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Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

As we have already announced we're back and we brought some company, an amazing new partner for the blog: VG-PYCT.

VG-PYCT is the blog of Viridiana a.k.a Vgnails who is pretty much stardoll royalty. I personally knew about her for her amazing outfits but just take a look at her blog and you'll see how she has taken part in every stardoll event you might think of, won National Covergirl several times and even participated in a Stardoll take over in the official Stardoll Instagram account.

Leaving all that aside her blog is also a masterpiece. Amazing visual work of graphics to get lost in for quite a long time. She posts her everyday looks with amazing background, changes on the pose and extra content of her doll's day. But you better check it out for yourselves!

Here I leave you with some of my favourite images from the latest posts in her blog.


Shopping: Fudge miniskirt

Hello everyone! Do you know kelzsprouse_1? It's a friend and former contestant of FM-Style Cycle 12! And do you know her amazing club? It's called as her doll: KELZSPROUSE_1 and it's fashion related, just like FM-Style. If you haven't joined yet, we highly recommend you to do so. They are currently on Cycle 2, with a great judge panel (kelzsprouse_1, kickherout, Malisandrew, strobarycake and yulissahermosa) and some great contestants! Task 4 came out recently, and I found it so interesting and challenging, that I decided to give it a try myself. 

The task consists on styling this old Fudge skirt. It only cost 48 starcoins, in case you want to give it a try as well, it's affordable. The judges always post some examples and they did amazingly, giving new uses instead of as a skirt, and creating super gorgeous outfits. 

In order of appearance: kelzsprouse_1, kickherout, Malisandrew & strobarycake.

I personally love those sleeves that Malisandrew created, or the belt on kickherout, or just using it as a top as Kelly and Whitney. However, for this post, my objective is to try some stylings using it actually as a skirt. 

I got inspired mostly by 90s fashion for my outfits, and then I asked Judith to try and style it as well. She based her outfit on "the fusion of borders because they looked really nice" (literally said by her, only in Spanish haha). Enjoy them! 


To be seen on FM-Style: Cycle 14

Hello everyone! 

The Stylish Stardoll Sisters have been absent for a while, but summer holidays are almost here, and we have time to start organizing stuff and post more regularly on the blog. We have ideas for FM-Style since Judith became co-owner of the club, and we are eager to start the Special Cycle for the next milestone that is 600 members. When we arrive there you will have a brand new cycle, never seen before! It will involve team work. We don’t know how is it going to turn out, and maybe it won’t be perfect, but we want to introduce this new idea that we’ve been thinking for so long, and we hope you have fun taking part in it, or watching the competition. 

As with every new cycle, we will need sponsors and judges, being both very important for this Special Cycle, were judges will behave as judges AND something else, both at the same time. Applications for judges will be up when we get closer to 600 members. When we reach 600 members, applications for participants will start. For sponsors… for a big cycle we need big prizes. We are willing to collaborate with some stardollars, but the more prizes the better. If you think you can help us providing some rewards for the winners… please contact us as soon as possible, via e-mail (stylishstardollsisters@outlook.com), commenting here, on our guestbooks… whatever that works best for you. 

We don’t want to announce too much about the cycle, for keeping it “secret” until it launches, but hope you are as excited for it as we are. If you have any friends that would be interested in this, please, spread the voice. Also, you may end up on the same team ;) 

Have a nice week everyone!

The Stylish Stardoll Sisters


Street Style

The semester is almost over, we will be back very soon posting more often again and organizing new things on FM-Style!

Yours truly,
The Stylish Stardoll Sisters