Store Statement: Saint Laurent Tribute

The new Tribute that Stardoll has released is Saint Laurent. After seeing the collection I can only say sing You're all that glitters to me... yeah yeah what's a king bed without a queen? After the "disaster" of the Gucci Tribute I guess that I would have liked anything, but really, I think this collection is pretty cool. This is how the floors of the store look like:

Click on the images for full size

This collection has everything. To start with, it has basic items like the black jeans, the oversized coat, the choker or the marble bag. But at the same time, there are very bold items, with transparencies, unique forms and LOTS of glitter that makes it so cool. I'm loving it, for real. Also, look at the quality of the graphics! Incredible, the brown leather looks perfect, or the blue metallic dress. Each of us has their favorites, so without further ado... Here you have our picks: 

Lots of cool items, means lots of picks and... yeah, lots of outfits! Hope you enjoy them in this set that Judith is creating for every tribute so classic, elegant and that lets our outfits be the focus. Thank you Judith! 😊


Street Style

Good news for fans of FM-Style and fashion competitions... Applications for Cycle 14 are now open in the club! Click on the image to get to the club, and if you haven't joined yet... JOIN NOW! 😉


Store Statement: Gucci Tribute

Second tribute is out! It's Gucci time!

To be honest I'm not even that thrilled. I was very excited when the first Gucci Tribute since Alessandro Michele took over came out. That one was really good, a lot of interesting and desired pieces. The next one, which I believe it was the one before this one, was still good, I wasn't as excited about it but still quite a few good items. But this one has been a bit of a disappointment. It captures the Gucci essence but they could have picked way better items in my opinion out of the actual collection. See it for yourselves.


The pink pants, for example, they're not bad, but I would have preferred the green, red... or any other colour version actually rather than the pink one. 

Most of the pieces are very extravagant and difficult to style in a casual outfit (feel free to make me change my mind posting your outfit in the comment section if you actually love these items ;) ). And what annoys me the most is that there are a lot of big items (the dresses with the long skirt or the flared sleeves, the big colourful jumper...) which adds up on the difficulty of combining it with other items, since you cant add jackets on top, for example, without something popping out. I mean you can always try with a little bit of resizing but it's definitely more difficult to style. 

The only great items for us were these three:

The men t-shirt is a basic, and it's been seen everywhere in the fashion world (bloggers, celebs...). The fanny pack and the snake boots are the only cool an interesting items they actually brought. 

That said here are our outfits with this small selection. Like I said, I hope I see some super stylish dolls wearing other items from the collection and so I can change my mind a little bit about this Gucci Tribute. What do you think of it? Were you too disappointed or is it just me?

*Credit for the oversized blazer idea to oayes, seen in KELZSPROUSE_1 Cycle 2


Street Style

Gucci Vibes... Prepared for the next Store Statement? 😉


Store Statement: Fendi Tribute

Hello beloved readers! The Sisters' are back and so are the Tributes. Good things are good waiting for, you know? Fendi Tribute is the first Summer Tribute to arrive and I have to say that we're pretty happy with it. This is how the store looks like:

(Click on the images for full size)

The prizes are fair for a Tribute, more expensive than normal stores but still pretty affordable. There are no special items only for Superstar or Royalty, which I like, as it makes it possible for everyone to get what they wish for. I'm pretty confused with the season of the clothes... I know fashion goes forward but still, I think usually in the Stardoll World, Summer Tributes had summery clothes, and this new tribute is full with autumn/winter clothes. We love the pieces anyway, but when we saw it we were pretty exhausted and nervous about all those warm clothes with the Spanish sun heating our bodies at the same time. Anyway, those are our favorite pieces, that Judith flawlessly put together: 

To end this Store Statement, here are the outfits we made with our purchases, hope you enjoy them. 


Surrounded by Trends: Corsets

- Spring Summer 2017 - 

SEEN AT: Isabel Marant, Sally Lapointe, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Loewe, MISBHV, Stella McCartney, Tibi, Rodarte...

WHERE TO BUY: Fallen Angel, IT Girls, Tingeling, Voile.

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
- Model: givemegaga2


Street Style

Excuse the red lipstick mark on my doll's forehead... That was just Mireia being annoying... 😒



Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

As we have already announced we're back and we brought some company, an amazing new partner for the blog: VG-PYCT.

VG-PYCT is the blog of Viridiana a.k.a Vgnails who is pretty much stardoll royalty. I personally knew about her for her amazing outfits but just take a look at her blog and you'll see how she has taken part in every stardoll event you might think of, won National Covergirl several times and even participated in a Stardoll take over in the official Stardoll Instagram account.

Leaving all that aside her blog is also a masterpiece. Amazing visual work of graphics to get lost in for quite a long time. She posts her everyday looks with amazing background, changes on the pose and extra content of her doll's day. But you better check it out for yourselves!

Here I leave you with some of my favourite images from the latest posts in her blog.


Shopping: Fudge miniskirt

Hello everyone! Do you know kelzsprouse_1? It's a friend and former contestant of FM-Style Cycle 12! And do you know her amazing club? It's called as her doll: KELZSPROUSE_1 and it's fashion related, just like FM-Style. If you haven't joined yet, we highly recommend you to do so. They are currently on Cycle 2, with a great judge panel (kelzsprouse_1, kickherout, Malisandrew, strobarycake and yulissahermosa) and some great contestants! Task 4 came out recently, and I found it so interesting and challenging, that I decided to give it a try myself. 

The task consists on styling this old Fudge skirt. It only cost 48 starcoins, in case you want to give it a try as well, it's affordable. The judges always post some examples and they did amazingly, giving new uses instead of as a skirt, and creating super gorgeous outfits. 

In order of appearance: kelzsprouse_1, kickherout, Malisandrew & strobarycake.

I personally love those sleeves that Malisandrew created, or the belt on kickherout, or just using it as a top as Kelly and Whitney. However, for this post, my objective is to try some stylings using it actually as a skirt. 

I got inspired mostly by 90s fashion for my outfits, and then I asked Judith to try and style it as well. She based her outfit on "the fusion of borders because they looked really nice" (literally said by her, only in Spanish haha). Enjoy them! 


To be seen on FM-Style: Cycle 14

Hello everyone! 

The Stylish Stardoll Sisters have been absent for a while, but summer holidays are almost here, and we have time to start organizing stuff and post more regularly on the blog. We have ideas for FM-Style since Judith became co-owner of the club, and we are eager to start the Special Cycle for the next milestone that is 600 members. When we arrive there you will have a brand new cycle, never seen before! It will involve team work. We don’t know how is it going to turn out, and maybe it won’t be perfect, but we want to introduce this new idea that we’ve been thinking for so long, and we hope you have fun taking part in it, or watching the competition. 

As with every new cycle, we will need sponsors and judges, being both very important for this Special Cycle, were judges will behave as judges AND something else, both at the same time. Applications for judges will be up when we get closer to 600 members. When we reach 600 members, applications for participants will start. For sponsors… for a big cycle we need big prizes. We are willing to collaborate with some stardollars, but the more prizes the better. If you think you can help us providing some rewards for the winners… please contact us as soon as possible, via e-mail (stylishstardollsisters@outlook.com), commenting here, on our guestbooks… whatever that works best for you. 

We don’t want to announce too much about the cycle, for keeping it “secret” until it launches, but hope you are as excited for it as we are. If you have any friends that would be interested in this, please, spread the voice. Also, you may end up on the same team ;) 

Have a nice week everyone!

The Stylish Stardoll Sisters


Street Style

The semester is almost over, we will be back very soon posting more often again and organizing new things on FM-Style!

Yours truly,
The Stylish Stardoll Sisters


Seen on FM-Style: Waves

Wave after wave Alicja (alusiak123), Letícia (leiona_-) and Monika (the_chuba) got to the Final in FM-Style. And drifting away Monika had to drop out of the competition, unable to complete the task. 

Undoubtedly Alicja and Letícia are both winners, but who's first and who's second?

If you've been following the cycle via the club you already know what we asked this talented girls to deliver: a whole Resort collection with invitation, theme, location of the show... and obviously the stylings (5 outfits like always in the final). It was a really elaborate task with lots of details to take in mind. Personally this has been my favourite final task out of the 13 cycles we have done and I have loved so much the result that makes me wish we could have the same final in every cycle.

Take a look for yourself. 

Letícia (leiona_-) invited us to see the new collection of her brand Interlude called EKOS in the Pier59 Studios. 

"The brand's name is INTERLUDE, which means a short period when a situation or activity is different from what comes before and after. I choose this name so that every new collection has a hole new theme, that has nothing to do with the previous one, so that there's no such thing as ''an specific style'' for the brand, cause it can literally be any.
This first ''season'', the theme was EKOS, representing the nature not on its aesthetic, but in its production phase, so the clothes are 100% organic material - and it still looks stylish as any other brand, but in a unique way."

And it looked like this.

Alicja (alusiak123) introduced us to her brand Sohju 送受 with a collection inspired in Polish cult comedies that took place in the Muranów movie theater, Warsaw, Poland.

"Sohju 送受, Japanese for 'sending and receiving'; describes the idea of fashion as a mean of communication (ex. self-expression, cultural exchange)."

And it looked like this.

Both of her collections have the personal unique style of their creator but each of them had a different strong point. Letícia was stronger on the outfits adding different and unseen floral patterns, working on the layers, even designing a sweater! And Alicja was stronger on the theme, creating a perfect cohesion between brand, collection, invitation, location and outfits that made everything so perfect as a whole. 

But there can only be one winner. And the judges marked their work with a punctuation for "Outfits" (a media of the 5 of them) and another for "Theme" (invitation, concept, brand, location). And the medias were made and the results were tight but clear.

The winner of cycle 13 on FM-Style is...


Overall Cycle 13 has had quite a lot of drop outs but a lot of talent. The tasks were really good from the beginning and we've discovered a lot of new faces and super stylish dolls. What are your opinions on the cycle? Favourite contestant, favourite task... Anything you think we'd like to know (you already know where the comment section is)! 

We will see what Cycle 14 brings us! ;)