Street Style

It feels like ages since my last post. Sorry for that. I thought of making a quick update posting my today's outfit as my sister is busy studying for her exams. I'm in the middle of a week full exams too... Damn school/university! Anyway, after a 100 days without changing my doll's clothes I was in the mood for creating an outfit and thanks to that I got this gorgeous look in a really quick time. Hope you like it as much as I do! ;)


Street Style

I am just making this new post to share with you the last outfit I did on stardoll with that mesh tank top I got from the sales at Original Future. I wanted to communicate you, at least the ones that read always the blog (thanks for everything and your comments, we love reading them!), that I will be out of this for a while. Maybe I log in, but it will be for things related to the club, I'm just too busy with the final exams, and I don't want to fail as if I do I won't have a week of vacation on February. So, see you in a while, because I'll be back, that's for sure :)


Spotted: AudreyHepburn.

I couldn't resist to post this. This is PERFECTION. Really, there's no single item I would change, no item missing. Is not the first time that Lauri appears on this blog, but oh well, it's well deserved. I'm still amazed by this. Still lacking of time though, so I will let you enjoy the view and stop writing. Visit him clicking his stardoll name: AudreyHepburn. 

Street Style

I did this outfit some days ago, but I'm so busy right now with my studying that I can't even post something here. I decided to go for a preppy look to combine that lovely skirt from Dolce & Gabbana tribute. I bought 3 items, that you will see soon around here. Also I have some news about partnerships to tell you, but I don't have time for that either... So sorry!


Street Style

Excuse me for being away temporally, but I was just relaxing at home doing nothing after the celebration of the New Year. By the way,  HAPPY 2015 :D!

I made this outfit some days ago, I love it because it's very simple and sporty, but at the same time glamorous with that spiked heels and clutch. It looks perfect for a day on the city, not snowing of course, that's only part of the decoration ;).