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Seen On FM-Style: Side to Side

This the new (FM-)style with the fresh type of flow

The difficulty is getting every time higher folks! Styling cycling leggins in a cool street style way it's definitely not a piece of cake, and when the competence is so high it's even more difficult. That's what our contestants had to do during this week.

From my point of view there were only two ways of approaching this task, you either style the Active shorts the best way you could, or you hide them and use only their waistband.

All the contestants opted for the second option but shoutout to Maurice (kickherout), former cycle winner and current judge, who made this beautiful outfit without hiding anything.

And now, my favourite entries from the contestants. 

The one who got the highest mark from me, and therefore my favourite one this week, was Andrea (Andre1396) who got inspired by Dior and used the waistband of the pants on the upper part of the top. I love everything about her outfit, it's casual but so fashionable and on trend. Couldn't be more envious of being unable to have that top she created. 

Not all the judges agreed on this one though, and Andrea got third place this week, while my second favourite, Stefan (Sweet_gal11) won the task with his amazing use of the net top and shorts as underwear.

As I said in his feedback I wouldn't change any of it. Stefan has participated in several of our cycles and I've been seeing his amazing outfits for even longer, as I met him in another cycle competition club which is closed now, but he is really bringing everything to this comp!! He's doing so well.

There were three other girls who got my attention with their amazing outfits: Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A), Alicja (alusiak123) & Letícia (leiona_-).

I gave all of the people I have mentioned in this post marks of 9 or higher, and I have to say that I'm not a soft judge, so congrats guys for your amazing work.

This week there were not one, but two girls who didn't delivered their task, so we will be saying goodbye to two of our former contestants this week. This might be good news to the ones who are still competing, as we were going to have a double elimination in Task 6 which it's going to become a single elimination now, and obviously everyone who did deliver is still on the cycle!

We will see what happens next week. You might want to phone your friends for advise for next task! ;) 


Sisters' Style: GOM Satin Off Shoulder Mini Dress

Here we are again, showing you out two VERY different ways of styling this short dress. As always, it was Judith who decided to wear this piece. She has a secret room in her suite were she keeps TONS and TONS of outfits. That way, is always me who has to coordinate with her, because when she is bored, she just creates lots and lots and lots of outfits, a thing that drives me insane. Yes, I'm revealing the secret. That room is the Secret Chamber of the Stylish Stardoll Sisters.

Anyway, she was first creating this and I have to say that I love it. I love how she decided to go for using pants underneath the dress, and not any pants, but those wide leg pants that in my opinion they look amazing with the shape of the dress  (or top, in this case). The pointy shoes and clutch are perfect accessories for the outfit, resulting in a very classy stylish outfit that anyone could wear and almost to any occasion. Think about it, for work... ✅ , for cocktails ✅ , for a dinner with friends? ✅  For a business meeting? ✅  So yeah, way to go sis! Good job! Also loving the little details as the choker and the red lips. They are two things that definitely complete the outfit. Bravo! 👏🏼

Then my time arrived, the time for creating my outfit with that dress. After seeing Judith's I knew I wanted to use it properly, as a dress I mean. So I started mixing, and mixing and trying some things... Finally I found this old fishnet tights (very trendy right now) and decided to go for boots with the combo. I like those ones from "Herve Leger" (Runway) but then it implied I had to give my outfit a casual vibe, cause those boots for me are very very casual. I found this tied shirt on my secret room (yes, I have one of those, I'm a Slytherin after all 😏 🐍 ) and I liked how it looked. Now my outfit had this hipster vibe, and I wanted to keep it! So... yeah, I just completed with some accessories that looked cool and alternative/hipster. I think at the end I made an outfit quite different from my usual style but still cool. My favorite part? The glasses! 😎

And that's it for today. Unless you want to know more, unless you want to gossip about what we're wearing... Unless you want to know EVERYTHING! Then you just have to...


Shopping: Backpacks

Hello dear readers of the Stylish Stardoll Sisters!

Today I'm here to bring you a Shopping post, but a little bit different. It will be some kind of Surrounded by Trends meets Shopping. Usually, Shopping posts are about styling one piece in different outfits to help you decide if you want it or not, or for showing you different ideas for styling specific pieces. The other day I was looking at the statistics of the blog and realised the most viewed entry of this blog is one of those Shopping posts, styling the Keep Me Warm Scarf, one shawl that Stardoll gifted us. So, I decided I wanted to do another one. And then I remembered about this section I used to write in Vogue Daily (by Jelinna), where I talked about some trends. It was called Trend Report. I ended up only doing 3: Flatform sneakers, Baseball caps and Boyfriend jeans. But looking back at them the other day when I found them inspired me to make this Shopping I'm doing today. 

As you can imagine if you have looked at the Trend Reports I did in Vogue Daily, I will first show you some options you have in Starplaza about the "trend" I'm going to talk about today. Then I'll show you some real life inspiration that I found online and finally I'll share with you some outfits I've done. I say, "trend" cause it's not actually a trend, but lately I've been obsessed about backpacks, and I totally want one. As I'm not buying it yet in real life, I'm calming my soul styling outfits with them on Stardoll.  Hope you like it! 





Seen on FM-Style: Dark Times

You know what day is it today? Fine day Sunday, in my opinion best day of the week. Why is that? Because there's no post on Sundays? No, no, no... Cause it's time for news on FM-Style!! 🙌🏼

For the third task the contestants needed to deliver an outfit that went well with very dark lips, black preferable but any dark shade would do the trick. We're still on the beginning of the cycle, the task let them a lot of freedom to create easy outfits, but you know what our contestants are? (Fergie starts singing) G-L-A-M-O-R.... oh no! I didn't meant that sorry... 😅  TALENTED! (Mireia starts singing) T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D

There have been so many good outfits in my opinion in this task. I think that personally, for this 13th Cycle, this has been the task where I have given the most higher scores. Let me share with you what have been my favorite entries for these Dark Times. I can't decide for A winner, but I can tell you why I have loved this outfits: 

Letícia (leiona_-) on the left. She was the first one to deliver the task, and when I saw it I was speechless. 😮 The first one, and what a potential! I instantly got excited! This outfit for me is pure perfection, the classy Gucci items mixed with those great sporty vibes... super cool. The hairstyle and the choker are the perfect finish to the outfit.
Then we have Andrea (Andre1396) on the right. She bring us this Parisian lady vibe mixed with great punk/rock items, a lady that has gone to the "dark side", on the "dark times" 😏. Perfect interpretation, the black lips look super gorgeous in here and there's nothing I would change. 

And then, there are these ones, that also left me amazed of what you can do with black lipstick.


First we have Monika (the_chuba) and Stefan (Sweet_gal11) with grey, black and white outfits. Both are a bit masculine and sporty, and I love both VERY VERY much, specially the one Monika delivered. It's perfect and the black lips are definitely the center of the outfit.  
And then Alicja (alusiak123) delivered her outfit, and again she created something very original and different that was perfect for the task, with layers, elegance and edginess all in one outfit. 
If you want to see the rest of the outfits or tell us your opinion on the task, check the Imgur Album where we post EVERY entry. 
Cycle 13
Finally, not everything is good news. It's so funny and cool to talk about people that has done it so amazing, but it wouldn't be a contest if it wouldn't be a winner. And, in order to do that, we have to eliminate people at the same time we move on into the next task. This time Leigh (leighways) got the lowest score, and she's the one we have to say goodbye to. It's a little sad, cause she got computer issues that difficulted the realization of the task, but sometimes... life happens. Hope to see you soon in another cycle Leigh, where you can show us all your talent. 

Goodbye and train hard for next week! 


Seen On FM-Style: Fur Elise

Well, well, well... Let's talk about Task 2 on FM-Style with the sound of Beethoven.

As this was only the second task the level of difficulty wasn't very high, our only requirement was to include something furry in an outfit. But as I already mentioned on the last post reviewing Task 1, these talented contestants are already making it exciting. I literally have no clue until the very end of the task, when all the marks have already been given, of who's going to win. With so many good entries... who knows?

Anyway, there's always one entry that you like more of the others, your personal favourite. And this time that title goes to... Navi (vousme)!

The way she added the fur, making an original and new sweater it's so fresh, and every little detail is well blend and adding a special touch that makes the look flawless. I'm talking about the layering of two skirts to get a nice colour and nice shape, the belts... Even the accessories and hairstyle are the perfect choices for this look! And I wasn't the only one who thought this, as Navi got the highest score this week, making her the official winner of Task 2.

The two other contestants that delighted me with their tasks were: Stefan (Sweet_gal11) & Letícia (leiona_-).

Stefan delivered a casual, edgy and glamorous (yes, all that, at the same time) almost all-black outfit. That addition of the red flowered cuffs to the coat made the difference for me between a more average outfit and such a cool one. Genius!

Letícia proved her layering talent combining different white items and brought together a super nice outfit with a tasteful combination of colours. My favourite thing about her entry? The white long shirt that goes behind the pants.

And also, shout out to Elena (ElenaGao2) and Alicja (alusiak123) who also delivered really nice outfits which I enjoyed very much. If you want to check them out, as well as the outfits of all the other 14 contestants here's the link to the album of the cycle: imgur.com/a/ihnD9

Moving on to sadder news. This week we are saying goodbye to one of our sponsors, the beautiful Rima (Rim0305). She's providing two amazing wigs for the the lucky contestants that get 1st and 2nd place. Definitely worth paying her a visit and checking out her new designs, she has really cool new wigs. (Direct link to her suite if you click on her username)

See you next week! Dark kisses to you all ;)

Sisters in Hotbuys: January 2017 #1


Sisters' Style: GOM Silver Jacket

When the Christmas Gift-O-Meter came out this past December Mireia was already thinking about doing a series of Shopping posts reviewing the items. Luckily she listened to me, for once, and dropped the idea. We all know how that would have ended up... Still talking about the Christmas Gift-O-Meter on summer. But there are other ways to show you how we style the GOM items without having to do that painfully long series of posts Mireia likes so much to commit to but hates to end. And one of those ways it's our Sisters' Style post! 1 GOM item 2 different outfits. Let's get to it!

When I saw the items that came with the Gift-O-Meter and saw this silver jacket I thought it was cute, I didn't imagine that it would be such a nightmare to style. I made an outfit with it and the sparkling jeans from Pearls but wasn't convinced at all and as I didn't know how to make it better I tried to postpone styling the jacket. Unfortunately Mireia had already seen it and she had make her own outfit with the jacket to publish this post, so she forced me to put on the jacket again and style it.

Seeing Mireia's outfit with the jacket I realised I had to make something different to my first outfit, it made me hate it even more. She combined the jacket with an almost all-white outfit with black & silver details. She told me she had tried to cover what she didn't like about the jacket. And for that she used black belts and a decor sword. It seems like she was in a creative mood cause she combined three different pair of shoes to create those cool silver platforms. The result: and edgy futuristic interesting look. I like her ideas (specially the shoes) and what she tried to do but the jacket doesn't convince me.

In my first outfit attempt I tried to used the colours of the jacket: a little bit of silver, blue and nude. As didn't work out I changed my strategy and I tried to make the little hints of blue and nude of the jacket the only pop of colour. It didn't end up that way as I added that nude pink bag but it made me arrive to an better outfit than my first try. I particularly like the collar and cuffs of that silverish shirt popping out underneath the jacket. I made my entire outfit from that combination, trying to follow the lady vibes of the shirt.

Doing this post has made me hate that jacket a little bit, but if you like it and like our outfits, or if you're just curious for seeing all the items Mireia used in her original creations...


Sisters in HotBuys: January 2017

Surrounded by Trends: Denim jacket

- Autumn Winter 2016/2017 - 

SEEN AT: Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Vetements...

WHERE TO BUY: Vinyl, Trails, Riviera, Bonjour Bizou, Royalty, Nelly.com...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25

** The white heels yulissahermosa's wearing are her own creation, the golden heel is a Stardesign piece by Mery.- **


Spotted: yulissahermosa

I was looking for models for the next Surrounded by Trends (coming very soon!!) and Oh la la! I found Felipe (yulissahermosa) wearing this STUNNING outfit. Every detail is pure perfection! The big shoulders with the tiny waist, the white shirt on top of jumper, the belt that goes from her left shoulder to the waist... And I know you're wondering (cause I was wondering that too when I saw this) so I'm going to tell you where these items come from. The shoulder pads of the blazer are made with black belts, the belt that goes up to her shoulder it's the Dior Inspired Belt from Fallen Angel collocated upside down and the shoes are from Voile but that golden heel (another detail that looks amazing) is a Stardesign piece by Mery.-. I'm so in love with this outfit! And you will be seeing yulissahermosa and her fabolous heels again in the next Surrounded by Trends. 


Store Statement: Chanel Tribute

And the new Stardoll Tribute is... Chanel!! 

To be honest I'm quite satisfied with this collection. Usually I don't end up buying a lot of clothes from Chanel Tributes as they are a bit too much for me, but I like several items from this one that I think I will buy. The bags were a little bit of a let down though. A Chanel bag it's always good the two they released are not my cup of tea. I've been investigating the SS17 Chanel collection and there were a other bag designs that would have been a lot more interesting.

Another thing that was a bit annoying for both, Mireia and I, was the fact that they put together the black oversized sweater with the black slip dress and the nude pink sweater and blouse. It gives you less possibilities to combine them if they come as one item, was it that difficult to sell them separately?

But anyway, here is what we like...

And what we can do with it.


Sister's Style: GOM Roger Vivier Inspired Clutch

Apparently, since we started doing the Street Style combining our outfits we have abandoned the Sister's Style posts a little bit, which I think it's very sad. At the beginnings of this blog, I was super excited to get together with Judith, invite her to my suite, and dress ourselves at the same time (or one after the other because the Suite Chat has never been that good) to create different looks with the same item. Oops, is it me or I'm always complaining about something? Sorry about that, let's get into the post itself. :)

Judith was first creating this outfit, and since she was wearing it I decided to go for it and try to combine this clutch we got on the Gift-O-Meter (yep, sorry guys, no Gift-O-Meter posts this year, my LITTLE sister doesn't let me do it) for a Sister's Style post with it. I love so much how she threw on this new Gucci shoes she got miraculously, in the same silver as the buckle of the clutch. And then she continued adding silver accessories like the bow on her neck, little details on the jacket and the zipper on her black skirt. For the pink of the clutch instead, she let it be the center of colour of the outfit, just combining it with her lips and with a little hint of pink flowers on the jacket. I love the general vibe of the outfit, very preppy meets glam but always fashionable. Good job sister!

At first I thought that this was a very difficult job. My sister had created a very nice outfit and mine was gonna be worst for sure. So I put the clutch on my doll's hand and started thinking. What should I do? One thing came to my mind. Do you know that I love contrasts? (I feel like I'm saying it all the time) So, like the clutch was very classy, I thought about sweatpants, specifically about this silver ones so I could base my outfit on silver, as Judith did. Maybe I got inspired by her outfit, I'm realising that now. Why? Because I wanted the clutch to be the only pink part and went for the rest of the outfit in white and hints of silver. I have to say that adding this brooch on the jacket was accidental. I bought it for using it as a bracelet, but it was not possible to put it under the jacket so I thought: not underneath, you wanna know what's on top? THIS IS ON TOP. And I left if there cause it looked like I'm a strong woman. Finally I was seeing fur everywhere for our Task 2 on FM-Style, so I said... why not? Let's add some fur to it, so I did. Choker on, pink lipstick... and ready!

And well, I know what I've talked about it's not useful information in any way, form or shape. But! What would be useful is knowing what we used for our outfits. Or not, I don't know. In case you want to, you just have to...