The Stylish Stardoll Sisters. The name of this exiting new blog tells you exactly what to expect from its writers and content - sisterly collaboration which results in an inspiring whirlwind of amazing outfits, store reviews and interesting feautues. The blog is composed by the real-life sisters Mirdith and Judith_25, both of whom have distinctly unique styles, abundance of creativity and striking attention to detail. Working together they have presented us with a first of its kind Stardoll blog that is not only a must-read but also a true joy to behold.

⇾ A_Horror from Nymph Attire: 

after some time of no new arrivels (and some losses) the wonderful MIRDITH and her sister JUDITH_25 just opened a new SD themed blog called  THE STYLISH STARDOLL SISTERS. they promise new posts daily and are on a mission to find original styles and looks around dollywood plus showing you what marvelous things you can do with SD fashion using your creativity and imagination. however besides SD fashion they're also focusing on real life inspirational fashion. i think it's save to say that this new blog is worth checking out and see what kind of helpful tips and advices you may will find there in the future. so make sure to pay those two a visit.

⇾ kickherout from NOT SO MUCH, but the doll:

I cannot really remember how I discovered this club, but I guess my time on SD became more and more interesting. Mireia and Judith are two sisters with a bunch of amazing ideas and a genuine sense of fashion. They gather for each edition (they call it "cycle") the top of the fashion cream to help them out and host one h*ll of a game.

⇾ glittergirl208 from Stardoll Inspires:

I decided to start this blog because I have seen many other dolls on stardoll do the same! I always enjoy reading about their views on new things on stardoll and I especially love seeing all of the amazing stylings they do! I have to say, my main inspiration has to be from Mirdith and judith_25's blog The Stylish Stardoll Sisters! It's just simply awesome and I don't think I have ever not enjoyed reading their posts! I hope that my blog will one day become as popular as theirs because it really has inspired me in lots of ways :)

amaia_estebanez from Head over heels:

¿12 already? Yes, this is the 12th Cycle from the amazing club FM-Style. If you don't know what club I'm talking about, honestly, you're missing out! The owners are the Stylish Sisters Mirdith (Mireia) and Judith_25 (Judith). The club is basically a small place in Stardoll where fashion lovers, like myself, can have a great time! They hold fashion cycles and members can either participate, judge or just enjoy as a viewer (which is what I'm doing this time around).

The official Stardoll Youtube channel featured one of our Splendorous videos on January the 11th.

Marta-43 from MYLEstyle [about Cycle 13]:

New cycle in FM-Style club! YAAAAY! First of all, for those who doesn't know what I'm talking about: FM-Style is a Stardoll club created by Mireia (Mirdith) and Judith (Judith_25), two lovely and super stylish sisters, as you can see in their blog The Stylish Stardoll Sisters (SSS)! The cycles are contests composed of tasks with eliminations where the participants have to style their own dolls the best they can according to the rules of each task. Finally, there are 2 winners who get amazing prizes! I know this club since a few years ago and I never get bored of it! I love participating in everything and as I didn't apply for this cycle, I'll be following, giving my opinion and making the tasks on my own, just for fun!