Spotted: Happy Halloween!

In order of appearance: JaneDoee83RawrGoregousSunnySidesSuebornthiswaay and Regina226.

These are some amazing outfits sometimes with decoration that I've found super cool visiting some suites today. I took some of them from SMW, our partner blog (as you must know), where there's a theme day of Halloween. You can take part clicking here!

Street Style: Halloween Postcard from Cher & Dionne (Clueless)


Street Style


Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #9

Fallen Angel 
27 SD

What.Is.This.Thing? Why is it so ugly? I mean, I like the idea of the sleeves, ending with this flare, and a black dress with little stars on it as a pattern sounds good, doesn't it? Then... Why I hate it? Let me make a list for you:
- The shape: it makes your doll look bigger and like bowed.
- The colour: looks like they tried to do a transparent black and it turned out with this dark grey with weird shadows.
- The prize: if expensive items bother me, imagine expensive ugly items. Just saying that.
I think that's it, but I think it's enough. Now turn to create an outfit, and I don't know how I will be able to do that. Wish me luck.

Okay so first thing I did was to choose some shoes for the dress. I liked how this Dr. Martens looked together with the dress and they looked even better with no bare legs. Finally I added a jacket to cover a little bit the dress, went for one of the Tress Up hairs just to hide the whine choker I was wearing (hehe) and then to add something more in dark red I added that bag that is actually very useful a lot of times. Finally to add this fashionable touch I used my favorite sunglasses ever, this version of Dior shades in silver.

I honestly don’t like this dress at all. There’s something about that shape that doesn’t work. The stars is the only cute thing about it and I’m not a huge fan of starred clothes, so you can imagine how I feel about this. In addition I think it’s one of those pieces that it’s difficult to style because with those flared sleeves you can’t even add a coat on top.

So the only idea that came to my mind on how to style it was using these Antidote super high red boots to add a modern and trendy vibe to the outfit that makes you forget a little about the dress. I must say that it was a bit of a nightmare doing the outfit in Starplaza as I wanted to add accessories in white and the offer was practically non existent. Not a single basic pure white bag and with sunglasses there were some but none of them what I was looking for.

You have to submit your outfit with the dress on this post of Stardoll's Most Wanted and you will be put into a poll. The winner of the poll gets 50 SD. You can also win a giveaway.  As with every HotBuys, we will be picking the 2 outfits that we like more from there, and feature them on Sharing HotBuys Style, a new monthly section. If you're picked you will win a HotBuys of your choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), owner of SMW, our partner blog.


Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #8

Fallen Angel
17 SD

Oh these are nice! Still expensive though, but they look beautiful! I love them, but I see a little problem... I think they are going to be difficult to combine, they are so gorgeous that they have to be the main piece of the outfit in my opinion, and there aren't too many options to accomplish that. By the way, I hope Maurice (aka kickherout, hello there!) gets her hands on them, cause the minute I saw them I thought I could totally picture her gorgeous doll wearing them, totally her style.

For my outfit I tried to do what I mentioned before, make them the center of the outfit. I did a black and white with some silver accessories on the clutch and belt to combine with the little studs on the shoes.

I disagree with Mireia on this one, I'm not a big fan of the shoes, they remind me a little bit of the shoes people wear to dance "sardanes", a traditional folk dance of Catalonia (I'm talking about THIS). Ok, they're a lot prettier than the folk ones, but still it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see them. Anyway, they're not hideous and can actually look nice, but it's another no for me.

About my outfit I love how they combine bold items with jeans and casual clothes in Net-a-Porter and I tried to do a little bit the same.

On our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted, you have the possibility of winning this pair of shoes following some simple rules. You can share an outfit with the shoes on there, or here on the comments below and remember that we will pick 2 outfits for our monthly "Sharing Hotbuys Style". If you're picked you will win one HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), the owner of our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted.


Sisters' Style: Starpoint Rewards Detailed Turquoise Skirt

Oh wow, I didn't realize of how much time it has passed since the last Sisters' Style post! But, here we are with another one. This time we are using one of the pieces that you get from getting Starpoints, so one of the Starpoint Rewards, as Stardoll names it.

I actually love the colour, and the texture of the skirt is pretty cool, but for me it's too lady-like with this flare shape. That's why I decided to cover it with some coats. It looks like I went for a winter version of the skirt, while Judith's outfit is more spring themed. Anyway, I like how both of us went searching for other items with the same beautiful dark turquoise colour. I found this top and Judith found some shoes. Good job!

Another coincidence is both of us adding black to the outfit, even though Judith put some white on it with the trend of tees underneath lace. Honestly, it looks amazing. Also, the sunglasses look quite similar... But I guess we all agree that our outfits are very different! Another possible comparison besides the season, would be that mine is more adult/mature while Judith's is more juvenile/youthful. Sometimes our age is reflected ;)

Hope you like it and if you want to know how we did those outfits...


Spotted: Meeermer

I found Meeermer through one of our partner blogs, mylestyle.blogspot.com, ran by the amazing Marta-43. She included in a super interesting post about sets (check it our HERE) a design by this doll that caught my attention, and when I went to visit her, what did I found? Not only was she talented at Stardesign but also at styling! I fell in love with her outfit. I love all the layers on the top part of the outfit and how it doesn't look like too much or bulky, I love the effect of the long patterned top with the ripped jeans, I love the gucci bag... I LOVE EVERYTHING! So obviously I had to share. An by the way, she has a stylish stardoll sister too! ;) (SISTER POWER <3)


Street Style

Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #7

It Girls
26 SD

I knew this HotBuys was coming, and before they released it I saw Chiara Ferragni wearing it (check it out HERE). I have never been a fan of hearts, dots, cartoons, emojis and similar on clothes, so even on real life I was like "meh" with the bag. I have to admit though that stardoll surprised me with a very good quality of the bag. The shape and colours look perfect and even though I would have preferred in a cross body format the chain is really well made. So I won't be buying it cause it's not my style but stardoll did a good job this time.

About my outfit I decide to pair hearts with hearts and paired the bag with that see-through hearted top. Kept it simple in shape and colours underneath and went bold on the shoes.

Oh yeah! I would have loved the bag with the chain prepared to hang around, as a shoulder bag! Anyway, I still think that this month HotBuys are crazy expensive. This bag should have cost like 16 SD, not 26. I don't think I would buy anyway, but maybe I would at least consider it.

For my outfit, I tried to go for casual with fancy hints. At the beginning I thought of doing a night out outfit, but finally I went for street style. I wanted to incorporate something in gold, so I add those shoes and then went for very casual items. I finished my outfit with the belt (I love it so much, I hate myself for not being able to get my hands on it...) and added... surprise surprise! Another HotBuys from October, the bracelet! Check the post we did clicking here.

Share your outfit with the bag on the comments below
If you're picked for our monthly HotBuys selection "Sharing Hotbuys Style" you will have the possibility to win one HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), the owner of our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted.

Street Style


Sharing Hotbuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #6

It Girls
12 SD

Earrings? Ok not a fan. Most of the hairs available on Stardoll don't show the ears so... I'm not a fan of earrings on this website. Earrings for 14 SD? Are you kidding me? No, definitely a no from me. Besides, aren't they a little grandma style? I mean, maybe not when you zoom in, but when you add them on your doll... I can only see those big, vintage earrings that your nana use to wear, those that are so heavy that make ears so long. Ok, I think you get it. Moving on.

For my outfit, I tried to add items with vintage vibes, shoes and bag, to match the vintage style of the earrings. I used a hair up do for the earrings to be more visible and then added some modern touches to aport some actual freshness.

I completely agree with Mireia in this one. Not a fan of earrings in general in stardoll and definitely not a fan of THIS particular earrings. I don't like their shape, style or colours, so yep, big NO.

Share your outfit with the earrings on the comments below
If you're picked for our monthly HotBuys selection "Sharing Hotbuys Style" you will have the possibility to win one HotBuys of your choice, provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), the owner of our partner blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted.


Surrounded by Trends: Hoodies

- Autumn Winter 2016/2017 - 

SEEN AT: Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Fenty x Puma, J.W. Anderson, Herm├Ęs, Vetements, Akris, Alexander Wang...

WHERE TO BUY: PPQ, Mr., Bonjour Bizou, Active, Original Future, Evil Panda...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Models (from left to right): Demii_09, SENDYSL, kendrinna.


Street Style

Shopping: MSW 16' Powder Pink Tuxedo Pants

The MSW 16' store on Starplaza has right now the "Last Chance" sign, which means that in a few days you won't be able to buy its items anymore, so I thought I'd better hurry to do this Shopping post before it's too late and these pants are no longer available.

The moment I saw the whole set, the pants and the blazer, I fell in love with it. I love up to date suits and I love pastel colours so you can understand why I HAD to have it. But the thing is that both, blazer and pants have a lot of possibilities, not just together, hence the reason to do this post. And without further ado, here are the outfits.

The four outfits came out super easily, I think this is the fastest Shopping post ever (at least from me, I don't know how long Mireia usually takes to do them). 

OUTFIT #1 - Powder pink monochrome
When I saw that coat in my closet, which by the way I have loved profoundly since it came out and still do, it was like finding the last piece of a puzzle. It made so much sense, they could have been made for each other. I went for light accessories of a similar tone so they wouldn't take attention from the coat-pant combo and took advantage of those gold buttons on the coat to break the classy vibe with gold choker and matching necklace.

OUTFIT #2 - Go casual
Pretty much same as the first one, I saw that t-shirt among my tops and went for it. My first idea was to combine it with the ripped denim jacket from Bonjour Bizou, which looked good too, but in the end I went for this blazer as I own the darker one and it made too much contrast with the light tee and pants. And again kept the accessories in the same tone as the pants.

OUTFIT #3 - The original set
Obviously I had to include an outfit using both the pants and the blazer, I mean, I know it's kind of the easy choice but it looks so good... Plus there's nothing wrong with wearing sets, sets are cool ;). I tried to dress it down a little bit going for a no-top and slightly boho accessories: sandals and bag with fringes. The cleavage looked a little bit uncovered for my taste so I added this pearls necklace to cover it a bit without having to add a top or a bra.

OUTFIT #4 - Black is the new black
This last outfit started a bit as a challenge. I wanted to prove myself I could combine the pants with other colours other than pastel shades, so I went for completely the opposite, the darkest colour in the palette: black. In order to pull it off I went for a top that had the slightest hint of black (straps and a bit on the chest part) so when I added other items in black they wouldn't look out of place. As the top had this lingerie vibe I decided to go for this trend that has been going on of wearing a bralette or similars on top of a basic white tee. Now that I had managed to have a touch of edgyness I was able to add the black biker jacket, black stilettos and sunglasses. And to top it all of the Chanel bag, which was perfect as it mixed a light pink shade with black.

So I have no more information to give you about the pants or the outfits, I already said it all, unless you want to know EXACTLY what I'm wearing, which in that case...


Sharing Hotbuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #5

Fallen Angel
20 SD

Is it me or are HotBuys getting really expensive this month? Whatever, I'm not buying. For this prizes it would have to be love at first sight. I think those nice platform heels are very nice and cute. I always like red shoes to give some colour to any outfit, but I already have some, so I'm definitely not buying those.

For the outfit I went for white (have you noticed it's my favorite color to dress my doll? oops! haha) and adding some touches in red, like in the clutch and on the shawl. I also tried to combine glam and messy somehow. What do you think of the final result?

I'm unsure about these shoes. There's something wrong with them but I don't know if it's the black dots, the shape... The platform part looks great and the quality is really good. I also don't mind the colour, I wouldn't say red is my favourite but it's not that I don't like it either. So what is? Like I said something it's not working for me on the straps part. They're a no for me as well.

In my outfit I went for a business but trendy outfit. I kept it formal on the suit part, simple black blazer and pants, and combined with more hip elements like an informal t-shirt, the platforms or the silver skinny scarf. I didn't thought about it when I made the outfit but now that I'm looking again some round sunglasses would have been perfect for it.

We will pick 2 favorites from the outfits shared on there and you will have the chance to win one HotBuys of your choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva), the owner. Also, they will be featured on our monthly recap: Sharing HotBuys Style.


Style Wars: Floral Print Midi Skirt

Mireia & Judith

Here we are again, with the second battle going on in the Stylish Stardoll Sisters, and we have a lot of soldiers today, haven't we? How do you feel about this big battle, Judith? Will it be more difficult to choose a winner? Or easier? Do you think you have a favorite before starting? In fact, before you answer all of this questions I'm asking you, let me say... YOU START this time! 

That's fine Mireia! You know I don't have a problem with talking or writing in this case. So, my first thought was that obviously this decision would be more difficult since we have more outfits to choose from, but with a closer look I already see my decision clear. 

If we pay attention to the shapes there's only one outfit that stands out from the rest, AudreyHepburn.'s. GossipGirlSBC and jjgangstevenjj look a little bit similar for the big coats on top of the shoulders and Lulluplix and oayes also look similar for the simplicity of the layering. AudreyHepburn.'s though uses layering without having a big coat on, so it's definitely the most different one.

If we focus on the colours it's also the most original. That use of red makes heads turn! And don't even get me started on that super cool belt which seems to be made for that fur best.

I also like a lot though the combination of colours in jjgangstevenjj outfit. She used the green of the skirt in the bag and the red in the shoes and looks lovely. And also the accessorizing in Lulluplix's one is AMAZING. That necklace she made... And the red key chain on the bag! So yes, if I have to pick one I would definitely go for AudreyHepburn.'s but jjgangstevenjj's and Lulluplix's are so good that deserve a mention. 

I feel like I have been talking forever... Sorry Mireia, your turn, what do you think? I actually thought this was gonna be more complicated... Here I go! 

At first sight I thought it was going to be difficult, but as you pointed out, I think AudreyHepburn.'s outfit stands out so much! Is super glamorous and fashionable at the same time. The thing is that usually I don't like when you put together different prints or like extravagant pieces together, but I don't know how this stylish finnish guy does it that I'm so in love with all his detailed outfits. I have to agree, AudreyHepburn. is clearly the winner on this battle, so let's give him a round of applause!! 

However, luckily we don't have to agree in all our decisions, cause I'm not a fan of that mix of colors you seem to enjoy so much on jjgangstevenjj. I do love Lulluplix outfit, and she's the only one that has added some white to the mix, as the rest of them have gone for brown-red-green tones, and white for me is always good. 

So... without further ado... Do you wanna do the honors Judith? 
AudreyHepburn. is the winner of the battle! Congratulations! 

You can share your thoughts on the comments below! 

Splendorous: Freckles & Beauty Marks

Hello my splendid readers! As we have mentioned a lot of times, our blog is mainly fashion related, but we are also beauty lovers, so here I am with a Beauty related post. Will try to have one of those at least once a month.

This time, I'm here to talk about beauty marks. I've been wanting to share this with your for a long time, since I changed my doll's hair and added this little beauty marks. At first it started as a joke, because I placed them in the same spots as my sister Judith has in real life. But I loved it, so I kept them. This is how my doll looks, and I'm sharing it here, cause I don't know if you can appreciate those little details when I post outfits.

Then, I decided to search for celebrities, influencers, models... all with some beauty marks or freckles, to share with you how beautiful they look and how they can add a little personality to your persona. 

And finally, if you didn't have enough inspiration, let me share with you as well how a lot of stardollians have included freckles or beauty marks or both into their dolls and how gorgeous they look! 

Hope you enjoyed the post! :)


Spotted: amaia_estebanez

Ok, so I love this girl. amaia_estebanez is one of the most stylish stardoll people I know, so it's not weird seen here a lot. Look at this outfit. It has layers, it has little details, and it's perfect! A super cool autumn/winter outfit, with coordinated colors, edgy details but also sporty and glamorous. I definitely love it! 

Street Style


Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #4

Bonjour Bizou
22 SD

1. Careful with the cut-outs! They can look super cute but give you problems as well with layering.
2. Take advantage of that scalloped neck! It looks great on it's own and with tight turtlenecks underneath.
3. Avoid baggy trousers. It looks nice with flares and tight pants but boyfriend jeans and similars can be a little bit tricky to combine with the sweater. 

I have liked this HotBuys! Ok, it's nothing super special and original but it's got a nice shape and looks cute, plus it's black so it probably will come in handy for a lot of fall outfits. I think I would have liked it even more without the cut-outs from the front part of the sweater. They look great on the sleeves but I would have kept it simple on the front. This way you may have to worry a little bit with what you're putting underneath if you decide to add another layer under it.

I agree with Judith about the cut outs of the front. However, those cut outs make the sweater a lot different from what we are used to wear, and creates a little challenge to combine it. For me, the sweater is very girly, even if it's black, so I tried to create some contrast adding those sport shorts and edgy sunglasses, but keeping the rest of items super feminine. I like it, but I don't think I'm gonna buy it.

We will pick 2 of you for our monthly Sharing HotBuys Style, having the opportunity to win a HotBuys of your choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva).

Sharing HotBuys Advice: OCTOBER 2016 #3

Bonjour Bizou
20 SD

1. Avoid big and loosen tops or jackets, it won't compliment your doll's figure.
2. Go for dark or fall tones, they look great with burgundy.
3. Culottes are really trendy right now don't stick only with an office look, you can wear them with almost everything!

The idea behind these pants it's nice. A pair of elegant, business like burgundy culottes. The possibilities could be limitless, but Stardoll screwed it up a little bit with the shape. They're so unflattering. It's a weird shape in between of tight and loosen that makes your doll legs look a little bit big. Obviously then, I won't be buying either this HotBuys.

About my outfit, I tried to compensate the shape of the pants a little bit wearing something tight and sexy. The see-through turtleneck gives a modern and special touch to an otherwise more common outfit and at the same time makes it more appropriate for fall.

For me, what is worse is not the shape but those weird shiny parts of the pants, that gives them an odd texture. Obviously I'm not saying I like the shape, they are certainly unflattering, but those shines... not for me! I'm not buying either.

I knew I wanted to combine them with a crop top and some jacket to cover a little bit the shape of the pants, and as Judith mentioned on the Tips, I think that they have an amazing burgundy colour to go for a fall outfit, so I added a hat and warm clothes to create what is for me a perfect fall outfit.

We will pick 2 of you for our monthly Sharing HotBuys Style, having the opportunity to win a HotBuys of your choice provided by Jenna (emorox4eva).