Sister Talking: LE released

Dear Judith, 

Stardoll has released a new collection of Limited Edition. We've been there when some of the items were still available, but we are not superstar right now and we didn't feel like paying real money for virtual clothes. I was going through the store though, and saw a lot of items I liked. In my opinion, this release is one of the good ones. If all the items I like were available maybe I would have gone for the superstar pack and get my (virtual) hands on some of those clothes.

As I didn't, and you didn't either, and as we're not doing Store Statements on limited collections, I started doing some outfits just for fun on the plaza. Then I remembered we have this section where we can talk to each other and share our thoughts with the other and with the rest of people that is reading this (hello guys!).

My favorite piece is the blue fur coat and the Saint Laurent hat. You loved the Gucci bag once you saw it, and I have to say that is one of my favorite pieces as well. I don't know why but I love those burgundy and gold boots from Aquazzura. The (obviously sold out) belts are to die for! There are other pieces that are pretty fine as well, like the nude transparent top, the Rodarte pants or the thin black scarf.

I tried to create some outfits with my fav items just for fun, so... here they are! My favorite is the first one.. I didn't notice the super cool choker there is on the store, or I would have added it on the first outfit. And oh well, I would have removed the white choker I'm wearing for the other two outfits. Hehe, sorry about that!

Hope you like them! What has been your favorite outfit of my creations Judith? And what would you have liked to buy?



Street Style

Spotted: millaxx

I love it when I'm going to feature an amazing outfit and I see it's from a doll that we've featured before! You can always search for your name in this blog, as everytime we feature someone we tag your name so you can find yourself after! This time, we feature another amazing outfit from millaxx. It's not a very complicated outfit, in fact it has very few items, but that jacket... gives life to the whole outfit! I've never seen it before but just looking at this is screaming something like "I know you want me". I love absolutely everything... Look at the placement of the bag!! It's perfect! Thanks for this amazing outfit.


Sisters' Style: Voile Bejewelled Burberry Style Heels

🎶  Guess who's back, back again

Sisters are back, tell a friend 🎶

So Mireia was wearing these shoes the other day and when I saw it and realised I had them too, as they gave them as a superstar gift, I thought: "let's make an outfit with them and post this as a Sisters' Style post!"

I didn't even try to make it look different these time, it came out really easily, but that's good! Two completely different takes on the shoes. Mireia's, an all-white smart outfit, mine's, a casual one with jeans and plain black t-shirt. What we both did is adding little details in silver as the shoes have this big silvery diamond.

I really like the colour of these pair of shoes and the elegant touch that the diamond gives. But my favourite thing about them is that they are very versatile and can be worn with a super smart ouftit or with a casual one. For example, in our outfits, Mireia, although she looks elegant, has dressed them down just a tiny little bit with more modern elements like the jewerlly, making a super cool trendy and business like outfit. Me, on the other hand, I dressed them down completely and the only other elegant element I added is the Chanel bag. In my look they give elegance and glamour in Mireia's look they bring a little bit of colour and make the outfit more special. 

Street Style


Shopping: Bonjour Bizou Crisp Culottes

There's always this trend that at the beginning you don't like and finally you end up wearing right? That's what happened to me with culottes. And those white culottes from Bonjour Bizou (15 SD) were one of my acquisitions a while ago, but I've never wore them on a daily outfit yet.

That's why I decided to do a Shopping post about them. But this shopping post will be a little different from the rest. Instead of just creating some outfits showing you some ideas for this culottes, I'm gonna recreate some outfits from Street Style fashion that I've been searching on the net.
Why? Easy. I wanted to wear those pants that I bought a while ago, and even if I used them in some fashion tasks, I've never created any daily outfit. I couldn't find anything to wear them with, I was super collapsed... So, I decided to search for some inspiration, and I came across some outfits that I loved and that I could recreate on my suite.

Those are the outfits that I found and decided to copy wear, followed by my creations (or copies, whatever):

I don't know any of the girls name, so I can't give you links to her blogs or instagrams, but I can definitely tell you what I am wearing. So if you want to know...


Spotted: headbanger1995

Headbanger1995 not only has a beautiful doll but she is also perfectly dressed. I love how she took advantage of the shape of the shirt to make those pants look better and more flattering. And the burgundy details make it even better. A perfect example of one of those outfits that doesn't need a lot to look good. 


Street Style

Seen On FM-Style: Seven Nation Army

With the sound of The White Stripes we present you our personal FM-Style Seven Nation Army, composed of our seven remaining contestants from seven nations of the world.

So I don't think you need an explanation to know what our contestants had to do these week, between the outfits and the song you must have already got the idea: military. They all make the coolest army, but the most fashionable soldiers for me this week were:
  • Marta-43: Mixing military with edgy without loosing femininity.
  • GoldieMememe: Rocking the sporty trend and the street style vibe and managing to still be on theme with the task.
  • kickherout: Proving how comfy can be fashionable with a great combination of khaki tones and smart accessories. 

The judges decided that the winner of this task is: Marta-43. But what about you? Vote here!
Favourite soldier?

And no, I'm not forgetting anything. Before you go, I will, as always, show you the results of the previous poll in which you did not  agree with the judges! I think this is the first time that happens, but for you the winner of who let the dogs out was bella98twilight.

As you already know there will be more of this next week with a new task, so don't miss it! Sadly we won't have with us anymore CoralCool91 and bella98twilight as they were eliminated. But! Good news, if they or any of the other former contestants who got eliminated in the past few weeks was one of your favourites you can give them the opportunity of coming back to the cycle. The only thing you have to do is voting for them in the topic "Voting for the comeback" of our club (direct link to the discussion HERE), the only condition is you must be a member.


Store Statement: Vinyl

What is happening here on Stardoll? Are they releasing new stores to delete the old ones? Or they just simply want to add new names to the Plaza? I don't know, but for me this new addition, Vinyl, is like a more sporty Bonjour Bizou. Both of them are like vintage-hipster, but Bizou is more lady style, while Vinyl is maybe more casual/sporty. Definitely, most of my real clothes are on this store.

Anyway, here you have the 2 new floors:

Click on the images to see them full size

And, again, inspired by our partner Styled on the Street, we are doing this Store Statement Judith and I together. Sisters in action! Here they are our favorite items:

Would it be a Store Statement without any outfits? No, of course not. So here they are some outfits that Judith and I pulled together using the new items.

First, on the left, Judith wearing Black Vintage Fedora Hat (70 sc), Oversized Mustard Knitted Sweater (13 SD) and Fishnet Black Socks (60 sc). Next to it, Mireia wearing Hipsters 70s Style Tshirt (100 sc), High Waisted Skinny Jeans (13 SD) and Vinyl Vans Inspired Sneakers (90sc). Then, Judith again wearing Vintage Bagy Jeans (130 sc) and Vintage Band Tshirt (10 SD) & finally Mireia wearing Vintage Suede Fringe Jacket (12 SD), Oversized Denim Jacket (11 SD) Plaid Tie Around Waist Shirt (15 SD).

Hope you liked it!


Seen on FM-Style: Who let the dogs out

Hello, hello! Who let the dogs out? Really, now all the contestants submitting their entries with dogs? Oh, this is what actually the task consisted in? Fun!

But, let's do a little flashback to last week's poll. Who has been the most voted one for the Black & White (#000000 & #FFFFFF) task? Here you have the results:

The winner according to the public is Navi (vousme)! Congratulations!! She was the winner according to the judges as well, but in a tie with Marta (Marta-43) that is the one that got in the second position on the poll.

And back to the dogs! This was a super interesting task for me. When Judith came up with the idea I was a little hesitant at first, until I remembered that scene of the 101 Dalmatians where Pongo contemplates through the window searching for love and assuming that every dog looks like their owner. That was the objective of the task, but on the reverse: creating an outfit that looked good together with a dog of their choice. 

For me, those have been my favorites this week:

Navi (vousme) was my favorite again, with an all white outfit and a fluffy white dog that matches perfectly with her white fur. Then we have Jovana (GoldieMememe) and Sia (bella98twilight) with amazing outfits that match their dogs. However, I was expecting a little bit more for this task. I think I was a little disappointed. I would have loved to see more outfits like the examples of the judges. Look at Judith (Judith_25) and Rawan (bornthiswaay)!

But what do you think? Here you can see all the contestants tasks: 

And then... TIME TO VOTE! 

Who is your favorite for Task 7?

Before finishing this post, let me first say a proper goodbye to 2 of the good ones: Val (invisibl3) and Andrea (Andre1396). Val had to drop out of the competition, and unfortunately, Andrea was the one with the lowest score. This is how the Contestants Board looks like now. Only 7 contestants left, and that's why the next task is called Seven Nation Army. You already know what's the theme I guess... 

See you at...


Spotted: Heneda

I wasn't looking for an amazing outfit, I was just searching dolls wearing pieces of the new store Trails for my Store Statement about it (click here to read)... But I came across the wonderful and talented Heneda and look at this. How could I not include this gorgeous outfit in here? Look at all this colours, purple, red and navy blue... I would have never thought they would look good together but this outfit is super elegant and it's like all the outfit compliments the hat, but at the same time the hat compliments the outfit. It's super cool and amazing. I love it.


Store Statement: Pearls

What is happening in the Stardoll World? So many time with no new stores and now they are adding all this little new themed ones. First it was sportswear (click here for the store statement), then it was clothes for travellers (click here for the store statement) and now this store for preppy rich people.

Click on the image to see it full size

I'm personally not a fan of this new store, I don't like the clothes too much. There are some things I could buy, but I don't feel the need of getting them. These are my favorite pieces:

For me, as a first impression, this store is for a back to school look. I put together some very classic items for using as a uniform. Doesn't it remind you of someone? I'm talking about Blair Waldorf. This store is like all outfits that Blair from Gossip Girl could have worn and then the outfit for men that there is on the store would be the one for Chuck Bass.

Don't believe me? JUST WATCH! 
(haha sorry, I'm so basic)

Everything from Pearls

Wearing Seftie Collar Blouse (12 sd), Bow flats (90 sc) & Satin Bow Headband (5 sd)

BUT, you can also create casual outfits for this clothes, as Judith very kindly did for this post. Look at those amazing three outfits and how she transformed this preppy clothes into fashionable street style outfits:

Judith is wearing the Over The Shoulder Blazer (13 sd), on the second outfit the Oxford shirt (110  sc) & on the last one, she is wearing the Folded Top (11 sd) and the Oversized Blazer (13 sd). 

Is this the longest Store Statement ever? I don't know, but I'm not finished yet. I've been surfing around Stardoll thinking that I wouldn't find anyone wearing any pieces as I'm super early for this Store Statement (this post is scheduled), but... surprise!

Lulluplix wearing Mini Tiffin Bag (100 sc), RawrGoregous wearing Printed Midi Skirt (130 sc), PRENSESMAJOA wearing Peplum Belted Dress (13 sd). 

Street Style

Honouring task 7 on FM-Style we brought our new dogs with us! ;)

Sisters' Style: MM Fashion Hamptons Maxi Dress

Well, well, well... Look who's back again (and again, and again, and again...). Seems like I'm the only one posting here lately. But this time is a collaborated work we've done, because this post is another Sisters' Style. I think I preferred when we could dress with the same piece without having to have it both in our closets, but since stardoll changed... We can't do it anymore. So, this piece is this maxi dress that I personally would have never ever bought. Since we were both superstar for a month, this was a weekly gift we got. It's not what I would say ugly, actually it has a really nice finish, it has lace, it has transparencies, beautiful flowers, but for me is like too much.

Judith decided to combine the lady vibes with rock ones, and went for mixing the pastel pink of the dress with a black jacket, necklaces and clutch. She kept it simple with the shoes, using some strap sandals from the same tone of pink as the dress. I like the outfit, but for me the dress continues being too much.

I would love that the top part of the dress to be just pink, not with black lace. So, that's what I based my outfit on: I resized the dress smaller and used it as a long skirt, combining it with white instead of black just to give more summer vibes. I added white sunglasses and necklaces but black sandals, belt and clutch, as Judith, as I had to add something in black as well. I think the final result looks pretty good with the new makeover I gave to my doll: goodbye fake tanning, hello pale skin, summer freckles and new grey hair.

Hope you enjoyed our different styles! Now that I've written about it I realise that actually we still have some common items like the strap sandals and the black clutch, we're sisters after all. ;)


Seen on FM-Style: #000000 & #FFFFFF

You know everything is in black and white... Welcome to the Neighbourhood! Okay, I know this is a little weird song, but we both like this band (The Neighbourhood) pretty much and I loved how they called the mixtape, black and white in html code: #000000 & #FFFFFF. That was perfect for the task that the contestants had to submit this week. 

Before I share with you my favorites and personal opinion, let's see who had the most public votes on last week's poll... 

Well, well, well... Looks like again the people agrees with the judges, crowning Marta (Marta-43) as the winner of Task 5. Congratulations for that! 

Now it's time for talking about this black and white. For me, for that task the key was to use black AND white. There were a lot of outfits that were mostly black with some white little touches. Judith disagrees with me about that (that's the good thing of having plenty of judges, different opinions). Let me show you my two favorites of this task:


On the left, Maurice (kickherout) and to the right, my favorite: Navi (vousme). 

Then there were this outfits that I liked very much but that I felt that they weren't as black and white as I was hoping for, like Andrea (andre1396) and Val (invisibl3): 

Now it's time to hear from you! 

Here you have the album with all the tasks, so you can see how everyone addressed this challenge: 

And... time to vote! 

Vote for your favorite in B&W:

And this is how the contestants board looks like now. The beautiful Romee (poppet08, my former rival on the Beauty Cycle on FM-Agency) is the one who got away. It's really sad but having in mind something coming... maybe it's not the end!

Every time we are seeing more red crosses, and next week two contestants will be crossed out, but as we announced on the club, there will be a comeback! Hope you're enjoying this cycle as much as I'm doing (it's been a while since the last one). See you later aligator!

See you at...


Spotted: beee.

Judith was commenting some days ago about the new store called Active and how you could use some of the items not for exercise but as fashionable items thanks to the sporty trend (click here to see the post). Then, this is a perfect example of how to do so. Look how cool beee. looks with that sporty "adidas" jacket. Love this outfit so much, and it's even not that expensive (shoes, fanny pack and pants are sc items). Amazing!


Store Statement: Trails

Today stardoll surprised us with a store for travellers as they announce, called Trails. It's a very summery store, looks very comfy, and what is more important for us: it's pocket friendly. The prizes are okay and surprisingly there are a lot of nice items for starcoins. Have a look at this new space, displayed in a beautiful sunset somewhere close to the sea (a tropical island maybe?).

Click on the images to see them full size  

Here you can see some of my favorite items, and look at that affordable prizes! It makes me wanna buy the full store (well, the starcoin items at least)! 

Let me share with you some of the amazing outfits people are doing with this new items. On the left we have MUNCHKIN_XD with an amazing styling of the blue maxi dress. I would have never thought I would like an outfit with that dress but this look gives off so much confidence that is flawless. Next to it, _Jubbs_ with an effortless look that suits the style of the new store (free spirit) so much. Last but not least, on the right, notnoworlater, with an outfit she submitted for the contest on our partner blog (Stardoll's Most Wanted). CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE

They are wearing: Blue Maxi Dress (13 sd), Trails High Waisted Pants (130 sc) & Floral Pink Kimono (12 sd)