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Sisters in HotBuys: November 2017

Well, well, well... Better late than never as we always say! Here we are with the HotBuys from November 2017, a monthly recap. This time we have some news... Well, rather than news... new collaboration! We've had the pleasure to incorporate the HotBuys QUEEN Oayes (aka Ashley) into the section! She'll be commenting together with us on the HotBuys of the month and you can keep up with our outfits at the end of the post. Without further ado....

HOT BUYS - November 2017

A: You know when you're shopping and you see something cute, but you look closer and you see that it's ruined by words that don't make sense? Well this is the case. If there's one thing I hate, it's words on clothing! "Don't believe the hype" what does that even mean? Besides the unnecessary words, the sweater is extremely basic and for 21 Stardollars? I don't think so. If I were you, I'd pass on this Hot Buy.
M: Haha, I love having Ashley here commenting! I totally agree. Well, I do like words on clothes sometimes, but this is not the case. And I do not even like the shape of that sweater, nor the color.
J: Agreed. On everything. Colour is dull, shape is not flattering nor cozy, words don’t make sense and if it’s possible make the sweater even uglier and the price is definitely too high for an item like this. Don’t like, not buying.

SOFT CAMEL KNIT (Bonjour Bizou, 19SD)
J: Ok, first of all this seems really similar to the previous HotBuys of the month. Both camel sweaters… Stardoll could have at least released another different item in between these too. Anyways, it’s like a better version of the previous one and for less SD so that’s good. I really like the colour but the shape doesn’t convince me. The way it folds doesn’t look very flattering. In addition to that I don’t think this is actually a hot buy at all. We’ve been getting items like this one for 5 years maybe. Nothing new.
M: I was thinking something similar. Like the color is cute, I like it. The shape, I like the idea, but not so much how it ended up. However, I think covering up a little bit this unflattering shape it can look cool. I wouldn’t buy it, I think there are better options to spend 19SD in.
A: I agree with the both of you as it looks similar to other Hot Buys. I’m glad they added the off shoulder, though. It gives it more of an effortlessly, cozy vibe to it. As for the color, I think it goes great with the fall theme they have going on for this month.

SLIP IN PEARL HEELS (Pretty n’ Love, 14SD)
A: Is it me or does the left shoe look a bit odd? There is nothing spectacular about these shoes. The color is pretty and the mule shape adds sophistication, but that's all there is to it. They're nice, but I'm not too thrilled about them. 
J: Same, cute but I don’t think I’m going to buy. They’re not very interesting for me, plus their colour looks super similar to my doll’s skin tone and I’m not sure I like how that looks.
M: It does look a bit odd! Like it softly resembles a clown’s shoe somehow. Right shoe looks so much better, but I’m not a fan either. Can’t see what purpose those shoes would have on my wardrobe… So, passing on this one as well. 

A: I was surprised to see the attached belt and button cuffs on these pants! On the
preview, they were hidden and it made them look like any other regular pants but now that I've seen the full version, I really like these cute details. I'm not so crazy about the color, though.  It's a unique color, just not for these pants. 
J: I also love the details of the belt and the cuffs, they make the pants very interesting! And I like the colour as well, I think it can make good outfits with a tiny bit different touch due to the less usual colour. However the way it folds under the belt puts me a bit off. I don’t know if it’s the shading or the shape but there’s something there that doesn’t convince. I’m unsure whether to buy them or not because of that.
M: I’m definitely not buying those, and it’s mostly for the shape. In real life, with movement they would look really nice, just not sure about this shape so rigid on our dolls. I agree with you both in the colour and the little details. But I don’t like those things enough to contrarest that shape I don’t like. 

J: I don’t like this at all. I kind of hate tulle skirts and this one, with that waistband it’s even worse. Reminds me of a gypsy and not in a cool fashionable way. I’m sure there’s a way to make it look cool, a certain styling/outfit that will make me go “wow!”, because that usually happens with extravagant items I dislike, but it’s definitely a no from me.
A: I want to like this skirt but I just can't! It looks super stiff and that waistline is horrendous! Sometimes I hate being a collector because I have to buy ugly Hot Buys like this. Oh, the struggle. 
M: I would prefer this skirt if it didn’t have this band in the middle of the skirt, composing like three different skirts in one. It reminds me of one of those stylings I used to create trying to be original and putting together three short skirts to make one long skirt. Just done it very badly (like I used to do indeed).

J: These are cool. I’m not too crazy about the colour, I would prefer pure white or beige, not this in between, but they look good. I also have mixed feelings about the slightly flared ending, because I think it makes them more special but at the same time I think they would look better as skinny jeans. I’m not going to buy them but as I already said, I think they’re cool.
A: These are a nice pair of jeans. I really like the torn edges and the flare was a unique touch. They give me a "off duty model" type of vibe, something Bella Hadid would wear. But as for the color, I wish it was just a simple white or beige as Judith said, but ivory will do. 
M: Agreeing about the colour thing. But I think it is in fact what makes this jeans more special, and not just another white ripped denim on stardoll. Even if it’s worse for combining pieces I really appreciate when new colours and shades come to live in this doll world we are part of. 

J: My first thought when I saw it on the November Hot Buys post was a complete no, but now I kind of like it. The shape it’s a bit unusual (and extremely unpractical although that doesn’t matter in stardoll) but it looks kind of cute and I really like the colours, it looks great with the Proenza Schouler inspired pants! I would have put a lower price on it, like 12SD tops, but it’s not expensive either. Might buy it!
A: I have to agree with Judith. I didn't pay much attention to the scarf at first, but now that I've tried it on my doll I actually like it, like, a lot. I love the way it sits on the neck and how long it is. I think if it was slightly thicker, it would have been perfect. Other than that, I think the scarf would look great with a simple fall outfit. 
M: Again, I like the pattern and the colours, I’m just not sure about it being so extremely long. It will add a funny touch to any outfit, I have no doubt about that. But, I don’t like it enough to spend my virtual money on it. 

M:  I love the idea of this bag and I like it even being big and all. But I think it will be very hard to make outfits around it. This is one of those bags that you have to create an outfit for the bag, and I like adding bags as the last piece, so I end up never using the bags that fall under this category. Other than that, I think it’s a great piece.
A: This is a novelty item. It's not something you would wear, but something you would want to have - just to have it. I actually like that they kept the "Prada" logo on it instead of changing it to "Hot Buys", (which they did to a bag in the past). If you're a collector of Prada, Hot Buys, or even bags, this would make a lovely addition to your collection. 
J: I don’t like it. First of all I hate that it is so big cause I’m a little bag lover. But even if I leave that aside and try to remind myself that it can be resized it’s still a no. That fur doesn’t convince me nor does the colour. In fact I think that the only thing I like it’s the Prada logo. 

M:  Mmm, I know the degrade part is what makes special this sweater but it’s exactly why I don’t like it. Maybe if it was more subtle? Not this all of a sudden i’m brownish, before I was beige.
A: Another sweater? I get that it's sweater weather but three sweaters is a lot for just one month. I'm not a fan of the shape. It looks very boxy, but it can be covered up with a jacket. I think if the gradient faded gradually, it would've looked better.
J: Completely agree with Ashley, too much sweaters for the month! And not great ones either. I don’t like that degradé, it doesn’t make the item special it just makes it average and takes out the possibility of using it like a basic item.

M:  This is what I call a luxury item in stardoll. And what is it a luxury item? Something I would never wear because it’s too glam for street style. I like this hairband for editorial outfits or something more artistic, but I can’t imagine my doll wearing this with any outfit I could ever create.
A: Ehh, I'm not impressed by this item. It looks like a clusters of pearls and leaves. You don't know what it really is unless you get a close up of it. It is also a Beauty Parlor item, which makes this Hot Buy less attractive. 
J: I think it’s cute. I don’t know how would I style it or how to incorporate it in a casual outfit, like Mireia says, but at least when I see it I’m not thinking “what have they done?” which was quite a common thought this month. I like the little cute pearls and I’m sure there is a right outfit for it. 

Model: oayes
Styled by: mirdith, oayes, judith_25


Shopping: Sequin Balmain Inspired Dress

This dress was the 19th window on the Christmas Calendar 2017, costing 25 SD. It's originally from Balmain.

I've been trying to find which Balmain collection it belongs to... With no luck. So instead, I'll just tell you why I fell instantly in love with it. It reminds me so much to the first Balmain collection I remember seeing and falling totally in love with it. It was back in September, 2011. Me and my sister had just decided to not just like fashion, but to be informed about it. We decided that we were going to buy one fashion magazine every month. We picked Elle for the first time, and as it was September it was accompanied by a nice Fashion Book with some of the looks from the fashion shows. We were loving going through the pages and picking our favorite designers, that we still didn't know that much about. That Balmain Spring Collection from 2011 was my total favorite. In that moment I decided that I was a Balmain fan. Little did I know that it was one of the last collections from Christophe Decarnin, as Olivier Rousteing was replacing him. I still like Balmain, but I've never seen another collection that I liked as much as that Balmain SS 2011. Maybe it was because I had this punk-Nirvana era, and I felt very close to the collection in that punk/trash style very Kurt-like, maybe it was because it was the first fashion show that captivated me as it was the first time I was getting interested in fashion shows... Who knows? It will always be my first, and I have a special love affection with that collection.

SO I BOUGHT THE DRESS! And then... I tried it on. And it's obviously nice, but it's one of those pieces that you can't really do a lot with them (or that's what I first thought), because it's so beautiful you don't want to cover it too much, but at the same time it's very elegant and a dress, so you can't add to many things. But... trial and error is always the best method, and I came up with 3 very different outfits that I want to share with you. 

First one, is obviously inspired by that Balmain collection I've been talking about. Second outfit is trying the dress to be just a very beautiful dress, so just adding elegant accessories for the dress to stand out for itself. And third was... well, combining pieces I though they looked cool. Apparently, this dress is made for black and silver according to my outfits haha

Which one is your favorite? 


Street Style

Dear everyone who will be reading this,

I know we've been absent for a while. Apparently Christmas and the end of the term is not a good combination for us. We will be soon coming back to Stardoll, FM-Style and updating the Stylish Stardoll Sisters more frequently.

We still have some posts to publish from 2017:
- November's HotBuys Review, that was done in collaboration with the HotBuys Queen herself: Ashley (aka oayes).
- The reviews of the semi-final and the final of FM-Style, that we never got to publish.

In addition, we will obviously be posting our daily sort of combined outfits and maybe some Tributes Reviews.

Hope to see you around!

Best of wishes (& Happy 2018),
The Stylish Stardoll Sisters


Seen on FM-Style: Stratified Society

Hey, hey, hey!! Before we get on with this I'm going to confess something. I'm stealing this post from Mireia. She had it all prepared, all photos added, the task written, the little text we always put ready and the only thing she had left to do was actually writing it. I'm mean, I know... She did the "boring" part and now I'm taking it away. But I have just judged the final (OMG, OMG, OMG) and I couldn't resist! I was in a complete FM-Style mood. Hope you don't mind Mireia! Ok, now, let's see what happened on task 8!

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on Stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We got to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Welcome to the first ever #TeamCycle !

Task 8: Stratified Society
This is the task before the semi-final. There are still 5 groups left, and the winner will be declared just in 2 more tasks. As in last task there was no elimination, this week will be a double elimination! We repeat what we said on last task: forget about the street style rule! It’s not necessary anymore. You can opt to do street style, but it can be editorial if you wish to do that.

That being said… Task 8, stratified society. Can you imagine what are we talking about? Low, middle and upper class. Those three different society classes must be reflected on your entries, each one done by a different member of the team.

You can choose to do it in the actual era, or go to the past for inspiration, that is totally your choice. The outfits should still have some cohesion, but coordination would not be necessary. You already know how this works. Wish you the best of luck!

DISCLAIMER: This is a form of speech, we are not dividing or criticizing people. The way you dress doesn’t particularly have to show which class you belong to. Just look to the inspiration album to see what we mean. We are referring to topics in here, not trying to offend anyone or any particular style. In fact the three outfits should be equally amazing no matter which class you’re representing.

Inspiration Album: 

So for me this task had two major difficulties:
1. Managing to make all three looks stylish and equally cool, no matter the social status they're representing.
2. Make the three of them look coordinated while make them different enough that you can clearly see which social status was thought for each one.

Not sure about the reason why this time we didn't have judges examples either, but anyway, the sisters always make up for it in the blog so... here it is! And with the beautiful gothic quarter of Barcelona as background ;)
For coordination we focused on the use of gold jewellery as depending on its looks (and quality) it can look either very elegant or very tacky. And a little touch of red, which I don't remember if it was planned or not but looks really good!

And these are the teams' entries, together with the score they got for this task:

1. Team KAL - 7.56

2. SHADES - 7.25

3. MAC TEAM - 6.63

4.  The Flaming Jalapeño Gang - 8.31

5. Sarcasm. - 8.56

This task brought many cool and interesting outfits. I am quite satisfied with what our teams presented though it's true that in some cases the difference between one class and the other is less obvious. After doing the example and seeing the contestants entries I am realising that the struggle is between middle class and high class, which tend to end up looking more similar. But anyway, here are my favourites!

- On first place of my personal podium, and being objective (at least I think I am, after all they won the task...), we have Sarcasm.! I love the outfits Jane and Sami created. Both lower class and high class are quite exaggerated looks which make the difference between the three classes clearer. And the tree are amazingly cool and they look good together, so GREAT!

- Second place goes to The Flaming Jalapeño Gang! The selection of colours Whitney, Lucía and Kelly used looks so lovely and they all look super cute with the background. I was hoping for something more extravagant and luxurious for the high class look, but still, an amazing task.

- And finally on my third place we have Team Kal (ok, just realised I completely agree with the results... it wasn't on purpose promise)! They worked really well on this task doing research and putting together a more meaningful task. Their outfits represent the three classes based on the blue collar, the white collar and the gold collar. Which is a concept for jobs I'm not going to be able to express correctly so if you're interested google it. Ana and Kat always do very well on the concept part, but in my opinion middle class and high class outfits were very similar and could be improved, so that's why they're on third place and not first... Cause I have to say it, I love a good well thought concept! ;)

If you read last review (check it HERE) you already know that a double elimination was coming. To make it fair the elimination was based in the media between the marks of task 7 and the marks of task 8, and that meant we had to say goodbye to MAC TEAM and Team Kal. Really sad for the sisters as we both lost one of our teams, but you can't argue with numbers and mathematics.

Coming up next: Task 9 (the semifinal)

Don't forget to join FM-Style if you haven't yet! 🖤