Seen on FM-Style: No Money

The week has ended and with it task 5 on FM-Style, probably the most relatable task we've ever done as it consisted in pulling out the most amazing outfit possible but at the same time sticking to a maximum of 35SD (no limit for starcoins), there was no freedom of getting whatever you want without thinking about the price. 

I was really interested in seeing the results of this task as I was curious of what our amazing contestants could do for a small amount of money. For me, the best strategy was trying to make an amazing outfit only based in starcoins and turn to stardollar items to add a special touch, give some originality or adding a statement piece. Some seemed to follow this strategy some made followed their own instincts, either way the results were again amazing. 

Specially, in my opinion, the outfits of Marta (Marta-43) and Jovana (GoldieMememe). 

Their outfits are basically the opposite. 
Marta's is super extravagant, with lots of items layers and details. She was definitely my favourite this week. I had never thought such an amazing and complete outfit could be done with just 35SD. A perfect an original use of starcoins items if you ask me. 
Jovana's in the other hand is really simple in terms of layering and number of items. But she went for strong and trendy pieces that look good together and that are bold enough to stay out of the comfortable and common zone, which made her my second favourite this week.

I also quite liked the outfits of Romee (poppet08), who went for the pyjama trend (shout out to the last Surrounded by Trends post!), and Val (invisbl3), who brought a really nice stylish manly outfit. 

So, last week you guys agreed with us in the poll and also thought Marta-43 was the winner of task 4.

This week Marta wins again but thanks to the +1 she got from task 4, if it wasn't for that Andrea (Andre1396) would be the winner of task 5. So let's see what you guys think and if we agree again! ;) You already know how it goes. 


Vote for your favourite task 5!

And finally this week we said goodbye to the amazing Lucia (roco_90) which makes me very sad cause she had been doing so well in my opinion. The cycle is starting to get harder everytime! Hope we still see you around Lucia!

Surrounded by Trends: Pyjamas

- Spring Summer 2016 - 

SEEN AT: Topshop Unique, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Givenchy, Gucci, NÂș21, Etro, Giles, MSGM...

WHERE TO BUY: Basics, IT Girls, Bonjour Bizou, Pretty n' Love, Fallen Angel, 9 to 5, The Jet Set. 

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: GMonster


Street Style


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (10/10)

Can you believe that? Not that I'm back again with another Gift-O-Meter (let's just ignore the word that comes before, cause that would make me look like I'm retarded always late, that I am actually), but that is finally the LAST ONE! Yes, today we've arrived finally to part 10 out of 10, meaning that in approximately 7 months I have covered 15 days of Christmas. Pretty good huh? (I'm kind of embarrassed). But let's leave that behind and focus on the LAST PART.

Click on the images to view full size

So, the 10th gift was not one, but two items. You can see it for yourselves down below, in case you don't remember those gifts. Who wouldn't remember though? (irony mode ON). We have a beautiful black and white Givenchy inspired bag, and then this black beautiful gown with the open leg (and open everything) that I think Gigi Hadid wore once. I really like both items, but wouldn't pay the 200 SD that theoretically they cost. 

As lazy is one of the adjectives that best describe me, I will honor that and show you some outfits Judith and I did with this bag during this beautiful 7 months and put here in the blog: 

And then, for demonstrating that sometimes I can do what I propose , I will show you 3 outfits I did with the dress, one with it as an actual dress and then two trying to use only the skirt part, to make something different, you know the deal. See what I did on the third one? ;) I'm sorry I was wearing this choker Judith gifted me, but I think I managed to incorpore it nicely in the 3 outfits. 

Well, I hope you liked it and sorry for the delay.  
THANK YOU! :) If you want to know what I used on these last 3 outfits... 


Sisters' Style: Callie's Picks Pop Tribal Print Crop Blouse

3 months later... a new Sisters' Style! Yay! This should have been done way before as the collection featuring this top is not available any more but you know what they say... better late than ever!

If you have been reading our posts for a while now, you may know that Mireia and I have this pact that we can not buy both the same item (sometimes we do exceptions if it's a MUST HAVE item that's really basic and useful), otherwise we would end up having almost exact closets. So this past collection of Callie's Picks brought us an interesting opportunity as it had the same top in two different colours which meant that we could do a Sisters' Style with it without betraying The Pact. Luckily I wanted the green one and Mireia the pink one so we didn't have to argue about who bought which.

And finally, yesterday, we styled them.
As the blouse has like a tucked in shape we both opted for adding a belt between the top and the bottoms. Other similarities in our outfits: we both wear sunglasses and chokers, shoulder bags and the style of our sandals is pretty alike as well. 
We both wanted to add more colour to the outfit with other items in shades already present in the top pattern. Mireia added a blue bag, which by the way looks super cool with the addition of the fringes and transformed into a shoulder bag (originally it's a tote), and I went for green pants. 
Now that I look more closely the two outfits, I think that in terms of items choices we made quite similar decisions but what makes the two outfits look different are two basic things: 
1. (Obvioulsly) The colour palette used. 
2. The style of the outfits. Mireia's with the skirt and the fringes looks a little bit more boho while mine with the black details and the sandals with studs looks a little bit more edgy. 

Hope you like both! And if you did...

Street Style


Seen on FM-Style: Hold my hand

Welcome back to the 4th review of Cycle 12! It's Mireia here again as Judith is keeping me hostage for not doing it when it was my turn (this is an SOS, please save me). First of all (after asking Judith to make the next "Seen on FM-Style"), let's see who you voted as your favorite on last week's poll: 

Again, it's good to see that the majority of people agrees with the judges. Navi (vousme) was the most voted one from the public, as well as the one who got the highest score. Congratulations girl! :) 

Moving on to this week's task: all about the bag. We knew we were gonna see a lot of Fendi bags and we did! My favorites have been in this order: 

1. Marta-43 - She managed to create an amazing outfit and still add a bag that catches all the attention! 
2. Andre1396 - She created a different bag adding little accesories! 
3. kickherout - Arrows pointing at the bags... genius! 
4. vousme - Looks like a modern Brigitte Bardot! 

But this week surprised me with a lot of amazing outfits! I would like to mention some outfits that definitely caught my eye as well, or how I like to call it, the Fendi bags' girl tribe: GoldieMememe, roco_90 and CoralCool91.

But, let's see who do you think was the best this time! 

FIRST: Check the contestant's tasks...
Cycle 12

SECOND: Vote for your favorite! 

Who has been your favorite in Task 4?

I have to say that this week has been a good one! There were a lot of amazing outfits, I've included 7/12 and I still would have liked to include more. Keep up the good work contestants, and if you're viewing... we hope you're enjoying the cycle!

Unfortunately, there's always one that has to go... this time is Rachel (pArAdIsE_134) who is leaving us. Hope to see you again around!  Here I leave the contestant's board (thanks Judith for doing it) with the contestants that are still competing. Good luck for next week!

See you at...


Store Statement: Velvet Orchid

Velvet Orchid added a new floor of items a few days ago and now that it's summer and we have more time to dedicate to the blog (and stardoll in general) we had to do a Store Statement about. Really, this was super necessary, to compensate for all the Store Statements of the new tributes we could have done and we haven't. We didn't review them but Marta (Marta-43), from our partner blog MYLEStyle did. Her post is really good content so I definitely recommend you to check in case you're having last minute doubts about what to buy or not. You can check it HERE.

Anyway going back to Velvet Orchid. To be honest I've never been a fun of Velvet Orchid's clothes, they're a little bit too much for me to do casual outfits. Well, sadly, the new items aren't exempt of this opinion.

NOTE: There's also a pink shirt that appears in the next page and it's glitched so it's a little bit hidden between the shoes. 

I even doubted about doing this post as I couldn't find enough "favourite" items to do a proper post. But then I remembered our other partner blog, SOTS (Styled on the Street), and their team posts about new collections and they gave me the idea of reuniting forces with my sister and present you our picks together.

As well as some outfits for each one of those picks. Mireia styled her favorite items and I styled mines.

Street Style


Seen on FM-Style: Gangsta's paradise

Hello, hello! It's Mireia this time doing the review post of Task 3, that was all about the gangsta's lifestyle. Nah, just kidding, it was actually to create something very urban, very ready for the streets. But first, let me take a selfie show you the results of Task 2 public poll. 

According to your votes, the favorite was Jovana (GoldieMememe), and I see your logic, her outfit was very creative and with a color scheme very detailed. Congrats for that Jovana! 

Moving on to task 3, that is why I'm here writing. First of all, I have to say that I'm a little confused with the general outcome of the task. I mean, there are some good urban outfits (what I was expecting), but maybe I don't know why, some of you got a little confused of the style we were looking for. Anyway, my favorites this week have been... 

First, Lucia (roco_90) with an outfit worth of Gigi Hadid that was actually what she was going for, surprised me with an urban chic outfit. Then Navi (vousme) delighted us with this "rugby players also wear heels" that I liked to call outfit, and I'm loving the black and white combo mixing sporty with glam touches. And double appearance today from Jovana (GoldieMememe) with this amazing urban outfit with gold jewellery. Finally, I love how Andrea (Andre1396) chose this pants for this task and combined them in a very nice and cool way. 

Who were your favorites? Vote in the poll below: 

Who were your favorites?
Vote in the poll below:

--> All tasks: 

Luckily for the contestants who did not get too good scores, one of you did not complete the task... So, sadly, we have to say goodbye to Martyna (MalinaSekret111).

Stay tuned for next task which will make you feel like you "can't keep your hands to yourself" with all those amazing bags people are going to use!

See you at...

Street Style


Spotted: Miloshki

When the Balmain Tribute came out and I saw this long light pink coat my thoughts were: nice, but extremely hard to style. I don't know if it was hard to style the coat for Miloshiki or not, but even if it was hard for her she succeeded with this amazing outfit. I love the combination of the coat with those pants. They look as if they were made for going together! Love this outfit! 


Sister Talking: The best of the best (Part II)

Dear Mireia,
So I was in the mood to post something today and I thought why not finishing that trip to the past taking a look to our best posts? 

Let's start with the Shopping posts! I'm supposing you must hate those by now. From your part they have kind of become an annoying promise between your Gift-O-Meter posts (which you haven't ended yet btw) and the Christmas Calendar ones. But you can find pretty good material between those. 
My favourite from the Gift-O-Meter is the forth out of ten (check the entire post HERE), when you styled the jumpsuit. You managed to create many different outfits of very different styles and all of them beautiful. And hey! Special appearance of this person who's writing! ;)
And about the Christmas Calendar there are actually more than one outfit that were really good but if I have to pick just one (which I must cause if not these post would be too long) I'm choosing the one who features these weird mixture of jeans and a christmas tree (HERE), because you magically made them look so cool. 

And there are two other posts I have really enjoyed thanks to your beautiful outfits. The one with the IT Girls Hot Buys Retro Flares and the one with the Keep Me Warm Scarf where I absolutely adore every single outfit. 

When it comes to our Simulating posts there aren't so many of them, as we started to make them a little bit later, but we do have these two looks which are almost an exact replica of the original and very stylish options to dress our dolls. 


Moving on to the beauty section of the blog: Splendorous! I must say I'm quite proud of this section. In stardoll you and I focus way more on the outfits than the make-up and hair part, but our beauty posts are quite good content in my opinion. From your tutorial videos, my favourite is the Valentine's Day look, to some interesting rankings of the best wigs or the best accessories, I quite like the Hair Trends Brought To You By Stardesigners.

In general, I found all posts interesting but I feel like I must list these ones because I really like them:
  • All about Red (NOTE: In this one it's not the make-up looks what I like but the format of the post in which I give my personal opinon after trying the products, it makes an honest review of the make-up collection).
  • 4 Looks with Red Lips

I thought about including as well some of the best outfits seen at the Spotted or Seen on FM-Style posts, but those posts are already selections of what we love from what we see, which means I basically really like all of them, which means that supposed selection would be either too long or too difficult. So I'm going to skip those two sections, but you can always check them clicking on their names at the end of the blog page under "Sections".

So, to end this post and this reminiscence I'll include some photos of my favorite collages or inspiration outfits from the Surrounded by Trends posts. By the way, I'm going to take this opportunity to let you know that the idea behind this section is to make it very visual and that's the reason why there's almost no text (I had never explained this because of that reason as well hehehe).

Hope we continue with the quality content sis! ;)



Seen on FM-Style: La vie en rose

Task 2 at FM-Style has come to an end! But before I show you my favorites of this week, I want to share first the results of task 1's poll:
So, as you can see, most of you agreed with the judges opinions making Maurice (kickherout) your favorite with 5 votes and Marta (Marta-43) the second favorite with 4 votes. We will see if you agree again this time! 

Task 2 was all about pink, the only requirement was making an outfit where this feminine color would stand out and be basically the base of the outfit. Lots of contestants confessed that pink was not their color but they managed to bring amazing outfits either way (when have they let us down?). My personal favorites this time (in order of appearance) were: Marta (Marta-43) with another super trendy and fashionable outfit and rockin' the pink hair which is not that easy, Navi (vousme) with amazing layering and a sporty vibe, Maurice (kickherout) a.k.a stylish rockstar who isn't afraid of pink and Romee (poppet08) giving the minimal touch with this simple yet awesome outfit. 

So, a lot of Subcouture coats after... The winner has been announced at FM-Style, which thanks to that +1 is Maurice (kickherout) again! Without counting the +1 Navi (vousme) was ahead of her for just 0.1. Talk about a tight competition!

Who should have won the task in your opinion? You already know what to do... Vote for here!
--> All tasks: imgur.com/a/ywRg3

Sadly, this time we did have an elimination, a double one as we had already warned. So we have had to say goodbye to Andrea (bankgeek17) and Serena (missBlackVenus). Hope we keep seeing you in the comment sections of the club or the blog though, you two and everyone who wants can post your outfits for each task just for fun as Amaia (amaia_estebanez) and Stefan (Sweet_gal11) have done! (Shout out to these two wonderful stylists! xx)