Store Statement: It Girls

We got a new collection from It Girls recently, actually after another one of Bonjour Bizou (that we didn't review here on the blog, at least not yet), and even if it's been a while since I last wrote something for the blog, here I am again, and I will talk about it. First things first, this is how the new floor looks like:

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Personally, I don't like it much. Even I had to add some items that are "meeh" to my favorites list to make it look better. I think the pieces are too weird, too trying to be fashionable and failing. There are no basic pieces, just this blag belt and the shaping does not look good on our dolls. Anyway, these are the items that do not bother me that much. 

And finally, I tried to create some outfits with the new pieces, mostly to see if my opinion got better about the store. I have to say that not much. But maybe you like it? Let us know in the comments and I hope you enjoy my outfits and the post in general (even if it's not too positive about the new collection haha).
From left to right, wearing: Palermo Long Vest (19 SD); The IT Flower Crop (14 SD) and Wide Flower IT Pants (19 SD); Nude Casual IT Pants (18 SD), Envy My Shades (130 SC) and Valentino Inspired Handbag (15 SD).


Street Style

Seen On FM-Style: Sister Golden Hair

And just like that we arrived to the final task of Cycle 11 on FM-Style. This last task was as connected to Mireia and I (and this blog) as possible so we decided to put this song (our song), with the word sister in it, as its soundtrack. The task consisted in picking five trends that had appeared throughout the FW 15/16 Surrounded by Trends and creating an outfit for each one of it.

Lucia and Rawan (the two finalists) both deliverd, as always, fantastic outfits. I particularly liked their Mod outfits. I loved them both, so loyal to the style and so beautiful at the same time.

I personally liked a lot as well the Sporty outfit of Rawan. She created black and white tracksuit pants mixing two different pieces and in my opinion looks so original and refreshing. Also, her take on the victorian blouse was praised by the judges, just the perfect vintage outfit for the current days.

Finally, the last outfit I'm sharing on this post that took my attention it's the 80's fashion by Lucia. She took a risk and succeeded with a wonderful outfit I loved.

In the end both of them were pretty close (only 0.5 of difference), but the perfect attention to details and the originality of Rawan, it's, in my opinion, what made the difference.

And just like that Rawan became the winner of Cycle 11 on FM-Style. Congratulations!


Spotted: sarah_1980

When I saw this beautiful outfit at the Spotlight my mind went crazy: "where did that jacket came from?!" "why didn't I buy it?!" "why I have never seen it until now?!". Well the answer to all my questions was easy, the jacket is in fact a creation of sarah_1980 herself, made with several layers. These are the items she used:

The necklace is also a mixture between the new Millionaire Mansion starcoins necklace and this other beautiful statement necklace from Callie's Picks. All put perfectly together to create this amazing outfit. If I'm honest, I'm not a big fan of really high platforms so I would've picked different shoes, but every time I look at this look I'm amazed (again and again) by the jacket, so I HAD to share this.

Store Statement: Millionaire Mansion

A new collection of Millionaire Mansion came out today. I had my expectations on Millionaire Mansion really high since I loved the previous collection and I must admit they kept up the niceness. I still think the previous one was better but this is still great. Anyway, judge for yourselves, here's the new floor.

In general I think all the clothes are nice but my absolute favourites and the items I will end up buying are these three:

And finally three outfits to help you decide wether to buy something or not or simply to entertain you. ;)

(from left to right) Outfit 1 wearing Millionaire Mansion Dark Blue Sheer Skirt; Outfit 2 wearing Millionaire Mansion Flower Satin Bomber and Pastelle Pink Handbag and Outfit 3 wearing Millionaire Mansion Hampton Boheme Dress and Chain Buckle Bag.


Seen on FM-Style: Kill the lights

Semifinal... Do you know what that means? More work. Two outfits instead of one. For Killing the Lights, the few remaining contestants had to create two outfits with a common item. The first one had to be editorial-like, very outstanding, very fashionable and extravagant. The second instead, using the same item (not accessory) had to be wearable on the street.

For this task we received really different entries. I wanted to post my favorite of the editorial and my favorite of the street style outfit. Casually they are both from the same contestant, Rawan (bornthiswaay) who got in the first position again.

The ones who got eliminated (as only two can go to the final) were Stefan (sweet_gal11) and Teresa (platinumgals), who wasn't able to submit her entry.

It's very sad to see them go, but now we have our two finalists!!

Lucia (roco_90) VS. Rawan (bornthiswaay)

 In two weeks we will have finally the winner of Cycle 11! 

Street Style


Spotted: Natalie_hearts_

I loved this look by Natalie_hearts_, it's very casual and at the same time so trendy. I wouldn't be able to style a sports bag in such a stylish way, but she did it! Also the colours are perfect here! The orange long vest is the perfect addition to end this look!


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (8/10)

Isn't it amazing that I'm still doing this in March? Just the word Christmas makes it feel like it's something from a very long time ago. So, yeah. Once upon a time, on December 2015, Stardoll released a gift-o-meter with presents at some milestones of spent stardollars on Starplaza. On this blog, I've been doing some outfits to show you some ideas of how yo use those pieces.

Click on the images to view full size

And today... It's time for the 8th gift! Wohoo!! You got it if you spent an amount of 145 sd. Then you got this fluffy long coat with a Gucci belt on it. Personally, yeah, nice item. But at the same time... not too versatile as I like my clothing. Why? It covers almost all the outfit so you don't have too many possibilities. Don't get mad at me if you don't like the next outfits please. :( 

Usually I have some ideas before creating this outfits for this Shopping posts about the Christmas Gift-o-Meter, but if I'm being honest, when it came to this coat I actually had no idea of what I was doing, so this next 3 outfits are just results of my going trying with different pieces on my wardrobe. Hope you like them. 


Seen On FM-Style: Goodbye Horses

Only 4 contestants left and the opportunity for one of the already eliminated ones to comeback to the cycle, this is what was happening in task 10 at FM-Style. Any contestant that had been selected at the beginning of the cycle could participate in this task and the one who got the best mark would became contestant again. The task: creating one more catwalk look for the Spring Summer 2016 Gucci's collection. 

And the one who left me with my mouth open for quite a while was one of the eliminated contestants. Stefan (sweet_gal11) came back strong! He delighted us with this amazing outfit that brought him back to the competition! (applause)

Rawan (bornthiswaay) and Teresa (platinumgals) didn't let us down and continued to bring us beautiful outfits.

And task 10 ended, saying goodbye to the lovely Glimmer (CoralCool91) who got the lowest mark this time and welcoming back Stefan! We're already on the semifinal that will have a double elimination and in two weeks we will know the winner of cycle 11. Who will it be?

Sisters' Style: Bonjour Bizou Skinny Basic Pants

This time we decided to do a Sister's Style with an old piece (by old piece I mean something that is not available anymore on Starplaza). This leggings/pants were a basic on Bonjour Bizou, since we started playing circa 2007 (when the store was called only Bisou), they have always been there and for a good and cheap prize. Black pants are definitely a must have, you can actually create any kind of outfit with those, and depending of what you pair them with you can create very different styles.

On this post it looks like both of us went for an elegant outfit mixed with some sporty vibes. I love how Judith combined this two shirts for creating the perfect one and then mixed it with the oversized tee on top and how she added the colours of the drawings on the tee on the accessories. I actually started going for a sporty look, and paired the pants with a sweater and a basic white tee underneath. But then I decided to give some elegancy and added this big scarf, heels and a designer bag (Hello Givenchy!).

Hope you like both of our looks! :)


Store Statement: Original Future

We got a new collection from Original Future! The name they put on the message we received advertising it was Street Style, so when I saw it I had great expectations about it. And let me just say that... they made it! I love it! These are the new additions to the store:

Click on the image for full-size

So, opinions? Is not like everything is great, in fact there are some pieces that... wtf? Why would I want a snowboard, i.e.? But, there are some basics that are great and can be very versatile (and I love versatility, on stardoll and on real life) and that is amazeballs. I can't choose only a few favorites, this is everything I would like to have at some point on my virtual wardrobe. 

And this is what I saw around this magnifique world of Dollywood filled with stylish dolls and amazing outfits. Some are more Kanye-ish, others more elegant... 
From left to right: bornthiswaay wearing Yeezy Inspired Top (15SD), Mia1435 wearing Baggy Marl Sweater (16SD) and Andre1396 wearing Chunky Frizzy Sweater (19SD).


Store Statement: Evil Panda

So, two releases in a row! Yesterday Original Future, today Evil Panda. The Original Future Store Statement is coming as well, Mireia is working on it, and while we wait we have the one of Evil Panda. As all the releases lately they have provided us with a whole new floor, that looks like this.

All the items are quite punk, following the aesthetic of the brand but there are some interesting and original pieces we can adapt to our own styles. My personal favourites are the vest and shirt as layer additions to your outfits or finishing touches and of course the white tank top can always be useful.
And finally some outfits to inspire you a little bit or help you decide wether to buy something or not.
(from left to right) Outfit 1 wearing Evil Panda Long Tartan Shirt and 90s Race Dress; Outfit 2 wearing Evil Panda DIY Denim Vest and Outfit 3 wearing Evil Panda Suspender Denim Shorts and Not Listening Tee.