Christmas Calendar: #31

December 31st

For the last day of the calendar... a pair of tights for 12 sd. As usual with the whole calendar I won't be buying, I don't know if they were supposed to be glittery, but those white spots don't look good. However, if you do like them, you can share your outfits on the comments, and if I like it I will edit this post and add your outfit! 

You can now buy every item of the calendar, in case you decided not to buy something and then you regret it. Or maybe you've seen a nice outfit that has inspired you to buy it... Anyway, here's a link for you to be able to see all our posts of the Christmas Calendar, click below: 

Styled: Glittergirl208

Today I visited Glittergirl208 to style this dress from Nelly. She asked me for some help with the styling and this is what I came up with. Since I saw it I knew I would use it as a skirt, so I started searching for tops that suited the "fringed skirt". I love how the boho skirt looks with the rest of the items, that are more elegant. I hope you like it, specially Glittergirl208 :) 


Christmas Calendar: #30

December 30th

Only 2 more days of the calendar, and for the almost last day we have... a dress (tshirt? it's super short!) for 19 sd. I don't like mixing silver and gold, so obviously is not for me. What about you? 

Store Statement: Dolce & Gabbana Tribute

A new tribute came out today!! Yay! It was the turn for Dolce & Gabbana which brought us medieval inspired pieces with an aura of a fairytale. In my opinion it's good cause it looks exactly like the real catwalk of D&G, at least it seemed very faithful to the real collection to me, but at the same time it leaves with very extravagant pieces a little bit difficult to wear.

Here are the three floors of the new store so you can judge by yourselves.

Anyway, while making the outfits for this post I realized that if you take some pieces individually and combine them your own way it turns out in a really cool styling. So I have to say that I'm happy with the tribute, but if I had to picked my favourites... Well, here's my top 5.

And as always, I end the Store Statement with some inspiration to style the items, 3 outfits with some of the clothes from this new D&G Tribute.


Street Style

When in doubt an elegant monochromatic look never goes wrong. I just love the simplicity of wearing just one color, it gives more importance to the shape of the pieces, which is my way of making stand out that vest and of course the beautiful Chanel jacket.

Christmas Calendar: #29

December 29th

Today we can buy a belt/fanny pack in red, with a lips shape in it, like the Saint Laurent collection of some seasons ago (1 or 2, can't remember exactly right now). It costs 9 sd and no, I won't buy it. However, I think it's original and can add some fun to some outfits. 

I wasn't going to do any outfit for this item, but one of the best readers ever decided to share an outfit with us, an amazing outfit I must say. I love how she has combined black and white with that touch of red on the accessories, looks great and so Parisinian! Thank you so much amaia_estebanez for delighting us once more with your great sense of style. 


Street Style

When I saw that new coat on the Stardesign I couldn't resist to buy it. It costs 14 sd, and it's very high-fashion IMO. I remembered all those outfits I have seen on street style blogs, and decided to wear an all white outfit, but very sporty (looks like the sporty me has returned). At the end I couldn't stop thinking that I remember myself of Kanye West (Yeezus). 

I have to say though, that it has been difficult to arrive to an outfit I actually like, and let alone how hard it was to find white things to cover the back part of the coat! I mean, I have lots of white tops and skirts (I love white), but on the same white shade? It has been harsh. Be cautious, and if you're not sure of the coat (I wasn't), try to search it on the bazaar. I found it for 6 sd or so, and I'm happy, cause I already bought some pants that they have been a waste of stardollars cause they don't look as good as I thought with this outfit. I hope I can combine them in a manner I like. 

See you soon! :) 

Christmas Calendar: #28

December 28th

Today we can find this tee for 17 sd, which is a prize a little big high, but well, it's not an ugly item. I personally like it, but I wouldn't pay more than 12 sd for that, and even with the royalty discount it costs 15 sd, so I won't have it in my closet. It's an item very sporty, perfect for casual street style looks. 

Today, I had the time and liked enough the tee to make an outfit, and this is what I came up with. As I mentioned above, when I see this blouse (as stardoll calls it) a sporty outfit come quick to my mind. I wanted it to look cool, and normcore, hope I did it good enough. 


Christmas Calendar: #27

December 27th

Today I'm writing this actually on the 27th and I think I won't be away anymore for the rest of the calendar. By the way, this is exhausting even though now that I'm not making outfits. I understand how stressing it must be for the youtubers doing Vlogmas and all that stuff. Lesson learned: not pretend to do a daily recap of anything anymore. Next time I will be writing only about the stuff I like or in general, from 10 days to 10 days of the calendar haha! 

Anyway, for 13 sd you can purchase today and on the next day this cute bag. For me it has nothing special so I won't be adding it to my collection, but you can do nice things with it. 

Christmas Calendar: #26

December 26th

Here in Catalonia, we celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and on the 26th Saint Esteve. I actually don't know the story, but all I know is that I wasn't able to log in until that night, when I returned home. On this day we had this festive skirt, not very much of my taste, but it isn't ugly as other things I've seen on this calendar.  It costs 16 sd

Also, I'm not exactly sure of when, but we got 2 new releases: Popshop (special for the New Year 2015 celebrations) and Tress Up Holiday (you know, buy it if you like it cause it will disappear later). I personally won't be buying anything from those 2 stores, but I have to recognize that they are nice hairs around there and the items from Popshop are cute. 

Christmas Calendar: #25

December 25th

Merry late Christmas to everyone! I'm sorry I couldn't update this, but I was away and with no internet. However, I see that I didn't miss anything important. I mean, this shopping bag is cute, but I don't think I would use it much. Too childish for me. Anyway, it costed 13 sd and this is how it looks like: 

Hope you had a great Christmas days and that Santa has given you nice presents :) 


Sisters' Style: Après Ski Fuzzy Beverly Sweater

It has been a lot of time since the last Sisters' Style post! Luckily we managed to make one before December (and year 2014!!!) ends so at least there will be one per month in our posts archives.

This time we're styling this fuzzy baby blue sweater from Après Ski, getting totally in the winter mood that comes along with Christmas. Cause cold came a lot of time ago, but I don't get the feeling of wanting to be wrapped in a blanket with a cozy sweater on until Christmas arrives!

None of our looks, though, is cozy or comfortable, I'll guess you'll have to be content with fashionable looks ;).

My sister, Mireia, combined the sweater in a more casual way than me, but adding elegant touches with the high heels and the formal pants. Her outfit stands out for the contrast between the big coat and the more smart clothes underneath it, with also sporty details like the headphones or the fact of not wearing a bag.

My outfit is more refined. I got the inspiration from the stylings of the decade of the 50s you can see in the TV series Mad Men and modernise it a bit with the see through ending of the skirt. I picked an elegant coat and combined the outfit with light colours. I kept the skirt long but, as I said before, making it a little bit sexier and for the details (necklace, belt, bag) I picked gold so the complete outfit would look very elegant.

Hope you like the outfits! Do you own the sweater? How would you wear it? You can share your outfit with us in the comments section! 

Christmas Calendar: #24

December 24th

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I continue hoping that tomorrow Stardoll delight all their members and make us happy with some gift, like 50 sd for everyone maybe? That would be great! Anyway, we can find today this dress on the calendar for 35 sd, which is a very high prize. It's ok for a gown, but not for this one. I think it't horrible, tacky, childish... and it didn't even look good on our dolls, it gives us a masculine look on our arms, try it on the plaza and you'll see. Anyway, here's the picture, and again, I'm not doing an outfit! I think it's pointless. 

Street Style

First things first: happy Christmas Eve!!! Wish you all a very good day with lots of love and lots of fashion presents (hehehehe!). And to honour the day, I bring you a very wintery outfit. I know it could be more Christmasy but, I have to say that as much as I love Christmas, and even though and oooh comes out of my mouth every time I see nice Christmas lights on the streets or anything related to Christmas, Christmas themed jerseys are not my thing. So instead here's a warm look with beanie included!

By the way, the outfit it's all in starcoins, so it's really affordable if you're interested! ;)


Street Style

When I saw that skirt on the Gift-O-Meter I couldn't contain my excitement. Inspired by Moschino... yay! I still feel so guilty for not being able to buy anything from the Antidote-Moschino collection. Whyyyy? :( 

Photos from Style.com

Anyway, I decided to buy this top from midnightmonkey6 who is a great stardollian designer that creates a lot of Moschino pieces. I think she goes a little over the top with the prizes, I mean, I understand that is a lot of work, but double the prize of the item isn't too much? However, she does a great work, so I ended buying this top. 

I saved it on my room full of new clothes, and I'm so glad I didn't use it before, because... YES! Then this skirt arrived with my purchase in Chanel and yeah!yeah!yeah! doesn't it look perfect together? I know the outfit is very similar to this other one I did (click here), but I just looove Moschino, and I looove Barbie, so them together is heaven for me. 

Christmas Calendar: #23

December 23rd

This is what you can found today on the calendar. A nude dress for 28 sd. I personally hate this shape, it doesn't look good on anyone, you can only were this if you're extremely thin, and even like that, it doesn't look that well. The color and glitter details... those I do like, but not the shape. I wouldn't wear this even if it was free. 


Store Statement: Chanel Tribute

Finally! Here's how the two floors look like:

Ok, so prizes are the usual tribute prizes, not like Dior or Fendi, that were a little more expensive, but as all the Chanel Tributes we have more or less. Accessories are around 15 sd, bags around 27, clothes around 30... Not bad.

So, I'm glad I don't fell in love with all the store, cause that would have turned up in bankrupt. I selected all the pieces I liked, some of them where different on my doll than what I would have liked, and others simply weren't of my taste. I made a selection, I like buying only the items I like most, not only for the money, but because it's more special that way. I spend around 150 sd, between the items I will show you next, and a surprise I got for my beloved sister that I hope she likes it.

I've been looking around dollyworld and I have t say it was very easy to find this 3 gorgeous dolls wearing Chanel in such cool ways. Let me introduce you...

AudreyHepburn. wearing Leather Trenchcoat (36 sd), Chanel Pearls Bag (36 sd) and Straw Hairbow (15 sd)

SarahVIP wearing White Tweed Jacket (32 sd)

aby400 wearing Ripped Wool Coat (32 sd) and Ripped Wool Leggins (26 sd)