Do you like what you see on here? Are you ready to submit your outfit creations to a fashion contest? Do you have what it takes to adapt to fashion challenges? Do you think you could win? 

From The Stylish Stardoll Sisters we recommend you our club: FM-Style.
In the blog we will only be us, but you can participate on there. It's a club where we hold fashion competitions, incorporating the new trends and styles. ONLY FASHION.

For participating you will need to apply first, when the topic for next Cycle is out. If you're one of the chosen ones, the Cycle has begun for you. Give all your best and try not to get eliminated each week. Only the last one remaining will be coronated as the winner!

If you want more information, visit the club clicking on the image above. It's all explained on the presentation.
We will share some of the best outfits on the blog, so if you want to be featured, don't doubt in joining and try to beat the others!

Hope to see you there! :)