Seen On FM-Style: Rich Girl

Task 5 was all about luxe and sparkle, being jewelry the main focus of the outfits our contestants had to deliver. Some of them weren't really into jewelry but that didn't get in the way at the time of, as always delight us with fantastic outfits. 

Now, moving on to present my personal favourites of this task.

For proving that small and simple jewelry can make an outfit stand out... Teresa (platinumgals)!!!

For being a master in using jewelry in a different and original way... Janette (janetteLow)!!!

And last but not least, for adding colour in the most exquisite way possible... Giudy (giudyziamia97)!!!

Very sadly this week we have to say goodbye to the unique style of Maurice (kickherout), she risked it and made the task according to her own interpretation, sometimes this ends up in a high mark sometimes ends up in confusion and therefore elimination. We will miss your outfits! 

Street Style

No, this is not a Sisters' Style post. Yes, we are wearing the same shoes. No we didn't do it on purpose. I guess sisters think a little bit alike. 


Spotted: AudreyHepburn.

I'm usually not interested in Stardoll gowns since it's very easy for you to pick a nice dress and match it with nice shoes, you can't really add a lot to it. But when I saw the one that AudreyHepburn. (winner of cycle 7 at FM-Style) was wearing I loved it and thought: "Where did this dress come from?". And I was even more amazed to see that she had created it herself and the final result looks amazing. I thought it was definitely worth sharing! ;)

Surrounded by Trends: Die cut

- Autumn Winter 2015/2016 - 

SEEN AT: Anthony Vaccarello, Zadig & Voltaire, Mugler, Calvin Klein Collection, Sonia Rykiel, Emanuel Ungaro...

WHERE TO BUY: Fallen Angel, IT Girls, Voile, Bonjour Bizou, Original Future, Riviera, Royalty, Nelly.com, Saint Laurent Tribute. 

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: misstrendydresp


Simulating: Ebba Zingmark

Hej hej! 
Recognize this words? It's just hello in svenska (swedish), and I'm saying it like that because... Precis! Ebba Zingmark is a fashion blogger from Sweden! I discovered her also on lookbook.nu, she was one of the biggest with lots of hypes, even if she was so young back then. She's currently 20 years old, and she's stablished in Berlin. Her style has always been very edgy, different but cool at the same time, and she's also such a gorgeous girl with a face that has always reminded me of Taylor Swift. 

Recently, I went back to Bloglovin' and started using it again. By the way, if you use it you can follow us on there (just click here). There I saw that Ebba is doing a recap of all her outfits that appeared on her blog on 2015. Among them, there was this one that I like so much and that I decided to try to recreate on our favorite website. ;)
PS. Remember that next Friday at 10.00 am - UCT time, there's another Simulating coming! :D 


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (5/10)

Here it comes! Today I bring you the 5th gift of the Christmas gift-o-meter. Seems like I've been doing this forever and I'm just on the middle of 10! Hope you enjoy it!

Click on the images to view full size

The fifth gift was this beautiful skirt which brings me Dolce&Gabbana vibes. You could get it when you spent 80 SD on Starplaza, which is starting to be a high amount of SD, at least for me, but anyway, the time period of this gift-o-meter was veeery long and was full of tributes as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurent... You name it! Usually this kind of things last for 1 week but if I'm not wrong for this one was more than 2 weeks. 

I think that this skirt is a very stand out piece, and it's pretty difficult to create different outfits with it, as clearly for me the best to combine it it's with black and red. I love how for the second task on FM-Style, janetteLow used it with pants (click here to see it). For my looks though, I sticked to the black and red combo, and tried something with white for the third. How would you combine it? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Shopping: Saint Laurent Tribute Off Shoulder Faux Fur

First of all I wanted to share this with you:

The new Callie's Picks collection (nº 58, wow that many already?!) came out a few days ago and what can I say... Am I a fortune teller or what? Because the topic is exactly the same as our last Surrounded by Trends: Mod. You can check the post HERE.

Now, some stores come, some stores go as it will be doing Saint Laurent Tribute in a few days. I thought I could do a shopping post with one of my favourite items from the collection in case you want to buy it in this last chance.

I usually love faux fur coats, they just catch my attention so easily, in all colours, shapes... This one from Saint Laurent is no exception. It brings a really cool street style effect to any outfit and at the same time looks really glamorous. Here are the outfits I created with it. 


Seen on FM-Style: Highway To Hell

For Task 4 on FM-Style, our dear contestants had to create an outfit appropriate for a funeral with only one rule imposed by us: BLACK. They only had to use black in their outfits. Even if it was not written, I was expecting "respectful" outfits, not too revealing and at the same time, they had to surprise me with something different, not a basic black outfit.

That's the reason why this week I let myself be carried away by my first reaction when I saw the outfits. And my two favorite outfits, and the two that have won a 10 from me in this task are: 

On one hand, I love the elegancy of Teresa's outfit (platinumgals) on the left and the story behind the outfit. Quoting her description: "Playing the role of the weird granddaughter who went on to be an artist and might or might not have joined some kind of a cult".  I love how the story fits her outfit, and all the details as the gloves, the white roses or the black choker. On the other hand, Stefan (sweet_gal11) on the right is rocking an all black outfit that even if it is super simple, just a black dress, sandals and a bag, behind it there's A LOT of layering. The final result is this great shaping that looks minimalistic but serious and elegant all in once, and with a hint of a sporty touch that I love. That's it, those were my favorites. 

I would also like to mention the outfit of Rawan (bornthiswaay). It was also an amazing outfit and she was the winner of the task. Her outfit is so detailed which makes it so cool and at the same time has this "old" feeling that I love. Definitely she deserved the first place (again). Congratulations to her! 

For this task, there was a double elimination as I had previously announced. One of the contestants did not complete, which make it easier for us, because there was a tie for the second person that has to be eliminated. Sadly though, we say goodbye to Line (missmurron), whose outfit was not good enough to stay on the competition. Here's the Contestants Board with the ones that still remain, and make sure to check the blog next Sunday, for Judith's favorites of Task 5. 

Surrounded by Trends: Mod

- Autumn Winter 2015/2016 - 

SEEN AT: Blumarine, Bottega Veneta, Carven, Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Fendi, Calvin Klein Collection...

WHERE TO BUY: The Jet Set, Nelly.com, PPQ, Millionaire Mansion, Bonjour Bizou, IT Girls, Rio, Pretty n' Love...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: vousme


Simulating: Peace Love Shea

Today I'm so happy with this simulating. Why? Easy! It's an outfit from my favorite blogger ever. I introduced myself on the fashion world with lookbook.nu, a website where you can upload your outfit and get "hypes". There, I discovered Cheyenne meets Chanel (aka Shea Marie). Her style was very festival-goer, hippy meets cool. I loved it and her blog was one of the firsts I started following. She changed her blog name to Peace Love Shea, that is her actual name, and I'm still there liking her pictures on Instagram and admiring her beauty and her lovely style that has changed and evolved so much, but only to get better (if it's even possible). So, in case you don't know her, yes, I'm talking about Shea Marie, commonly known as Peace Love Shea

If I'm not wrong (bloggers still don't have wikipedia pages) she's from California. She studied Communications and Journalism, and lives in Hollywood with her best friend, Caroline Vreeland (grand daughter of Diana Vreeland). 

Recently she wore a very casual outfit that we can imitate with current clothes of Starplaza. That's what the Simulating is all about. Check it out for yourselves, the only piece that you can not get (if you don't have it already), is this nice jacket from LE, but you can use another one easily and the outfit is still gorgeous. Believe me, I tried. ;)
PS. I am preparing other Simulatings (coming on the next two Fridays at 10.00 am - UCT time), but I'm publishing this one today because is the Chanel Tribute LAST CHANCE! So, in case you want to buy the boots... Get them while you can! I'm actually thinking about getting them after this post. Humm...


Spotted: Stadtteil

I have never liked the pink and red combo, so a long time ago I bought this skirt from Wild Candy in pink and red as a challenge. I managed to make an outfit with it although I wasn't really convinced of the final result, the skirt still looked ugly to me. Well, why I couldn't achieved Stadtteil has done it successfully. I love the outfit and the skirt looks great! 
How do you feel about pink and red? 

Street Style

Some Advertising: yulissahermosa

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share with you today one of the talents of one of our current contestants on FM-Style (Cycle 11): yulissahermosa

The first day I "discovered" this doll, I was not only amazed by the style of Felipe, but also for the magnifique creations he had displayed on his suite. 

I immediately bought the Audrey Hepburn painting, even if I don't usually decorate my suite, then invited him to join our club and I'm so happy he joined and that he is competing now among others. There's also on sale an incredible David Bowie painting. 

But well, the thing is that the other day, when I came visit again, I saw MORE. And I was even more amazed. Just check what he is capable of, creating iconic paintings into sweaters... amazing! Have a look for yourselves. 

René Magritte - The Son Of The Man (1964); Salvador Dalí - The Persistence Of Memory (1931); Edvard Munch - The Scream (1893).

Salvador Dalí has always been one of my favorite artists, for his creativity and good way of doing things, maybe a little for his weirdness as well. So, when I saw this new addition to yulissahermosa's designs... I could not resist myself, and I bought it. This is the outfit I did with it. 

I can not forget that day for Carnival when I was at school where all the class was wearing costumes of "melted clocks" in honor to that painting: The Persistence of Memory. Just that now, I'm wearing a more fashionable and precise "melted clock". Thank you so much yulissahermosa! 


Store Statement: Bonjour Bizou

Today, stardoll surprised us (at least me) with a new Bonjour Bizou collection. I personally like this store. It's not there since the beginning, and when they launched it, it was called just Bizou. It has always had a vintage touch, but I think it had that essence way more when it started that now. Anyway, this is how the new "floor" looks like.

Click on the image to view full size

Prizes are OK (well, if you compare them with the prizes of 2007 is clearly super expensive), appropriate for a Bonjour Bizou collection. Graphics are nice. Clothes are pretty good. My personal favorites are some pieces that are actually very basic. I never have enough white tops, like never. When I'm creating outfits I always end up searching for white tops/shirts/blouses to finish it. Grey suit pants can be very useful, so it is the wool high waisted skirt. The only thing that has more personality is that inspired by Missoni dress that I find quite nice. The disadvantage? It's only for superstars.

To finish this post, I want to share with you some outfits of super stylish dollies wearing pieces from these new additions to Starplaza.
From left to right: Mizz_Creative wearing Two Tone Pleat Dress and Classic White Sweater; Mizz_Creative (yes, again) wearing Belted Fringe Vest; _Angie__ wearing Furry Pocket Coat. 

Splendorous: All about red

On Saturday a new collection of Dot came out with new items in different shades of red (Perfect Burgundy, Bright Spark Red, Darkest Burgundy and Red Velvet). Mireia, did a post some time ago about different uses of red lipstick (you can check it out HERE), so I thought I could do something new: try the new items on my doll and give you an honest opinion about them.

So there are some items that are completely useless for me, like the eyebrow pencils (cause there's no possible way I can think of making red eyebrows look good) or the mascaras (I don't know why they keep launching mascaras in different colours, black always looks better). I'm not a fan either of lip pencils but if you use them with the exact same color of lipstick they can give the impression of fuller lips, so at least they have a positive function.

For the other items I decided to be open-minded and give them a chance. I tried them on two different make ups and decided to leave all my thoughts written so you can skip the little investigation and move directly to the part in which you decide to buy or not. 

MAKE UP 1: Goth Glamour

- The new blushes are definitely not for me. I'm more into a natural look with neutral colours of blushes that only enhance your features but with all these different shades of red it's really bright. I picked the lightest one and I still had to repeat the correct move so I didn't look like if I had been punched on both sides of the face. Obviously after this result I completely dismissed the idea of trying with two layers of blush. 
- The different shades combined as eyeshadow look really cool, like something in between natural but fierce (and they are easy to use).
- Dark lipstick looks great.

MAKE UP 2: Vampire Softness

- Bloodshot eyes can look original and cool.
- Eyeliner and eye pencils in different colours (other than black and white) look really interesting and extravagant.
- Goodbye to the bright red lipstick, darker tones look much better. 
- Stick to the neutrals for the blush, they're easier to apply, look more natural and basically they're prettier. 


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (4/10)

Today is time to show you the fourth part of the Christmas Gift-o-meter. I don't want to bore you with this past Christmas thing, but as the clothes are still there and I want to finish this section I will continue doing it until the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Click on the images to view full size

For the 4th prize of the Gift-o-meter, we had to spend at least 60 SD. Then we got this beautiful jumpsuit, that despite is not ugly, I would have liked it even more if they had given us the pieces separately so we could combine them in any way we want. We still can do that, but it's more difficult because we have to cover other parts. 

So, covering the bottom part is almost impossible. You could only use wide leg pants (that have to be also very long, as the original jumpsuit) or a really long skirt. Oh, and it also has to be high-waisted. That being said, let me say that I've tried. Really hard. With almost all my entire wardrobe. I wanted to cover the pants and use the top, but it has not been possible. Then, I decided to create outfits from very different styles. The first outfit is a swede inspired one (like Task 3 from FM-Style), very sporty, very comfy, but elegant at the same time. For the second and third outfit I decided to go for really elegant outfits, to attend a fancy dinner or even a gala if you have a slutty-power-lesbian style as Jennifer Lawrence would say. On the second I covered the top part of the jumpsuit with some Underneath Stardoll pieces, and for the third one I used the jumpsuit as it is. Last but not least, for the forth outfit (there's an extra one this time, yay!) I used what Judith is wearing right now (thank you sis for making easier my job), which is something in the middle, more elegant than the first one, but less than the other two. A smart street style look. Hope you like them all! You can comment your favorite on the comments. ;)