to find out what fits. And that drives me crazy when I'm styling my doll. The thing is that I like it, I don't own any hat like that and it's different and cool, but... I don't wanna have those hair problems and not being able to wear that hat just because my doll's hair don't fit in there. 
J: Totally true about being hard to fit any hairstyle underneath that. I think the hat it's nice but I see it so little and tiny. I'm guessing that was the intention but between that and the unfitting problems it's kind of ridiculous to me.

J: I like them. They're not my style at all and I'm not going to buy them for that but the shape is nice, the style is cool, the price is reasonable and the quality is perfect. I love all the little jewellery, sparkly details, looks really good.
M: Woho! Rocker booties. They remind me a lot of those Chloe booties that everyone was wearing couple years ago. They are cool and they can look cool in a casual outfit for sure, but I feel like I would have bought those, like... those two-three year ago. Not now. 

M: No, I don't like it. It does not give any kind of feeling for me. I'm sure it does not look bad in outfits, but it's green, it's too rounded, and this wooden hang is not of my taste. Not buying.
J: I like the wooden hang but agree in everything else. Specially in the too rounded part, that's basically what is completely pulling me away.




Seen on FM-Style: The Feminist Club

Well hello there once again!
It's your OG sister (cause I was born first basically): Mireia. Right now we have a weekend off FM-Style as we're in the final, which consists in a two weeks deadline. So, as we're waiting for the fortunate and talented finalists to complete their entries, I'm gonna continue doing the recaps.

For task 7 we wanted the feminist vibe to be present, and we kinda did en educational task, for contestants to be creative and do research on feminism. As Judith mentioned on last review, at this point of the team cycle there was no score board, instead, the one who got the less amount of points from judges leave the competition at the end of the week. Continue reading to find out the task, what they did and who got out!

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on Stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We got to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Welcome to the first ever #TeamCycle !

Task 7: The Feminist Club
3 tasks left girls. Things are getting more and more exciting. Forget about the street style rule! From now on, think EDITORIAL. The three tasks left will need of your creative skills and abilities to think beyond the outfit. But let’s not get ahead. Task 7 first.

For this task we are going to give you several photoshoot titles, all of them related with feminism. You must create three outfits for that title.

The way you decide to portray it, coordination or not, it’s completely up to you but as you already know the final picture must look good. If it’s needed you can write a group description explaining the concept or reasons behind your decisions in the task, so the judges can see exactly what you’re seeing.

That said, here are your titles. Pick one and state it in the task’s topic, each team must do a different one so first come, first serve.

- Girls just want to have fun
- Pink Ghetto
- Superwomen
- Goddess 2.0
- Breaking the glass ceiling

Inspiration Album: N/A

As we did not have tittles for judges, we did not post any judges' examples on this task. However, as Judith and myself are special, the Stylish Stardoll Sisters after all, we've done our own version. After the judging was done and everything. We decided to portray Pink Guetto, playing with the literal tittle and so adding guetto vibes to the outfits and the background, adding pink in all the outfits, but still keep them feminine and powerful.

And this is what the teams represented, together with the score they got for this task:

1. Team KAL "Pink Guetto" - 8.25

2. SHADES "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - 9.15

3. MAC Team "Superwomen" - 6.55

4.  The Flaming Jalapeño Gang "Goddess 2.0" - 8.94

5. Sarcasm. - 8.01

For this task, I was somehow expecting more. Not better outfits, cause those entries are filled with them, but more meaning to the task, more feminism concepts involved in everyone's descriptions. They did it, I'm not complaining, but I was hoping for MORE. Here goes my favorites:

- First place has to go to SHADES. Their concept was not very original and different and deep, but the outfits and coordination they showed in the entry was amazing. Beata, Federico and Patricia got the 80s vibe they were going for, and I love the use of colours, very different from what we're used to see.

- The second place in my favorites goes to The Flaming Jalapeño Gang. They did their research as well but focusing on different goddesses from different cultures and they put those amazing gowns into the middle of the city which gives an amazing 2.0 feeling. Definitely, WhitneyLucia and Kelly are true style goddesses.

- And third place is for having in mind that thing I mentioned before, the deep concept. I loved how my own team Team KAL constructed their outfits from items that represented their ideals.  Ana and Kat did great. This is what I'm talking about taken out from their task description --> [...] The chains, belts and other restricting items were to represent the restrictive nature of pink ghetto, noticing that yet women still do not have full control of their occupations and how they are to be interpreted. [...] The colour silver as a motif to being  “second” and "inferior" in the working and societal class due to pink ghetto jobs and women being pigeonholed into the same “nurturing” and “fragile-minded” stereotype. This also ties in with the professional styled clothing as a signal for being ready for business, being ready to take on business and not having to throw away femininity, which is emphasized through the use of traditionally feminine items such as the colour pink, handbags and heels.

As the judging was not ready for Sunday, we decided to put out there Task 8 anyway, without feedback and scores. Like that, there was no possible elimination, so we announced what they all feared: double elimination for task 8. The results would be combined from Task 7 and Task 8, and the two groups with less points on these two tasks would be out.

Coming soon: Task 8 Review
maybe written by Judith ?

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