Sisters' Style: Riviera Rosa PVC Stilettos

Hi there! So probably, if you liked these shoes you already have them because they weren't really expensive (just 5sd) but now, with the selected sales in Riviera they're only 2sd and that's definitely a BARGAIN (yes, in capital letters). So my sister was one of the people that when she saw them on sale bought them in a second. She claims she liked them really much so I don't know what was going on in her mind and why didn't she buy them before, the thing is she got them for 2sd and as that's a really good price and they're gorgeous we decided to make a Sisters' Style and see if one of us (or both) could convince you to buy them in case you haven't already.

Our two looks are quite different. 
Mireia went for a business like style but adding sexy touches with the hot pink and the blazer with nothing underneath. I personally love how this looks, it brings femininity and sexyness to any outfit although it has to bee worn carefully because if the open neck is too much opened then it just looks tacky. As usual the line between tacky and elegant is very, very thin. Going back to Mireia's look, she added the hot pink sunglasses to match the shoes and to diminish the elegance/seriousness of the outfit.

As for me I went for a more casual outfit. I knew since the beginning that I didn't want to combine the shoes with a black or white look cause that was like the obvious idea that first popped into my mind, so I started looking between Mireia's wardrobe and I first found an electric blue clutch with a thin line of fuchsia on the bottom which looked awesome with the shoes. I tried to make an outfit with that I made different combinations and created two outfits with this but none of them were enough good so in the end I decided not to wear the clutch and keep looking. Then I found this Emilio Pucci inspired blouse and it just looked so summery and nice that it caught my mind. The rest is easy to imagine: boyfriend jeans to go for a city look, hot pink earrings to match the shoes and turquoise bag matching the blouse. 

So, the question is: will you buy the shoes or do you have them already?


I was looking for cool outfits to make a Spotted post and look what I found instead! I visited MISS_ALEYNA_MM and when I saw her face I thought that she was just very talented with make-up but when I checked her beauty parlor I saw that those beautiful eyes were created (at least the main part) by a Stardesigning feature. The black eyeliner, which by the way it's perfect, and the nude shadow that gives shape to the eyelid are a wig creation by Dominiika_. Unfortunately this design is between her sold outs. But it looks amazing! Here I leave you a close up.


Street Style

You must be thinking... what is this? This isn't a Sisters' Style post! But they are together in the same picture! Well, that is because Mireia had the idea that if we both had changed our outfits, in order not to post two consecutive Street Style posts an to honour the main characteristic of this blog (which is being sisters and working together), we could post our new looks in the same post.

Now about our today's looks I like very much both of them, although they're totally different styles. The outfit my sister is wearing is absolutely gorgeous, the only thing I would change would be the shoes but I love the rocker vibe she added with the leather jacket and the Chanel inspired bag. Mine is more casual, boho or whatever you like to call it, following the trend of the last Surrounded by Trends post (Off the shoulders).

Hope you like them both! :)


Simulating: Kylie Jenner

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new section!

Today when I was looking at our current sections (at the bottom right of the blog), I didn't feel like doing a post for any of them. Instead, I wanted to emulate my beginnings in the blogging Stardoll scene and create a section about bringing some celebrities/bloggers outfits from real life to Stardoll.

I remember doing Kate Moss or Serena Van der Woodsen back in the day, and later on, that would inspire me (along with a Spanish TV Show) to create one of the special cycles on FM-Style, Cycle 8, called Your Style Sounds Familiar #1 (I'm planning on more editions) where it was all about recreating the style of a celebrity.

Now I'm here to create on Starplaza simulations of what famous people wear in real life. So, if you like it you can also recreate the same look. The first person is this teenager that catches so much my attention: Kylie Jenner.

At first, as it happened with Jersey Shore, I hated the Kardashian clan for all that easy fame and no talent thing. I still think like that, but after I watched the show, is like I feel some kind of affection for all of them. And Kylie is so different from a 17 year old girl, she is gorgeous and so sexy, she has this unique style mixing glam with sporty that suits her so much... Basically she's such an interesting person in my opinion. That's why I chose her for the first Simulating.
This outfit is very typical from Kylie: leggings + strap high heels and a pop of color with the bag. I love how she combined the red bag with the red lips, and that's what I did too. The white long blazer gives the whole outfit more elegance. Obviously you can't wear a crop top and leggings to the event Kylie was probably going to. 

For the make up, I recreated the red lips adding red lipstick and red lip liner to fill more the lips like Kylie's. Then some tan blush to imitate the contouring. Last but not least, I had to use a hairstyle similar, so I chose this straight black hair with not too much volume. Then I painted my doll's eyebrows with black pencil. And of course, I added the aviator sunglasses that looked more like the black ones from her. 


Surrounded by Trends: Off the shoulders

- Spring Summer 2015 -

SEEN AT: Balmain, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Topshop Unique, Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen...

WHERE TO BUY: Nelly.com, PPQ, Royalty, Millionaire Mansion, RIO, Fallen Angel...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Models (from left to right): Mephistine, Zeszyteres, xCookie

Street Style

This bag from the Celeb Weekend is the only thing I bought. It was not that expensive for being a limited CĂ©line bag, although there were a lot of opposite opinions. Some people (including me) loved it, and then the majority of people must hate it, because it was one of the last pieces to get sold out from Kendall. Anyway,  I was expecting to use it in one of my outfits! Here I combined it with allblack and beige (the colors of the bag), but I think this bag may fit in a lot of different outfits and styles. 

PS. Like my doll's new look? I did some make up with the new Bronze collection of Dot and inspired by the magnifique tutorial Judith did on last Splendorous post

Sisters' Style: Original Future Sport Luxe Hoodie

Here we are again with another Sisters' Style! 
The item we're styling this time is this black hoodie with a see through section in the shoulders from Original Future. It was Mireia who decided we should style it and I'm regretting the moment I said "ok". 

It was impossible for me to achieve an outfit that didn't look sporty. Believe me, I tried everything but I just couldn't. Despite the see through part of the hoodie, which makes it original and would make you think that you can style it with heels in a very street style way, its shape makes it really REALLY difficult. Its very wide, plus its loose and long sleeves doesn't allow you to cover a part of it with a coat or a blazer. In the end, I put on a lace dress cause I liked how you could see the lace pattern trough the transparent part of the hoodie. I found that headband between my sister's clothes and decided to match the accessories with it so I added some girly socks and of course trainers (I tried almost every heeled shoe on Mirdith's wardrobe and none would look enough good) and a sporty bag. 

Mireia on the other hand, as she couldn't beat the enemy she allied him. She went for a sporty, hip-hop style and combine the sweater with a long white t-shirt underneath, cool tracksuit pants and this skirt on top of them which gives the outfit a very cool rapper vibe, if you know what I mean (a little bit like Kanye). She ended the look with flat and edgy sandals and a backpack because a bag was too fancy for this kind of outfit. 

And what can I say, her outfit may be more risky (because not everyone likes this style) but I still think she did a better job with the hoodie than me. 

Spotted: felipemiguel

Today I spotted the beautiful felipemiguel wearing some of the brand new items from this month, all together and in a very nice combination. That doll is rocking two July Hotbuys (pants and blouse) and wearing the gold starcoin belt from the new collection of Rio which Judith reviewed here. I love the addition of those Louboutin nude heels and the Chanel keychain. Those are the perfect complements to end this elegant and sexy look. 


Splendorous: Bronze!

It was a long time since stardoll release new make-up items but today a new collection of Dot has come out and it's all about bronze!

I quite like the collection because I think that bronze colours are not only to make your skin look more tanned but also very flattering. So I thought I could share with you some ways of applying this tones when you do your doll's make-up.

I've made three looks, focusing on a different part of the make-up in each one.


ITEMS YOU WILL NEED: (all from Dot)
  • Burgundy Brown Eyeliner
  • Burgundy Brown Eye Pencil
  • Burgundy Brown Eye Shadow
  • Milk Chocolate Eye Shadow
  • Nude Beige Eye Shadow
  • Mocca Blush
  • Black Madness Volume Mascara
  • Nude Beige Lipstick
  • Nude Beige Lip Pencil 


1. Apply the Burgundy Brown Eyeliner only on the upper part of the eye exaggerating the lacrimal and the corner of the eye. 

2. Darken the under part of the eye with the Burgundy Brown Eye Pencil. Apply it only from the corner of the eye to the middle.

3. Put on the Burgundy Brown Eye Shadow on the corner of the eyelid. Apply it more than once until you get the colour you want. If you use only one layer of shadow it will be too light I recommend 4 or 5 layers.

4. With the Milk Chocolate Eye Shadow draw an arc that goes just upon the burgundy brown shadow. Over lay it a little bit so it looks like a gradient.

5. Add the Nude Beige Eye Shadow all along from the lacrimal to the ending of the milk chocolate one and apply it also between the eyebrow and the other two shadows. It helps to blend the colour and the final effect is much more natural and looks better. 

6. Add black mascara or fake eyelashes to dramatize your eyes. Even if it's a look with bronze colours I like to use black mascara, I just don't like how your eyelashes look in any other colour. I used only a volume mascara because in the eyes my doll has the one that lengthens makes the eyelashes look really weird. Although my favourite option is the fake lashes but I just couldn't find the ones I use in Starplaza.

7. For the blush I went for the Mocca colour applying it only on the sides to make the face look more fierce.

8. Finally I picked a light lipstick, the Nude Beige, to keep the attention on the eyes. 



ITEMS YOU WILL NEED: (all from Dot)
  • Deep Tan Blush
  • Nude Beige Blush
  • Nude Beige Eye Pencil
  • Milk Chocolate Eye Pencil
  • Deep Tan Lipstick
  • Black Madness Volume Mascara


1. Add two layers of Deep Tan Blush in a diagonal direction just underneath the cheekbones. Even if at first it looks like too much blush you get use to it and it looks much better cause it really gives the feeling that your doll has got a natural summer tan.

2. Add another two layers of Nude Beige Blush upon the deep tan. It brightens your cheekbones and makes the deep tan blush look more soft. 

3. Draw a line with the Nude Beige Eye Pencil on the under part of the eye that goes from the middle of it to the lacrimal, lengthening it. 

4. Apply the Deep Tan Eye Pencil generously on the eyelid and also on the under part of the eye but with a thinner line here until it meets the nude beige. 

5. Add the mascara/fake eyelashes.

6. Use the Deep Tan Lipstick to match the whole look. 



ITEMS YOU WILL NEED: (all from Dot)
  • Burgundy Brown Lipstick
  • Nude Beige Eye Pencil
  • Burgundy Brown Eyeliner
  • Black Madness Volume Mascara
  • Milk Chocolate Shadestick
  • Milk Chocolate Blush


1. Put on the Burgundy Brown Lipstick. 

2. Apply the Nude Beige Eye Pencil all around the lacrimal corner. 

3. Apply the Burgundy Brown Eyeliner on the under part of the eye from the point where you ended with the nude beige until you get the length desired. I like how it looks just making it go just a little further of the end of the eye. 

4. Add the mascara/fake eyelashes.

5. Apply the Milk Chocolate Shadestick on the eyelid. Don't make the shadow too wide, just go for the same length of the eyelashes. That's why in this look you need to apply the mascara before the shadow. Also, again, you will need to add more than one layer to make it more noticeable.

6. And to end apply the Milk Chocolate Blush in a diagonal direction marking your doll's cheekbones. 


And that's all! Have you bought anything from the new bronze collection from Dot? 

Street Style

Quick post of the outfit I made yesterday while I'm doing another one (more interesting I hope). Coming soon! ;)


Shopping: Nelly Flirty Offshoulder Top (Part II)

If you have been around you should know that when I was trying to make a couple of outfits for this top from Nelly, I came up with 8 outfits, so I divided the post in 2 parts. If you want to see Part I, click here.

For this first outfit I was still experimenting with black, and I did this outfit that reminds me so much of the final look Sandy wears on Grease. That's why I decided to create a hair and make up look that looked like Sandy: greyish eyeshadow and reddish lips, but not overdoing it. Then curly hair was a must to resemble that change of style from Sandy. On the second outfit I paired the top with shorts, an idea I had since the beggining but couldn't find the appropiate ones. I think this shorts with the black belt and chains make a good contrast with the girly top, and I chose black accesories that contribute to exagerate more that contrast. For the make up, I imagined I was a Kardashian. Brown eyeshadow in different tones, 2 capes of mascara, eyeliner, countouring and nude lips.

I went for a total different direction on the third outfit, using a pencil white skirt and very business-like accesories. That's why I went for the classical make up with red lips, blush and mascara only. I added some diamond earrings and a tight hairdo with a side parting. The fourth outfit instead is a mix of elegant and casual. Very basic but nice. 

I hope you have liked this post and if you end up buying the top (or you already have it) and make an outfit with it, don't hesitate and share it with us on the comments section! :) 

Seen on FM-Style: Style The Hair

I'm sure you already know by now what kind of post to expect on Sunday. That's right, an FM-Style report of the already ended task.

And of course, you are expecting as well the results of last week poll. Well, I'm not going to make you wait for them (you already have to wait for the official results), here they are:

So as you see, the 87 anonymous voters decided that the best task was the outfit by missiwantitall. Congratulations!

Moving on to task, which, by the way, has been the most difficult one for now on cycle 10. Even the judges find it difficult at the time of delivering their examples. But, difficult does not mean lousy outfits, not when we are in FM-Style. Our contestants had to make an outfit adequate for this hair: 

And here it is their work:

Now there's only one thing left to do. You voting for your favourite!

Vote for your favourite!

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Store Statement: RIO

A new floor of Rio came out a few days ago. I have to say that I usually don't like RIO items but this release wasn't as bad. There are a lot of sparkly items (as always) but there are also cool pieces that can make really good outfits. Take a look at the new stuff!

So when I took a look to the collection the items that caught my eye were these:

But I have to say that after seeing many people wearing the leather flared pants I end up loving those too. And there's also a Elie Saab SS15 inspired gown, although I didn't add it to my favourites (even though I looove Elie Saab) because I don't usually wear gowns on Stardoll, they leave you very little freedom to style it originally, you can just add a clutch and jewelry. 

Dress: Rio; Belt: Royalty; Shoes: PPQ Cream Label

My idea was to post some outfits of great stylists out there wearing the new items but after a lot of time I had only spotted the amazing outfit of the FM-Style cycle 9 winner: baby_lush11. So I ended up making the outfits myself and here's what came out!


Street Style

This was another combination I had going on my mind for that dress we styled but at the end didn't use. I quite like it, and that's why I decided to wear again this dress with it, just for a Street Style post. I hope you like it! 

Keep posted for the Part II of the Shopping with the Red Offshoulders Top and for the poll of the next Seen on FM-Style

Shopping: Nelly Flirty Offshoulder Top (Part I)

Hello everyone! When we were doing the previous Sisters' Style (click here to see it) we almost end up using this red offshoulder top from the same collection of Nelly than the pink dress we did.

I personally love it, and I think it's very summery. This bright color brings me joy and happiness everytime I see it, don't ask me why. But the grass is always greener on the other side ... I didn't know how to style it. - Is that sentence good used in here? I've always wanted to say it hehe - 

So, what's the best way of getting ideas and inspiration for a good outfit with a specific item? As a good scientific girl I am, I use the trial and error method. I start doing outfits. I actually spent most part of my afternoon on that (the other one trying to do a good guacamole). At the end I came up with 8 outfits!! A bit insane, I know. I think we never did a Shopping post with that many outfits. That's why I'm separating the post in 2 parts. One for today, and one for tomorrow.

Maybe it was an inspirational day because I felt like I had to accompany those looks with proper hair and make-up. :)

The first outfit was actually my first idea for this top: everything in white, red lipstick and statement necklace. I like it but I feel like it's somehow an easy and typical combination, and that's why I continue experimenting and try to combine it with black on the second outfit. In the end, I quite like it with black (you'll see) but what I like most about that outfit though is that Texas country look I manage to represent. It's glamorous and summery at the same time maintaining the cowboy basics: boots, belt and hat. For the make up, I din't did any hairdo and went for smokey eyes and nude lips. I think it complemented well the outfit.

I continued combining that rep top with black, and on the third outfit I realised that if my doll's hair was loose, I didn't mind not pairing the top with a necklace. Simply with crochet pants it's amazing how any outfit can turn in seconds to a fresh outfit. I didn't add much, just some heels to bring some elegance and a clutch with the same purpose. Fresh make up and ready! Totally the opposite of the forth outfit, the last one of this Part I. This one is super edgy and for going to the beach. It's also fresh, but in a very different style, showing some indie vibes. For the make up and hair I decided to use a dark lipstick, a little more eye-liner and a hair that fit with those feelings that the outfit brings.