Street Style


Surrounded by Trends: Bows

- Spring Summer 2016 - 

SEEN AT: Chanel, Proenza Schouler, Gucci, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Jacquemus, Altuzarra, Sportmax, Guy Laroche...

WHERE TO BUY: Pretty n' Love, The Jet Set, Royalty, Evil Panda, Bonjour Bizou, IT Girls, Velvet Orchid, Voile, Millionaire Mansion, PPQ...
INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: kickherout


Seen On FM-Style: Cycle 12. The Beginning

FM-Style is back again with a new cycle! I am so excited for this. Mireia and I did a brainstorming for tasks for the new cycle and I'm dying for releasing them and see how our contestants will surprise us each week! But before that... an introduction to the cycle and the people in it.

Let's start with the judges. In cycle 12 Rawan (bornthiswaay), winner of Cycle 11, and Lucy (SunnySidesSue) are joining Mireia and I to help us pick the winner. There's new flesh in the team of judges and looks quite promising. ;)

And here's our brand new CONTESTANTS BOARD!

So many talent between these pictures and so many talent that unfortunately didn't make the cut, but there's only room for 15 contestants. Hopefully we will see some of those appliers around here or the club as viewers!

As you can see we kept the contestants board format from last cycle to keep count of the eliminated and we're bringing back another little thing from a previous cycle! To be more specific from the special Secret Cycle. We thought that for making cycle viewers more participate in the cycle we will have in each task review at the end of the week a poll here, on the SSS, where all of you can vote for your personal favourite task. And if you feel like it, as you already know, you can share with us what you would have done for the task in the comment section of the blog or posting the link in the club's topic. Hope to see you around!


Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

I'm so excited to announce this new partner we have. It looks like after a while of no new partnerships we are coming back stronger than ever. First it was the gorgeous blog of kickherout (Not So Much But The Doll), then we discovered CoralCool91's blog in collaboration with all of our amazing ex-contestants on FM-Style (Styled On The Street) and now... the huge Stardoll's Most Wanted created by the one and only emorox4eva! How incredible is that? 

I have so many good things to say about this blog. After a while of no new fashion competitions for me in stardoll other than our own club (FM-Style), I found out about this blog in some presentation (can't remember where) and I had one amazing summer taking part in all the competitions this big blog organized. Not only creating outfits, but also seeing other talents create their amazing outfits for HotBuys comps, new stores, some other amazing contests and even taking part in raffles every time a new tribute arrived to Stardoll. I met amazing people on there (hello fellas if you're reading this hehe) as the Disqus section in there is always super active. And, well, the blog itself inspired us to continue with our club and even start a blog of our own. So, THANK YOU JENNA! That's all I can say. 

Now I will show you a bit through the blog. The design is very easy, it has on the top all the tabs with the sections of the blog. Currently is coming back for a period of no activity (so good to have it back!), so the sections that are more popular now are: 

- OOTD: Outfit Of The Day. You can post your daily outfit there and from Monday to Friday some winners are chosen that receive an item from your wishlist. If you are one of the top picks of the week, you will go into a poll and you can get 50 SD. And if you're into the top of the month... 100 SD! 

- Comps. Everytime there is a new store or a new floor, a competition is organized where you can post your outfit using the new pieces and you are put into a poll. Winners receive stardollars or items from the store, really big prizes. For example, now one from Fendi is going on, click on the image below to get there: 

- Polls. That's one of my favorite parts. Even if you have not taken part on the competitions, I love when it's time to vote for the amazing outfits of the other fellow stardoll members. All the outfits are put into this poll I was talking about, and then you can vote for your favorites. The top picks are the ones who win, and on the comment section you can talk about your favorites and you can make great friends. If you surf across this section you might see some familiar faces on those polls (hehe). 

 - Other sections. Before they were a lot of sections that I cross my fingers for them to come back. The Who Wore it Better was about styling HotBuys, The Prize is Right consisted of trying to guess the prize of the HotBuys before they arrived to the Starplaza and Dare to Wear was all about trying to style pieces that were not very beautiful for the majority of people. Those are only some of the examples of all the kind of competitions that are always there. 

So, in case you didn't know the blog make sure to pay it a visit and take part in the fun competitions with the chance of winning amazing prizes and meeting incredible people. 


Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

When Mireia and I found out about this blog we knew we had to become partners! To be honest we liked it that much that even if they had rejected our offer we would have shared it here either way, under another title that didn't include the "NEW PARTNER!" thing. But they said yes, so now we are proud to introduce this blog to you as our new partner!

Glimmer (CoralCool91) is the owner of this blog and an amazing team of writers (you may recognise a few names ;) ) joins her to form incredible content: Maurice (kickherout), Felipe (yulissahermosa) and Rawan (bornthiswaay)

In order of appearance: Glimmer, Maurice, Felipe and Rawan (outfits from Styled on the Street posts).

This amazing group of stylish people met through our club (FM-Style) which makes us so proud as the result of this union is great daily outfits from different styles and from time to time what they call Team Post, where they review a new collection giving personal opinions and one outfit with the new clothes from each writer.

The latest Team Post on SOTS about the new collection of Denim & Supply.

So, a very interesting blog with its roots on FM-Style (can't describe how proud and flattered I feel for this) which is definitely worth the visit and the follow! ;)


Sister Talking: The best of the best

Dear Mireia,

My first Sister Talking post! So excited! I finally have time to create new content for the blog other than the Street Style posts. The lasts weeks of this semester have been tough but now that they're finally over and summer is here I can relax and hopefully post more frequently. 

The truth is that before I was flooded with projects and exams I had started this post twice and ended up changing the topic. Nothing seemed enough good for my first Sister Talking, and one day, while I was going through our blog the idea came to my mind! And the timing couldn't be more perfect, cause I'm realising now that this post it's our 375th post in the blog! Which makes the perfect day for going through all the Stylish Stardoll Sisters history.

I don't remember quite well how the idea of starting the blog came up, I just know that somehow you convinced me to do it and that we were so excited about it. We put a lot of attention to all the blog details and design, and it looks like we did a good job as we haven't gotten tired of it yet. And to show how proud we were with the final result the first post came out, with matching outfits in white and mint, matching as well the blog aesthetic. And on the same day a Sisters' Style post, of course, as it is the base of the blog (quite proud of this one I really like the outfits that we did, Mireia!).


Continuing with the Sisters' Style posts, I think that my favourites so far have been these three:


I love both of our outfits, plus at the same time they're quite different and show what we wanted to show with the Sisters' Style posts in the first place: different perspectives on how style the same piece.

Moving on to the Store Statements I was quite surprised to find this cool lay outs of our favourites items of a collection in the very beginnings of the blog. And the first one was made by you, Mireia! You're always telling me that I do these lay outs better and look at you! I love this "MUST HAVES" one. 


Also, thanks to the Store Statements we have shared here really cool outfits, either made by one of us or taken form other super talented dolls out there. 


But out of all the Store Statements we've made I think that the coolest is the one you did of the Polisehd new collection. I mean, how a Store Statement about nails could turn out so great? 


And what about the Street Style posts? Those are the most frequent I'm afraid, and I have to admit that your idea of posting our Street Style outfits together was marvelous! It looks so much better! We have some great individual outfits like these:

(NOTE: I must say that when we started with this you had style but I didn't! I could only save one of my outfits... Hhahahahhaha I still had a lot to learn I guess...)
But compare those with our Street Style posts together! I repeat, much, much better now. :) Although I admit that I have only included here the best ones and the ones that were both of similar styles as they look very cute when they are "coordinated".

We are leaving great stuff here sis! I'm very proud with our work. I would love to go over as well through the Shopping posts, the Splendorous ones, my beloved Surrounded by trends... But I'm afraid this Sister Talking is already too long. But anyway, I can always do a Part II if you like it, or even you could do it! ;)

P.D: Do you remember about those two new sections we thought for the SSS? Cause we never started them... Maybe some day soon? 


Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

I am so happy to announce our new partnership with Maurice's (kickherout) blog: NOT SO MUCH BUT THE DOLL
Both Mireia and I were fans of her blog before this partnership. She puts her fashionable heart out in every post, giving amazing honest opinions and super cool outfits, mixed with her hilarious humour which makes it really fun and a must read! 

Between her posts you will find sections as:
- SHOPPING: Where she gives her opinion about a new collection and includes as well outfits in her so characteristic style with the new items.
- HOTTEST BUYS OF THE MONTH: Where she comments on the month's Hot Buys and shows you which ones she bought and how to style them.
- YGTL (You've Got the Look): Where she shares amazing outfits of other dolls.
- SPOTLIGHT: Her own point of view on the FM-Style cycle (yay! such an interesting section for me and so flattered it exists!)

Picture from her last post: SHOPPING - Young Hollywood

You may already know this talented girl since she has participated in several FM-Style cycles but if you didn't know about her blog you should definitely check it! This is some of my favourite outfits she has shared on her blog lately, a little peek at what she posts.