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Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #10

It Girls
20 SD

Not a big fan of woven to be honest. The shape isn't that good either, it's not ugly but it doesn't convince me at all. I do think it can look nice if the outfit it's cool though, I mean, it's not that the bag it's hideous it's just not for me.

For the outfit I decided to combined it with leopard print to match the brown tone of the bag and complete the outfit with black coat and boots.

Nice, you can do nice outfits with this bag, but it's not something I would like. For me the woven is too dark, I would love it if it was in the same colour as Judith envolved the tips with, but not on that orangy shade. However the shape is good and quality is ok.

I combined it with a lady outfit as for me woven is very girly, and with some hints of bad girls attitude. I tried to add orangy things to the outfit as well to match with the bag and I like this final result a little random but coordinated with the bag colour. 

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Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #9

It Girls
23 SD

When I saw these jeans on the November HotBuys promo I expected them to be good and I proud to say that they haven't disappointed me. The quality of the graphics it's perfect! I love that stone washed denim colour and it looks very real. I also love the shape, I'm obsessed with mom/vintage jeans, they make any casual outfit better. As you can imagine it's a big YES for me and these jeans, I'm definitely going to buy them.

I think you can pair them basically with anything you want, but in my outfit I went for a casual look of tee+jeans with blazer and cool heeled boots.

So, apparently as Judith is buying them I can't then... Cause we have this rule that we can't buy both of us the same piece... Well, I have to say it will be okay. I do like them, but I was expecting something different, something more like the Vintage Stone Washed Denim, those new denim mom jeans that came out on the new floor of It Girls. So, those ones will be for me.

Agreeing with Judith about the outfit though, you can pair jeans with literally everything. As I'm a little late with my outfit I decided to take advantage of it and used some new pieces from Nelly.com.

Post an outfit styling the piece on there and you will have the chance to be selected by us and get a November HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), owner of Stardoll's Most Wanted. 


Shopping: Sales Great Finds

Ok, so technically stardoll didn't say anything about Black Friday but they made their sales coincide with the weekend of the Black Friday so we'll just name them this way.

When I first saw the message announcing the sales I was beyond excited! I mean it has been a looooong time since the last time we had sales in stardoll. When I checked what was on discount I was a little bit disappointed, just the most old items, but hey, better that than nothing!

So sales in general are a great opportunity to scan the shops and consider buying that item you were never sure about, or that other one which is ugly but maybe it could work in an outfit. And that's what I did, and of course what I'm about to share. Here I present you five items that might have passed unnoticed that are now available with a discount and ready for you to give them a try! ;)

Fallen Angel Off Shoulder Shirt
This shirt has been on stardoll forever, that's why we can find it on the penultimate floor of the Fallen Angel store and why you might have not noticed it. And yes, before it was just a plain black shirt with an unusual shape, but now, after the off shoulder trend it's a really interesting item and with lots of possibilities. It can look great in both casual and more formal outfits. That's what I tried to show in my two outfits, in the first one looking super casual, the second one more appropriate for a night out.

RIO Girls Tee
I was never interested in this shirt until I used it for a Surrounded by Trends post (check it HERE), where I mixed it with a strapless dress. I think it can look really cool under other items with the gold letters popping out, as you can see in my outfits. The first one is the combination between the tee and the dress I already showed in the Surrounded by Trends post but finishing the outfit.

Velvet Orchid Four Buckles Shoes
Another item I noticed while doing a post for the Stylish Stardoll Sisters! This time was a Sharing HotBuys Advice post and I combined it with the Bonjour Bizou cut-out sweater from the October HotBuys. You can see the outfit below cause I was a bit lazy here and decided to use the same one. The shape of the shoes isn't outstanding and the quality of the graphics could be better but the buckles give a nice edgy touch and their burgundy colour is perfect for fall/winter outfits. And as you can see in my outfits works perfectly with both skirts and jeans. Oh! And now they're available for only 3SD, bargaaain!

Bonjour Bizou Embellished Spring Top
I don't know about you but I had never seen this top before. I would consider it more a bralette rather than a top, which means it functions pretty much as a bra, so you can wear it with a suit underneath the blazer or on top of a tee. It looks different from other bras/bralettes you might have with the flowers and fruits decoration (which by the way remind me of Dolce&Gabbana) and it doesn't require a big investment as with the discount it only costs 5sd, so it's definitely worth the try.

Riviera Hibiscus Print Headscarf
I love headscarfs, I think they look really cute and are perfect for bringing that final touch to an outfit. The problem with this one is that it's really colourful and flower inspired which makes it very summery and that might pull you off. Well, wrong! Obviously looks like it was made for a summer dress, but that doesn't mean it can't look good with winter outfits. On outfit number 1 you can see it bring that hipster/alternative touch to a casual outfit and on outfit number 2 a super elegant snobbish vibe (as if it was an Hèrmes scarf). The more I look at it the more possibilities I see, so definitely recommending.

And with that my sales great finds finish but I'm really interested to know which articles you got on this "Black Friday" sales to know your great finds, so please don't doubt about sharing in the comments! :)


Sharing Hotbuys Advice: November 2016 #8

Original Future
25 SD

Nice bomber jacket, nice camo pattern, but above all...I love that burgundy shade peeking out from the back part of the jacket! Looks amazing, and lets you add a little burgundy to the outfit that matches and looks amazing.

For my outfit I decided to combine sport with lady, but wanted to add burgundy there and there, so I used the skirt, shoes, choker and even make up! It was hard actually to create an outfit that was good enough for the jacket, I wanted it to look super cool, and at the end is pretty average, but unfortunately I don't have much time :(

I think the jacket it's nice. It's has a good quality in terms of graphics and as Mireia has said the burgundy inside looks really good, so does the shape, a little bit loosen down the right shoulder. It's not my style at all and I'm not a big fan of camo so I won't be buying it, but it's a good one.

For my outfit I combined it with an all black outfit expect for the bag in which I added a floral pint with also green tones so it wouldn't look out of place. The combination between the two patterns (the camo and the floral) I think looks really good and special and make the outfit stand out.

Post an outfit styling the piece on there and you will have the chance to be selected by us and get a November HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), owner of Stardoll's Most Wanted. 


Street Style

What they want, what they want, what they want? Dolla signs, yeah, I know it's what they want. 
                                                                                                                            $tylish $tardoll $isters


Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #7

15 SD

I like it, it's nice, maybe too big in my opinion, but I could buy it if my stardollar income was bigger. It has a nice golden color, and it's a very different choker from what we're used to see, so points for that.

For this choker I decided to pull my hair up, for it to be more visible and because I think chokers look great with a bare neck. I used beige, khaki and brown to combine with gold this time, even if my first idea was to do an all black elegant outfit. I'm quite pleased with the result, it's something different and the choker stands out with that open neck of the romper.

Same opinion here. I quite like the choker, I don't have any complains about it which is great cause it doesn't happen that often lately with HotBuys. I would definitely buy it if I had the money but right now I have literally 1 stardollar left and I'm waiting to buy more till December cause I'm guessing stardoll will be releasing holiday tributes and those are my favourite stores (crossing my fingers for them to be good)!

I don't know why but I wanted to combine the choker with red. At first I was going to go for a suit but I didn't find the right one so I went for the complete opposite, tracksuit pants. I dressed them up a with nice and elegant accessories and voilà!

Keep an eye on Stardoll's Most Wanted in case there's a giveaway!
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Street Style


Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #6

Original Future
27 SD

Eww what's that? I don't like the color nor the shape. Definitely not buying it. I like the idea of a silk long dress, it's very summery and I think we can also adapt it to our winter outfits, but the end result of this... I hate it. Sorry Stardoll.

I tried to go for a casual but glam outfit, so I added heels and a clutch but then throw this super cool LE jacket on top. I tried my best...

As Mireia said I like the idea as well of the silk dress. I love silk dresses and the graphics in matter of texture with this item are quite well, I like how it looks. But the shape... Looks awful. Maybe if they had gone for a shorter version it would have ended up a little bit better. The colour doesn't bother me, it's not my favourite but it can look nice. But yep, not buying either.

I wanted to pair it with a long jacket to try to fix a little bit that shape. I can't say that I totally fixed it but I think it looks better than on its own. I didn't go crazy with colours either, I kept it simple.

We will pick 2 outfits for our monthly HotBuys recap from there and the selected ones will get one HotBuys of their choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva). Good luck!

Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #5

Bonjour Bizou
20 SD

Nice grey sweater. It's cute and can be useful. I like it. I decided to not complain about prizes anymore, as I realised it's not only HotBuys but the entire website that is rising its prizes. So, yeah, okay, nice sweater. I won't buy it because I prefer to spend my stardollars on that 3rd floor of the new collection. However, I think it's a basic, and I like the long sleeves, color and everything. However, I don't consider it as a must have, more like a nice to have.

For my outfit I went for something very similar to an outfit I submitted on a comp on our partner blog, SMW for the new store: Stardoll feat. Click here to enter that comp. I used the grey sweater to combine it with black and orange with really sporty vibes. By the way, thanks Judith for recommending that beanie for me, I love it! Will probably end up buying that one.

I'm not very happy with this sweater. It's not that I don't like it, cause I mean it's too basic to call it ugly, but such a simple sweater should have a really nice shape for me to be like "oh, I need this!". It's just "meh". Also why an item like this is a HotBuys? Shouldn't the HotBuys be like really cool pieces or Must Haves like Mireia said? This sweater is just so average.

I went for a sporty outfit as well. At first I wanted to combine the sweater with a skirt or a dress but something about the shapes was wrong so I ended up going for 50 shades of grey instead and super sporty.

Remember we will choose 2 of the outfits submitted on there for our monthly HotBuys recap. The ones that are chosen will get a November HotBuys of their choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva). 


Surrounded by Trends: Purple Rain

- Autumn Winter 2016/2017 - 

SEEN AT: Roberto Cavalli, Temperley London, Carolin Herrera, Tod's, Lanvin, Loewe, Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta, Kenzo, Elie Saab...

WHERE TO BUY: Royalty, Rio, Pretty n' Love, Voile, Fallen Angel, Velvet Orchid, Nelly...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: jade_coolcat9


Spotted: Mh91

While I was looking for dolls wearing ripped blue jeans for the Style wars (check it out HERE) I came across Mh91. She was wearing blue jeans but not ripped. At first I thought "dammit! why those jeans don't have just a little slit so I can use this outfit? It's so good!". I even considered changing the theme to just blue jeans so I could use her outfit, but in the end I decided not be lazy, keep looking and save this for a spotted post. I mean, it had to be shared somehow.
That cape she's wearing reminds me a bit of the tunics they dress biblical characters with in movies, but she managed to make it look so cool and on point. I love the casualness it brings! Also the sleeves of the sweater, she made them longer and its a detail that it's just perfect for this look, and those big earrings and elegant bag give a classy vibe that screams Street Style. Looks amazing!


Spotted: LE

AudreyHepburn. wearing Oversized Ivy Earrings, Alexander McQueen Inspired Chiffon Blouse, Rodarte Inspired Lace Skirt - millaxx wearing Chloe Inspired Cable Knit Dress - miss.privacy wearing Vetements Inspired Patch Denim - Aby400 wearing Dolce Gabbana Inspired Sweatshirt - Lawliet. wearing Valentino Inspired Field Jacket - leiona_- wearing Alexander McQueen Inspired Peplum Coat, Designer Classic Strap Over Heels


Style Wars: Ripped Blue Jeans

A few days ago one of our readers told us that Style Wars was their favourite section. Since we heard we've been trying to put together a new battle. It took us some time to find the right outfits but it's finally here!

Mireia & Judith

Well Mireia, I think this will be a good one to debate. The four outfits are really casual and cool but very different at the same time. Not a surprise though, you can wear ripped blue jeans with anything, but anyway, I'm sure we both have our preferences and some things to comment. Definitely! I don't know who are you gonna chose as a winner before hearing my arguments, but I think there's so many options in here and all of them are so good that I don't know if it will be easy to get to a final decision. But, let's start and see! What do you have to say Judith? 

For the moment I agree with you Mireia, I don't think it's going to be easy to get to a final decision, that's why I think the best way to approach this is by elimination. I know for a fact that minaj131's outfit it's not going to make it for me. It's not that I don't like it, I think it's quite cool, but that kind of suitcase as a bag doesn't convince me at all. I like how all the patterns and items (other than the jeans) are super colour coordinated, but that bag... Definitely a bad choice for me.  There's something more that puts me off and I'm not certain of what it is. Maybe you can express it Mireia? What do you think of minaj131's outfit? Would it be the outfit that you eliminate first too?

I think you already just heard me loling! I just started to read your opinions, and I was agreeing with you about the "let's start eliminating instead of choosing our favorite", until I read that you're eliminating my actual favorite. I like all the outfits actually, but minaj131 has something special with the color combination, everything looks very coordinated, I love it. I'm not sure about the bag either, but looks edgy and different, so I pass it. I would have eliminated SarahVIP though. I don't know, her outfit doesn't look bad, but I like top part and bottom part, just that... separated. Blue shoes and black bag? Not for me. And the coat with those jeans... not sure it convinces me either. So... what should we do next? This is too funny to be true! Still can't believe that my favorite is the one you want to eliminate first. Don't you agree a little bit with me about SarahVIP though? 

Hahahahha let's leave for a moment minaj131's outfit then and if necessary we will discuss it again further. About SarahVIP, when I saw her outfit I was surprised cause I would have never thought of putting those items together. As you said the combination of that coat with those jeans it's unsual and I quite like it. I think her outfit looks effortlessly cool which is a great characteristic that it's not very easy to achieve. Now that I've read your opinion about it I can't help but feeling that is lacking something. I guess I love the style, that casual cool vibe, but if you look deeper the combination of items it's not that good. Before eliminating her though, I would like to point out her outfit it's the one that looks more different from all the others, which are a little bit sporty while hers it's not. That said, bye bye to SarahVIP. Byeeee! :) That leaves us with jufashionista4 and lenas. Let's go for it!

I love the man's sweater lenas used for her outfit, I used it too for styling a HotBuys and I love how it looks. However, looking at the whole outfit I prefer jufashionista4. The combination of items she has gone for may seem more obvious but I just love the final result. The vibrant red colour gives life to the outfit; the white turtleneck looks perfect in shape, colour and style for the coat and matches perfectly with sunglasses and sneakers; the ripped jeans go with the casual sporty vibe and it's colour accentuates the red of the coat and finally the black bag, I would usually think that is out of place between all that white, but nope! Maybe it's because the black shades of the sunglasses but looks great and adds this (sorry for using again this expression) effortlessly vibe, as if she didn't care too much about matching her clothes. So I think it's pretty obvious who do I want to win, unless you convince me of the opposite.

I'm super sorry but I have to disagree again with you. I'm getting sleepy here, and should end this as soon as possible, but! I don't like how the black bag looks on jufashionista4. I agree with the rest of the outfit, but I think it's too easy. It's what I would have pulled out if I had all these items around there. It's too easy: white tee, denim ripped jeans, sneakers and what is for me the trend of this winter: a big oversized winter jacket. The only thing she had to do was to add some accessories. The sunglasses are ok, but that bag? I don't like it! I prefer minaj131 suitcase than this bag. On the other hand, I like how in lenas' outfit everything gives you a masculine touch but casual at the same time, so over the two of them I prefer lenas. It's more different and elaborated somehow. 

After a quick deep look again at the outfits... Omg, now I'm doubting of everything in life? It's the Earth still round? I'm now liking SarahVIP's outfit, because it certainly looks different and (your favorite expression is coming) effortless! 

Okay, yes! I'm changing my mind. Let's eliminate minaj131 (that was your choice), and instead of eliminating SarahVIP as my choice, I would like to take out of the picture jufashionista4. There's nothing surprising for me in that outfit even if it looks cool enough. 

Ok, one for one I guess. What do we do know? Should we end this in a tie between lenas and SarahVIP, cause I would definitely vote for SarahVIP and I'm guessing you'll vote for lenas and we would keep arguing without getting anywhere.

Humm... I don't like ties... What if we put a score 1 to 10 to each and see who has the higher average score? 

Let's do it!
jufashionista4: 8.5 + 6 = 14.5/20 = 7.25
lenas: 8 + 8 = 16/20 = 8
minaj131: 7 + 7 =14/20 = 7
SarahVIP: 8.5 + 7 = 15.5/20 = 7.75

We better finish this soon as you laptop is in less than 5% battery and no signs of a charger plugged in! I will let you do the honors since is your choice that is winning... Go ahead sister! 

Pay more attention sis, it wasn't my choice ahhahahaha! But anyway, the winner is... lenas!! 
Oh wow yes! Sorry... I was looking at the sevens... CONGRATULATIONS lenas! 


Store Statement: IT Girls

So three days ago I was talking about Store Statements in a letter to my sister, a.k.a Sister Talking (check it out HERE) and I (quote) said: "I must admit that it is one of the most boring sections to elaborate. It takes time to search or create outfits with the new items and the collections are never that amazing that we're crazy about sharing all our favourite items and what can we do with them." And just as if Stardoll wanted to prove me wrong they released a new collection of IT Girls full of treasures. Watch out for yourselves, here is the new floor:

Mireia and I distributed the items we liked between ourselves and here is what each one is going to get eventually:

So, 6 items each, not bad, not bad at all. I actually think this is a really good collection, we can see a lot of designer inspired clothes and there's originality in some pieces and basic stuff we need in others. I'm very happy with this.

And when a collection is good finding good outfits is a lot easier. 

In order of appearance: Me (judith_25) wearing Velvet Paisley Jacket and Velvet Paisley Pants, disasterology wearing Faux Fur Oversized Moto Jacket, nicki_-_-minaj wearing Trumpet Sleeve Turtleneck and Two Tone Kick Flare Pants and dadany972 wearing Fuzzy Contrast Edge Sweater.

Sharing HotBuys Advice: November 2016 #4

Pretty n' Love
20 SD

These shoes are nice! Both shape and pattern is cute and they didn't messed up creating them. I'm not going to be buying them though, I don't think they're my style. I just have the feeling that at the time of dressing up my doll I would always end up using different shoes instead of those. But it's a good one.

My first idea on how to style them was using a pleated midi skirt (the one from Tingeling Halloween Couture), I tried it on and it didn't look bad but it was a little bit too much retro for me, so I went for the complete opposite, matching the shoes with casual clothes. I love denim skirts I thought that it was the perfect item for those shoes cause I kept the femininity with the skirt but I added the casual touch as it's ripped. The rest came out easily. Green bomber to go with the floral pattern of the shoes, green bag to match and black-greyish sweaters underneath.

I think I'm gonna stop complaining about the prizes cause it's really obvious now with the new collection of It Girls, that is not only HotBuys prizes that are raising, but all stardoll prizes. I can't wait to see what are the prizes of this new LE coming out today. Maybe 500 SD for a coat? Doesn't sound weird to me. Anyway, about these nice shoes. Again I agree with Judith, they are really cute and feminine. I love the strap and I think it looks great with skirts. The pattern is nice, but it's what Judith already said. I have the feeling that you can go for thousands of other options instead of those shoes. However, I like them with an all black outfit as well, as the focus of attention.

And everything that I said is what I tried to pull out on my outfit. First an all black outfit, obviously using a skirt for the strap to be perfectly visible, as it's my fav part of the shoes. However I wanted to give some casual touch to the outfit, and that's what I went for the denim jacket and bandana on my hair (that I had to dye cause this hairstyle in platinum blonde was awful btw). To finish it, I added a bag using one of the colours of the pattern of the shoes, pink, and although it's not the same shade I think it looks nice.

Remember that we will pick two outfits from there for our monthly recap and winners will get one HotBuys of choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva)