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Sisters in Hotbuys: February 2017 #7

Seen on FM-Style: Californication

It's understood that Hollywood sells Californication

For this task, our contestants had to choose a character from a movie/series and adapt the style of the character to the actual fashion scene. The concepts is... easy maybe? But the task was not easy at all! We are getting closer and closer to the semifinals, less contestants on the scene and the tasks are getting more difficult and difficult! However, they never fail in surprising us. 
This week, the judge's favorite and my favorite has been... Letícia (leiona_-) with her recreation of May Day (A View To Kill, 1985). She totally captured the vibe and style from the character and still she managed to make it cool, fashion and something that totally looks from this current moment in fashion. 
Another amazing entry, my another favorite: Alicja (alusiak123). She chose an anime character and did a total reinterpretation even changing the colors of the outfit for the minimal style that characterizes her. I love her entry cause the outfit not only represents Utena Tenjou, but it also represents her with her characteristic style, and having both in one is a total success for me! For the judges as well, as she was second! 
Sadly, there has to be one eliminated contestant and this time it was Whitney (strobarycake) the one who got the lowest score. I loved having her in the cycle with her enthusiasm and how she cared about the cycle, and as I mentioned on the club's forum, I still think she has more to give. Let's hope we see that in further cycles! ;) 

Aren't you guys getting hungry? Next task is so yummy!


Seen on FM-Style: Come Together

For this week tasks our contestants had to come together in pairs. For the first time in FM-Style we introduced team work and they had to agree with their partner in what to wear to present coordinated outfits, a.k.a what you're used to see in the SSS Street Style posts with Mireia and I only more perfectly matched and more thought out and incredible.

Nothing new guys, they didn't disappoint. In fact, I'm going to share everyone's outfits this time, since as they delivered the task in pairs there are only 4 tasks and therefore the post it's not going to be extremely long. And I'm going to share them from best to worst, obviously from my point of view. 

So, for me the winners of this task would be Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) & Stefan (Sweet_gal11) with this amazing work.

I love their combination of the trench coat sleeveless jackets with puffy sleeves, keeping that the center of attention and combining it with simple yet effective elements. The outfits are not that complex, they don't have a lot of items or detailing, but they're the perfect evidence of how choosing the right elements and placing them carefully can take you to something genius! Plus the coordination here it's obvious but at the same time not literal, which would be picking the exact same items.

On the second place, according to my rating, we would find Whitney (strobarycake) & Alicja (alusiak123)!

They went for monochromatic outfits with strong detailing (hello gold jewellery!) and a minimal vibe. But what I love the most about their entry it's not their outfits, but their way of agreeing in what to do. If you have been following the cycle you must know that their styles are completely opposites!! And yet they managed to deliver coordinated outfits without loosing their own personality. I think that they were the team with the highest difficulty in terms of matching but that didn't stop them!

On third place of Judith's favourites we have Monika (The_Chuba) & Letícia (leiona_-) and their same pattern different piece.

I really like both of her outfits and I love how being of different styles they still look great with each other and coordinated. They paid a lot of attention to details and tried to incorporate the same elements in different shapes and styles in their outfits. Why are they in third place with such good work you may ask? Well, the same way I thought Whitney and Alicja had the highest difficulty at the time of coordinating their outfits I think that this pair had it easier to match, which obviously doesn't make their task bad only less impressive for me.

And finally we have Andrea (Andre1396) and Drew (modmayhem) with their white and red outfits.

Andrea and Drew did a good job with their outfits but I feel that out of the four teams they were the less coordinated between themselves. They only paid attention to the colour palette and forgot a little bit about pieces, style, detailing... I still love the suit Drew created and the red boots and their combination with that dress of Andrea, and I do think that maybe with a little bit more time their work would have been flawless. 

At the time of judging this task we gave a group mark to each pair and an individual mark for each of them, and the final mark was the average of those two. That put Beata in first place and Drew in the last. So, farewell Drew, you have an amazing style, I love your glam and trendyness but this cycle is rough and only one can be the winner. I hope to see you again in further cycles!

And you! Yes, you! I'm inviting you to the movies so make sure you check The SSS next Sunday! 



Style Wars: Oversized Orange Sweater

Mireia & Judith

When a new collection comes out it's the perfect timing to find more than one doll wearing the same thing, which means it's the perfect occasion for a battle! I found the other day ajenkam and AudreyHepburn. wearing this new orange sweater from Original Future and I thought we could confront them in a Style Wars. So what do you think Mireia? Let's get to it?

Oh yes! Loving this battle. This sweater is that typical thing I see in the shop and I think "mmm this could look good well styled" but for me it's like a waste of money as I don't like it that much, so it ends up being just an idea in my head. Then I see those outfits and... BOOM! Mind explosion! I think I have already a favorite though... But you found them, you start ;) 

I actually want to buy the sweater. I put it on my WL when it came out and after seeing these two I'm sure I'm going to buy it. 
Well I think this is going to be an easy battle because, as much as I'm admired at how AudreyHepburn. combined that bright orange with bright yellow, I am so in love with the combination of the sweater with the Subcouture bag in ajenkam's outfit. And I know you and your style well and I know that one is your favourite. ;) 

OMG! I don't know if it's a good thing that you know me that well or a bad thing... Am I that previsible? You're totally right. I do love (as always) the outfit that AudreyHepburn. (my good old friend Lauri) did, it's super elegant and classy. But yeah, Ajenkam is modern, a little futuristic, her doll looks super gorgeous... and totally makes me wanna buy the sweater. Don't worry, I know it's for you... I won't even try, cause I still think I won't be able to do something similar to what ajenkam did, and I will end up not knowing how to use it in a cool way. So, all for you. This has been the easiest battle sis, so short! You do the honors! Announce the winner :)

Without doubt or hesitation the winner is... ajenkam!!!


Street Style

Seen on FM-Style: Message in a Bottle

We sent out 9 bottles for this task, each one with a different quote/message, and the contestants had to choose the one that suited them the most or the one that they wanted to portray in this past week task. 

Last week I was commenting on the topic of the new task how I was giving really high marks to everyone as all of the contestants were doing so good, this task I will have to repeat the same, and I am proudly confessing that the lowest mark I gave was a 7.5. So, having in mind that all of them did GREAT again, let's take a look at my favourites this week. 

The winners from my point of view were Monika (the_chuba) and Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) with these incredible outfits.

Monika represented her quote "There's beauty in simplicity" perfectly with a simple outfit in matter of items and layering but that leaves you impressed and in love, and reminded us of the beauty part showing confidence with the no shirt situation and a beautiful but natural face.

Beata represented her quote "Stars can't shine without darkness" quite perfectly too, going for a cosmic printed transparent shirt/dress and combining it with an all black outfit. Her look breathes elegance, fineness and taste. Those tailored pants are the perfect match for the cosmic top and that clutch brings out the print even more.

My runner-ups would have to be Whitney (strobarycake) with a quote that seems made to herself: "I'm not weird, I am limited edition" and Stefan (Sweet_gall11) with a perfect representation of his style that is perfect for his quote: "You define you".

We have come to a point in the cycle were I know I will be terribly sad for who gets eliminated, as I think they are all so good, but the contestants are making it a little bit easier for us. Last week Elena was saying goodbye to the cycle voluntarily as she didn't have time to compete, this week Navi didn't complete the task in time, which saved us (the judges) to go through the trouble of eliminating someone. That leaves us with eight contestants who are getting closer and closer to the final.

So impressed I'm seeing double! ;)


Surrounded by Trends: Oversized Silhouette

- Autunm Winter 2016/2017 -

SEEN AT: Stella McCartney, Chanel, Christian Dior, Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Vetements, MSGM, Emilio Pucci, Prada, DKNY...

WHERE TO BUY: Mr., Active, Trails, Bonjour Bizou, Vinyl, Nelly.com, IT Girls, Original Future, STARDOLL feat.

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
- Model: aby400


Seen on FM-Style: Cell Phone Trap

This last week on FM-Style it was all about phone cases. As Judith wrote for the description of the task, smartphones are a very important part in our daily lives, and they have to play the part. That's why the contestants had to choose a phone case and create an outfit for it. I have to say that it was amazing to see everyone's entries, and it's certainly a strong cycle what we have in here! 

I want to say, that it's very difficult to judge when you have so many amazing entries, cause it's obvious that some have to be better and some have to be worse, but everyone has this details that you love and you don't know exactly which one you like most to give a higher mark. Luckily, we are an amazing team of 5 judges and it's really helpful as well to read what the other have said. That being said, let's get into the action and start talking about this Cell Phone Trap for the contestants.

For this task, the first thing was choosing the phone case. We didn't value which case they choose obviously, but that was a very important step. Is not the same styling depending which cases! I have to say that I'm very surprised with the final results, everything looked so good. But, I have to share with you my favorites, and these have to be... 


On the left, Monika (the_chuba). She did an outfit for this amazing case from Gucci, and for this task she was my total favorite, winning a perfect 10 for me cause I couldn't see anything I didn't like in her outfit. The addition of the snake was so cool, her outfit matches the vibe of the case, they are meant one for each other. I loved it. Then we have Stefan (Sweet_gal11) on the right, witch a very dangerous case from Dolce&Gabbana. Dangerous because it was difficult and dangerous cause he definitely went for it, but he did it amazingly! Final result? A beach outfit but ready for the streets with lots of accessories and the right colours. Amazing job! He took the risk and he succeeded, as he was the winner of the task! 

Then we have other amazing outfit that I loved, that also got excellent scores from me. This time I'm talking about Navi (vousme), Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) and Andrea (Andre1396). They did it amazing as well, styling their Givenchy, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana cases respectively. Navi surprised us with an amazing outfit minimal but with texture that went great with the all black case. Beata did the impossible styling an outfit in the same colours as her Gucci case, with all the necessary items. Andrea went for the same case as Stefan (without planning, her entries were only separated by less than an hour) and maybe it was the comparison who got her less points, cause her outfit was also incredible in my opinion. 

To see the cases and the other contestants entries, check the Imgur Album of the cycle: http://imgur.com/a/ihnD9

I can't not mention though the work of Letícia (leiona_-). I didn't find too much the vibe of the case in her outfit, but OMG, those jeans she create are worth sharing: 

So yeah, basically this is everything for that task. Don't we have amazing contestants? I don't even know who would be my favorite to win the cycle! 

Luckily for the judges, the elimination part was easy. Elena (ElenaGao2) had to retire from the cycle for personal issues, so since the beginning we knew that there wouldn't be like a proper elimination this week. I know Elena is one talented girl that will go far in future cycles when she has the time to take part again. 

Let's see if we receive the message next week ;)