Store Statement: Runway

I received the email announcing a new collection of Runway and it said:  Scandi Chic. Look up for Stockholm and Copenhagen Fashion Week!

They got me with that Scandi chic! I think that they could have picked another more cool pieces from the Scandinavian fashion. This is how the store looks like:

- click on the images for full size - 

I love the man's sweater and some pieces are very interesting, like the white pants with the scarf, the red sweater, both culottes of the first floor... However it's too expensive for me to experiment with it. That's why I just bought some pieces that I think they are easy to combine in a large variety of outfits. 

The pink velvet/denim jacket has a very beautiful shade of dusty pink, love the color and the shape is very cool to add to any outfit. The skirt is super elegant and I think you can use either in casual outfits or more elegant/business. And then the golden sneakers. To be completely honest, I was fooled by the name. Acne Inspired... they got me. I love Acne Studios. The thing is that I love the color, I love that they are sneakers, what I don't like is that face  ·_· on top of the laces. But, I think they can give some life to basic outfits, be the center of attention in others... I don't know, I feel like I can use them quite much given the fact that I'm so much into sporty outfits. 

And now, my favorite part. They styling part! Here are the outfits I did with this pieces and a bonus of Judith wearing what she bought, a marvelous red elegant turtleneck.

Street Style


Surrounded by Trends: T-Shirt + Evening Dress

- Autumn Winter 2016/2017 - 

SEEN AT: Chanel, MSGM, Kenzo, Moschino, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, Mulberry, Loewe, Valentino, Nº21, Chloé...

WHERE TO BUY: Practically at every store on Starplaza.

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: Hard_Rock-Metal


Simulating: Caroline Vreeland & Shea Marie

Here comes the best Simulating post we've ever done! Again Mireia and I we're combining forces, cause really is a lot more fun to do it together than alone, and as big fans of coordinating our outfits that we are we decided to bring that as well to a simulating post.

Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie were already famous before they started to do fashion week together. Caroline is the granddaughter of the famous fashion editor Diana Vreeland and Shea Marie is a fashion influencer with a million followers on Instagram and owner of the swimsuit brand Sameswim. In fact Mirea and I have been following the style of Shea for quite a while, we met her through her blog PeaceLoveShea (although she doesn't post very often now) and in fact Mireia had already done a Simulating post of her (check it out HERE). But since they started coordinating her outfits for fashion weeks her photos have been all over tumblr, street style posts, instagram...

So, as Mireia and I also like to coordinate our street style outfits we decided that we HAD to do this simulating. We have picked some of their outfits to bring you their stardoll version.


Some Advertising: vousme

Hello peeps!
Here I am again, with some new advertising because I feel like I have to share the amazing idea that Navi, aka vousme on Stardoll, had. It's super simple but improves any outfit. But what is it? Is it a piece of clothing? Make up? Jewellery? Any accessory? No, no and no. First let me introduce you the creator, please welcome... vousme !

You might have seen her on some of the Seen on FM-Stlye posts, as she has been a contestant on our club and has delivered amazing entries with her characteristic minimalism, so she's definitely not a new face here on the Stylish Stardoll Sisters: click here to see all the posts in which she has been tagged.

She's a 17 year old girl from Indonesia with a great sense of fashion. The style that I've seen her rock is super minimal, and I love it. And her creation? The perfect addition to any minimalistic outfit, here it is:

It's just a simple addition, but you can transform some simple white sneakers (Adidas Stan Smith if you wish), into the great Adidas Superstar in black and white. Amazing huh? It's just some hair put really good together, so you can add the stripes super easy on the Beauty Parlor. The design costs only 7 sd, visit vousme and get yours! I already bought mine ;) What are you waiting for? Oh wait, if you're not convinced, let me share some outfits: 

It's very easy to do. First, you have to get your hands on the basic pair of sneakers. You can find them very easily on the Nelly.com store, 5th floor. They are very useful and they only cost 11 SD. Then, you just have to place the back part of the design under your doll's ankle on the Beauty Parlor, and there you have a new pair of sneakers. Look at the change: 

Street Style


Style Wars: Black Culottes

Oh yes baby! Did we talked about a new section? I don't know if we mentioned it or not, but... surprise! Here it is! I guess that by the name of it you can already guess what's the theme: a style battle. And the thing is... how? Let me introduce you to this new section that Judith came up with.

The concept is simple, confront dolls wearing the same pieces of clothing. It can be the same exact item or just a style, like a white tee. We will search around the stardoll world for users wearing that specific piece on their daily outfits and then put together a collage with all the outfits we find. And then... the war begins!

Based on the blog of one of our partners, Glimmer (Styled On The Street), we took the idea of doing a collaborative post. So, Judith and I will be "judging" who we think that wins the battle, we will hold a conversation until and we decide a final winner! This time though it will be more entertaining, meaning we won't save anything that we think about the outfit. We won't have any mercy, we will be fierce and savages! So, be careful if your outfit is on the collage ;)

And, without further ado... LET'S START THIS BATTLE!

Mireia & Judith

Oh wow, the first battle, this is exciting Judith! Don't you think? I do! I hope our readers find it interesting because I really hope we can continue doing this. Same thoughts! Let's get it started!! 

This is a very similar outfit that the dolls are bringing here. Not only they are wearing the item we want, the black culottes, but they also opted for a black outfit and the same stilettos. Personally, I think is a great choice of shoes for that type of pants. So, based on the rest of differences, (BarbieMinaj is a little bit more elegant, while gagapocker is more casual), I think I would choose gaga. I know it's more simple and a very easy look, but it can never go wrong. Plus, that off-shoulder top looks great with the choker and that blonde hair. I like it how she kept it simple adding just a small black bag and... done! On minaj... I like very much that transparent top and how you can see that Cleopatra tattoo underneath but... I hate that bag! I don't like the nose septum in silver and... well I appreciate how well she combined the outfit but gaga is better that minaj in here. Do you share the same thoughts Judith? Can we claim gagapocker the winner? Or do you have something else to say? 

Oh Mireia! First Style Wars post and we are already going to disagree completely. For me the winer is BarbieMinaj... What you said about gagapocker outfit it's true, all the elements she went for are perfect for the culottes, specially the big black choker which I love, but like you said she kept it simple, too simple for me to love it. I don't know I see her outfit and I think that's something you can pull out easily, while BarbieMinaj...'s is more different, original. I love how the sheer top looks with the jewelry and hairstyle and what a way to dress up those pants! They have a texture that makes them quite casual but she managed to make them look elegant and coordinated with the rest of her look. I'm not a fan either of the bag but I think she combined it well enough to make it look cool.

Maybe you're right on there... Even I admitted it. I do think that minaj is more "complete" in some way. But maybe it's true that if I came across those two outfits and I had to turn around to say "wow!", maybe I would do it for minaj (with that top bun and omg look at that contouring!!) and instead gaga would be just another teen girl. So... do we declare BarbieMinaj the winner of the battle? You have the last word! 

Ladies and gentlemen... BarbieMinaj... is our first Style Wars winner!! Congratulations! 

Let us know what you think of this section and your personal opinions in the comments!

Seen on FM-Style: Boys & Girls

Hello! It's Sunday! You already know why we're here! And the occasion is quite special this time, cause we're about to comment how the semifinal of Cycle 12 at FM-Style has gone. But first let's take a look at last week's poll.

So this time the public did not agree with the judges! Although Mireia didn't say it in the last post (thanks for being such a hard worker...) the official winner of the task was Marta-43, who came second in the poll. These results make me smile a little bit thought, cause Sia (bella98twilight) was my personal favourite from task 10, so I'm happy at least she won on the poll. Not that it matters a lot though as for the semifinal and final there are no extra points to the winner of the previous task.

And what did our semifinalists had to to this past week? The answer is break gender boundaries. They had to create two outfits, one for a man and one for a woman, that looked very similar and coordinated. And this is what they delivered.

So for me the winner of this task was by far Marta-43. I love both outfits, man and woman, so much and they are the exact same style, using the exact same colours and even items like the fur and the incorporation somewhere of mesh. PERFECTION! The general opinion of the judges was the same as mine and Marta-43 has become, again, the winner of task 11.  Do you agree as well?

Favourite task 11?

As you may have noticed there are only four girls instead of the five remaining. Navi did not complete the task, so the double elimination we were supposed to have turned into a single elimination and the one who got the lowest score was kelzsprouse_1. So sadly we say goodbye this week to Kelly! But hey congratulations to all the girls remaining including her, being a semifinalist is still a big deal! ;) At the risk of sounding repetitive but totally meaning it, we hope to see Kelly again in further cycles and also to you all, here on the SSS for the review of the final!!

Street Style


Street Style

Seen on FM-Style: Vogue

Here we are another week. Now the deadline was on Saturday again and results on Sunday. Getting back to normal and school starting tomorrow. We continue our Cycle 12 on FM-Style, the cycle that we've been doing on during summer. Last task was all about fashion editorials: creating an outfit that fit some backgrounds we gave to the contestants to choose. Those backgrounds were photos from @nicanorgarcia, a photographer based in Barcelona, our lovely city. 

This is what the 6 remaining contestants delivered: 

Talking from my point of view, for me the ones that were more outstanding in this task were vousme and Marta-43. I just love the look and I totally picture those two entries in a page of Vogue magazine. But, I actually think we had a very good task, in my opinion the better one until now as there's no entry that I don't like. I like them all! It has been very hard to judge.

What's your opinion on this? Vote on the poll below: 

Favorite Task 10?

For Task 9 those are the results of the poll:

Again, people seem to agree with the judges which makes me very happy as that means we are doing a pretty nice job.

However, not all is good news. One contestants at least needs to leave every week and this time Andre1396 was the one who left us, unfortunately again. I'm sure that Andrea has a magnifique style as we've seen some of her outfits in lots of Store Statements on this blog (that I can recall) between other things. Definitely hoping to see more of her!

This is how the contestants board looks like now:

Follow the cycle closely at...


Splendorous: Favourite Tress Up's Picks

Hi everyone! Some time ago Tress Up released a new collection with a lot of nice hairstyles based on the Stardesign creations of some talented dolls. I wanted to do this post for quite a while but it took me longer than expected getting the right outfits for this. The thing is that even if most of the time we give more importance to the outfit and keep the same hairstyle, a good hair can make an outfit stand out more so it's always important to have our beautiful manes in mind. Bellow I present you my three favourite new Tress Up hairstyles and some outfits I've found that are definitely perfect for them.

Definitely the biggest success in sales out of all the new hairstyles if you ask me. While I was looking for all these outfits I found loads with this one, I even had to eliminate some as I couldn't share them all. Not that we didn't know about the incredibly talented MUNCHKIN_XD cause we have already featured some of her wigs here, in the blog. Anyway, this hairstyle is perfectly made in terms of quality, looks good in any colour, is very fashionable and trendy and it's shape is perfect as leaves free and uncovered space for the outfit.
ADVANTAGES: Instant trendiness to the outfit + no parts of the outfit hidden.
DISADVANTAGES: Leaves neck and ears completely uncovered so you might want to start to think about jewelry (although this might be and advantage for jewels lovers...).
LOOKS (in order of appearance): hippchick2011, MikatsiTAYLOR029, Balenciaga.

Evanedas Hairstyle
I don't have official numbers, I'm saying this based on my personal research experience, but I would say that this one is the second most saled. I think it's really versatile cause it can look very glamorous but at the same time it looks a little bit messy, not too well combed so it can work for both smart and casual looks. The only problem I have with this one is the lighter shade it has on the front. It looks really good with some hair colours but a little awkward with others, in my opinion. I do think that the original is still worth it even with the Tress Up version on sale as it combines black, brown and blonde shades in a unique way, thing that you can't achieve with the one available at Starplaza.

Wig by evanedas on kiarily.

ADVANTAGES: Versatility.
DISADVANTAGES: Careful with the light parts!
LOOKS (in order of appearance): bey22304, Arany.Cicagkmktk, MissdollyTiara

Aniratac15 Hairstyle
This is the one I have bought for now (my sister and I are still debating about who buys the first hairstyle and I do want as well DeSerekFifoxx hairstyle). If I had to put a name to Aniratac15's hairstyle I would call it the Instagram hair. It's the kind of hair that would be all over Tumblr and Instagram, long, messy in a sexy way, straight but with a cute waviness that adds volume and with nice highlights. I do have to say that those highlights look better in some colours than in others though but it never looks too bad.
ADVANTAGES: Casual model off duty vibe.
DISADVANTAGES: Quite bulky on the top part (say bye bye to hats).
LOOKS (in order of appearance): LadyMavii, Lulluplix, xCookie, SarahVIP

Finally, in case I haven't featured YOUR favourite hairstyle, here I leave you a few more outfits with others of the new hairs that of course are as well on point! ;)

In order of appearance: fearstar, Marta-43, savas.lt


Seen on FM-Style: 2 On

It's not Sunday but another task at FM-Style has come to an end. The task was all about having 2 (prints) On. Simple explanation not that simple task, combining prints is risky and can end up really good or really bad. Let's take a look at what our five remaining contestants delivered.

My personal favourite this week is Marta-43. I think her outfit it's pure perfection! I gave her a 10 and believe me I don't give those very often. Her look is flawless! The black and white, the two prints looking totally different and so well blended... and those Adidas flip flops giving so much personality, originality and modernity at the same time!

Obviously with an outfit like that she ended up being the official winner of the task, while GoldieMememe got the lowest mark according to the judges, which got her eliminated. Her place will be taken by Andre1396 who was the most voted between the eliminated ones. 

MIREIA'S EDIT: Also, we have to inform that I did a mistake and repeated a double elimination without noticing, meaning that Sia (bella98twilight) wasn't supposed to be eliminated on last task. To correct that mistake, Sia will be competing again in Task 10, without having to do Task 9, as another comeback with Andre1306 (Sia was the second most voted, so even like that it makes sense). I'm really sorry for the confusion, never happened before and I hope it never happens again. 

Now going back to that wrongly double elimination task, let's see the results of the poll!

The decision was unanimous! Again you agreed with the judges and also thought that Marta-43 was the winner of our Seven Nation Army task. Will you agree too with this task?

Favourite task 9?

And this is all for today! We will see you again soon with a very new interesting task you can always check at...