Seen on FM-Style: International Fashion

For the final, AudreyHepburn. and whereisalice had to create 5 outfits that followed a theme: a nation. They had to choose a country or tribe, and create a lookbook of 5 outfits, that looked from the same collection and that followed their choice.

whereisalice chose to represent Scotland but in a business way instead of the typical grunge. The central topic was the tartan.

AudreyHepburn. went for the Scandinavian style and he resumed us what was all about:

It was difficult to say but at the end, the winner was... AUDREYHEPBURN. !! 
As you have seen his work through all the cycle was great, and he always manage to surprise us with it's classic looks, that would be worth of the real Audrey Hepburn. He totally deserved the first place, although Alice could have been the winner too. It was a very tight cycle this one and both could have won. 

Congratulations Lauri! :) 

Street Style

I wanted to create an outfit for this necklace in which the necklace was the center of attention. I tried to do that with an all white outfit, with gold accessories like the belt, bracelets and shoes. To add some color I went for this Chanel bag, with golden chain, and I chose a lipstick that went with the bag color. 

I created the shoes with two different ones. Some open ballerinas from Decades, and then I added the ankle strap, heel and platform with another golden shoes that were a Special Offer. 

Seen on FM-Style: Con faldas y a lo loco

For the semi-final on Cycle 7 I always create tasks where the semi-finalists have to style 2 outfits. For this cycle I had in my mind one idea that I wanted to dare the contestants with: skirt + pants. So, this task, was all about the skirts. They had to style 2 outfits with the same skirt, one using that combo (using it with pants), and another one with no theme. It was free styling, the only direction was that it had to be the same skirt of the first outfit, the difficult one.

The tittle is about the film "Some like it hot", in Spanish is translated to something like "With skirts and wildly". It was too appropriate for this task, right? I leave you with some music from the movie:

And, without further delay...

For the first part, the skirt + pants, whereisalice was the best by far with that amazing outfit that reminds me of Yeezus (Kanye West). Amazing, really, I was amazed by her entry. 

However, for the second part, AudreyHepburn. was the one with most points with this elegant but modern at the same time outfit. That hair accesories was a great additions I must say. 

The two of them where the ones who went to the final, that I'll share with you soon. Cycle 8 has already started and I wish I could post it here at the same time it goes, without delay. I hope I can do it, but as they say... Nobody's perfect

Styled: Rasadase

Rasadase asked for some help on how to style this shirt from Saint Laurent. At first I thought it was going to be easy as it is a really nice item, but when I started to create an outfit I realized that its shape made it a little bit difficult as it forces you to combine it with high-waisted pants or skirts, plus the color is not as easy to combine. At the end I find that other shirt from St. Trinian's and it remind me a lot of Saint Laurent (not sure why) with those ruffles at the neck so I decided to put it underneath the original Saint Laurent shirt. The rest of the outfit came easily: the jacket to hide everything that can't be seen, the high-waisted pants (not in black as it would look too dark) and elegant accessories to make a contrast with the grunge style of the shirt. Hope you like it Rasadase


Styled: cami-camilla

So cami-camilla asked me for some help on how to style that shirt from DKNY. As I was looking at the options in her wardrobe I realized that although it is a beautiful shirt you couldn't make a really special outfit with it so I decided to use it as a jersey instead of a shirt. I put her a simple white shirt underneath and combine it with boyfriend jeans. The final touch had to be the jacket. I found that black vest from Fallen Angel which hid perfectly all the parts that of the two tops that couldn't be seen and then used a leather jacket underneath it so it would look as a coat. For the shoes, black stilettos are always a good option.

Street Style

Hello fellas! In my opinion, my doll has this sophisticated, glamourous face, and it makes me wanna dress her that way. So, I wanted to put on for my first time those shoes of MSW'14 store and they went so well with the Dior necklace (that I haven't worn never either), that I created the outfit from there. I wanted to use a pale lipstick, but I don't like how this superstars lips look with pale lipstick, so I went for the total opposite, dark brown lips. 


Sisters' Style: YSL Leopard Frock

It's been a while since Judith and I sat together and style an outfit with the same piece. Actually, I convinced her, but she went to sleep and never saw my outfit. So here it is, for you Judith (whenever you read this), and for the rest of our readers. 

This time we used that gorgeous dress from Saint Laurent tribute. The reason why I don't like buying dresses is that even if they are beautiful you can't do much with them. Judith opted for a classic look: dress + stilettos + clutch. Then she added that amount of bracelets that in my opinion, gave to the outfit something special. It would look boring without them.

Mireia (yes, it's me), tried to do something else. I tried millions of possible combinations but, in the end, that was the one I like most. White tee with leopard "skirt" (wink, wink), and then some black and gold touches with the belt, jacket and bag (I'm so in love with this bag). Simple heels and... we're done! I didn't add accessories, I'm learning to not overdosing my outfits thanks to the inspiration of another stardoll member: aby400. 

Street Style

When I used this skirt for styling the new Bonjour Bizou collection I didn't know I would fall in love with it. It was kind of expensive and I didn't buy it though. But, SALES ARRIVED! Oh Gosh, I love sales too much! I couldn't help to buy this skirt, and I had to resist the temptation to buy the white jacket because I need to save for Xmas. 

Anyway, I didn't want to diminish importance to the skirt, so I went for an all black outfit, very glam and elegant. This time (it cost me a lot) I didn't add too much accessories, only a bag and bracelet. Nothing else, simplicity is cool, isn't it? 

December Calendar

December is arriving, the Christmas lights are on, and in less than a week we will be able to open the Hot Buys calendar! Yay! I hope the prizes are not too high and maybe Stardoll could give us some stardollars as a present right? ;)


Level 100!

Hey! I needed to share this somewhere :)
I reached level 100 on stardoll, and look what a nice surprise: 10 sd! I know it's very few money, but better than the starcoins they usually gave you for achieving higher levels, right? 

Congratulations to me! :D 


Store Statement: Bonjour Bizou

Hello dollies! 
Today Stardoll surprised us with a new floor of Bonjour Bizou. Like you can see in the add, is a very T-Swift collection, with lots of cats and preppy style. Personally, I don't like it, even more, I kind of deeply dislike it. 

I don't like the pieces, neither the combinations Stardoll made on the mannequins... I don't even like the add. Is is just me? Do you like this collection?

Actually, the only items I will consider buying (not my top choices, just the ones I maybe think of buying) would be:

Ok, so I will definitely buy the Harem Pants, but because they are for starcoins. The bag has something different that I like, but maybe is that something different that makes me doubt about it. The denim shirt... it's ok, good graphics and all, but why did they ripped it and only on the bottom?

Anyway, that's best for us, as we are all saving up our beloved stardollars for the tributes that will be coming on holidays. So, what's better than Stardoll releasing horrendous collections for not letting us spend our money?

Despite that I hate the collection, I always like trying to create good outfits from things I don't like much. Add to that, the fact that I have to study (so my stardoll time is double than the original), what's the result? Oh yes, outfits for everyone! Hope you like them:


Styled: Glittergirl208

And here we are with another styling! This time I styled Glittergirl208. Her doll is pure perfection, always beautiful and with that hair she's wearing I was tempted to do some Moschino meets Barbie (you know I love it). At the end, I resisted temptation and went for this casual look. I love the combo of those Saint Laurent socks with the ankle boots. I also love that top from Cavalli, why I didn't buy it? It's gorgeous! Anyway, I hope you like what I did here and if you want to be styled, don't hesitate in commenting down there. I'll do is as soon as I can! 
See you soon :) 

Store Statement: Subcouture

Subcouture came out on Friday. The collection is nice, but anything surprising I must say. There are some nice items, and all the pieces are inspired by designer clothes. See how the store looks like:

Personally, I only bought some accesories. I think they are nice pieces of clothing too, but not nice enough for me to buy. Here are my top choices:

However, other Stardoll members have liked the clothing, and I want to share with you some outfits I've seen around using at least 1 item from Subcouture. You can get inspired by them and see how to use some items that maybe you didn't like at first. All credit goes to them, I'm just the "photographer".

kickherout wearing Fendi inspired sweater
JosephinaA wearing Satin Georgette Gows, Fendi inspired sweater and Tin Bows Dress

Sweet_gal11 wearing Sequin Constellation Gown
AmatisstaNa wearing Subcouture Glam Bag

mikatsi wearing Cara graffiti dress
baby_lush11 wearing Yohji couture Puffer and Tartan Satchel with Cap

ElenaGao2 wearing Leather Lapel Tartan Coat
Mirdith (who is that girl?) wearing Subcouture Factory Heels

Styled: ElenaGao2

For this Styled I decided to go for a mix of glam and casual. I created the outfit without too much color for adding later this nice hot pink blazer. All the accesories in silver, and this hairband on the hair that ElenaGao2 was already wearing. Isn't it nice how she has created that hairstyle? She is using a Stardoll hair combined with a designer hair. It certainly looks great with hairbands or hats. Nice idea Elena!

Back to the outfit, is actually pretty simple: black jeans and white top. What makes the difference are the layers. A vest, then the jacket, and this sweater tied on the hips. Finally, the glam touches. Smart blazer, chain bag (I created it combining two bags) and glitter heels. Opinions?

Street Style

Hi! I dressed up my doll this morning and I don't know what happened to me that I was totally out of inspo, and every outfit I did, wasn't good enough. At the end, I put together this skirt inspired by Eliee Saab, with that fur vest by Isabel Marant. I don't know how I came up with this combination, but I love it! What do you think? 

I have to mention how much I love this sandals from Subcouture. Since the moment I saw them I knew I had to buy.  I had seen them before but didn't know where. Doing this post, I obligued myself to do some research and... Dsqueared2!! They are from Dsquared! 

Photo from Tumblr

I love the catwalks that those twin brothers (Dean and Dan) always organise. Actually, the first fashion show we saw (Judith and I, together) was from them, so I have special affection for that brand. Their catwalks always have some story, and the story of the Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection was like a mental hospital full with pacients, doctors and nurses. I loooved it! And that kind of explain this sandals with that padlock, right? I highly recommend you to watch some of their shows, they're always great! See you soon :)


Store Statement: Voile

Also, some days ago a new floor for Voile also came out. It has their usual elegant dresses for fancy events, and I have to say that it dissapointed me.

I don't like any dress, not even one. The shoes are not well designed in my opinion. For example, the idea of the combat boots was good, but they don't look good at all, there's something wrong about them. The only things I can recommend you are:

I think this bag is quite combinable. You can use with various colours and I'm sure you can wear it over jackets, dresses, skirts, and whatsoever. I sometimes have problems with handbags by the way they are designed, but usually this shoulder bags don't cause any problems. Is very basic and I think it's a must. You can use it in casual outfits or even on smart outfits. The only bad thing about it, it's for Superstar only.

The shoes... well, they aren't my shoe choice at all, but I think they go with ANY, and I really mean ANY fancy dress or outfit. Even for more casual outfits or working -business. BUT, I see a bad thing on them too: they can look very sluty, and excuse me for saying it like that, but there's just no other word to describe it how it is. So, be careful with those!

Have you bought anything? What are your opinions?

Store Statement: Callie's Picks

Yesterday, a new collection of released items came, with coats as main topic. I personally love using coats on Stardoll, to give that last touch to the outfit and to make it look more worked. So, this is how the 2 new floors look like.

I already had two of them, that I'm still pleased I bought them at the time, the "Leopard Print Coat" and the "Coat inspired by Chanel". In addition to those I'm thinking of buying another one. See below my 3 favorite coats of the collection, including the 2 I have, and the 1 I want to have.

I like some of the clothes that are decorating the mannequins along with the coats. I see some pieces from tributes like Chanel or Sona Rykiel There are some items in starcoins, 5 if I'm not wrong that aren't bad. In general is not a bad collection and prizes are affordable. Not one of the bests, but definitely a good one.

What are your opinions on it?

Street Style

Hey everyone! I've been trying to style this jacket over and over, but never actually did it cause I always found another jacket that looked better or changed my mind at the last minute. Yesterday, I told myself: "You're gonna do it, you're not leaving this room until you style an outfit with that damn jacket". While I was working ot it, I saw that all the items I've used by then were in starcoins, so I decided to end it by only using starcoin items. The final result isn't that bad, right? Yes, I know that some things are not available anymore, but anyway, it's possible to do nice things only with starcoins. See you soon! 


Styled: willowythl

I was looking at some outfits on Underneath Stardoll and then I saw willowythl asking for an outfit with the Tutankamon Sweatshirt, from the new collection of Mr. So, I did it, and I wanted to share it with you. I created an outfit mixing grunge and preppy. As you may know, I love contrasts, and I've never tried that one, but I kind of like the result, very much actually. I hope you do too! :)

PS. If you want to be styled, say it on the comments! I'll be glad to do it as soon as possible! x


Street Style

Before I comment anything about my outfit... I changed my doll! My superstar membership was coming to an end, and I didn't want to go to the beauty parlour one day and find out that I am not able to change my make up because my doll have ss facial features. So, I decided to change everything, even the skin tone! I'm quite happy with the final result, I think my doll looks like one of my favourites dolls ever: Madison from My Scene.

And here's my outfit. I bought those stilettos on the Starbazaar. I know that they are originally from the Louboutin tribute, and despite this one came from Callie's Picks, I still like them ;). Also I found them for 6 sd! How nice is that? Anyway, I wanted them to stand out, so I made a business minimalistic outfit, so you can focus on those black&white&red zebra spiked shoes. 

Spotted: greatlover123

I've seen a lot of members wearing this cape inspired by Roberto Cavalli very stylishly, but I don't know why greatlover123 caught my eye. Maybe it's the mix of the boho cape with the preppy collared shirt and the rocker thigh high boots, or maybe it's how the all black and white outfit looks with that nice platinum blonde wavy hair. Name the reason you want, but that outfit is a gorgeous!

Here I share with you the original cape from Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2014-15: