Sisters' Style: Baroque Bolero

Ok, so I know this bolero from the Versace Tribute store (not available at starplaza anymore) is so lovely, at least it is for me and my sis, but it was actually difficult for me to style it (don't know my sister's thoughts about this). I was trying so hard to make an amazing outfit which would honour the bolero, but I couldn't. Luckily it looks also good with a simple outfit.

I decided to combine it with a white dress and add lady-like accessories like he shoes or the bag while Mirdith opted for a more casual look with boots and socks all in black. I love how she combined that vest with the skirt, cause it looks like a one-piece dress and matches perfectly with the bolero having the buttons in gold. And I thought I was never going to wear that vest again... Definitely Mirdith changed my mind and gave brilliant ideas of how to style it, so thanks sis! ;)


Street Style

Any clues of where my outfit came from? Or should I say Clueless? When I discovered that PuppyMONEY was selling sets from Clueless I couldn't go without buying one. I decided to go for the classic in yellow and white, the one Iggy recreated on her "Fancy" video. Do you like what I've done here? I still want to combine it in a modern way, it's like a challenge, but I guess you should wait for that. This time I kept it classic, and tried to dress myself as Cher. 

If you want to make a clueless outfit you should definitely visit PuppyMONEY and request one of her so affordable designs. You can even order it on the colours you want and choose whether you want a jacket or a crop top or a skirt, or everything. Click here to visit her. 

Spotted: Aby400

Ever since I discovered Aby400 on stardoll I've visited her frequently just to see her looks. I totally love her style, there's not even a single outfit of hers I have not liked. That's why I decided that she was the best choice for my first Spotted post even if my sister had already show you what she can do before. 
I love everything about this outfit, everything matches perfectly in an effortlessly way and looks so elegant.


Seen on FM-Style: Join the Army!

Hello everyone! 
We said somewhere that we were gonna include the best work of our contestants on FM-Style, our club, but we kind of forget that. There's no mistake that can't be solved, so here I am, solving ours. 
Here you have a new section: "Seen on FM-Style". Here we will share with you what our contestants do on the club, but only the best of the best. 

We are currently on Cycle 7, and for the 1st task, that was 3 weeks ago, the theme was militar. Is a trend that we've seen in some shows of Fall/Winter 2014-15, as Balmain or Versace



The contestants that surprised us with their outfits and received the highest marks were:

whereisalice was the winner of the task apporting us a rockish almost all black militar outfit. 

Green_Eye_Angel instead aimed for a lady version but with the right accesories for making it militar, like the boots, jacket or those necklaces. 


Spotted: SofiaKarlsson

I've always loved that coat, however it's difficult to use without falling on the basic all black and the coat, cause it's such a statement piece. Sofia managed to create an outfit looking casual but elegant. As I said, the coat usually catches all the atenttion, but adding this tights and shirt with necklace, somehow you see the full outfit and not only the coat. Maybe this outfit of hers convince me to finally purchase that coat that has been ages on my wishlist? 

Store Statement: Nelly

Who would have thought that we will have another collection from Nelly so soon? As the previous collections, there are some good pieces, and considering there's only one floor, the majority of items and nice and very wearable. The prizes are ok, a little expensive, but like the rest of shops on Stardoll these days. See the new floor for yourselves:

It seems like Stardoll is really considering gus lately, as in every new collection they're dropping some guys clothes, which I think is great. Why allowing us to have male dolls when they aren't enough clothes for guys? It didn't make sense. Now it does a little more.

I'm not very keen on the shoes, there's something wrong with all of them, a little weird. And the dresses, same. It's the shape or that black colour that is not pure black? I don't know, but something makes me don't wanna buy it. The rest are pices that we coud all wear in a easy way, despite that horrible bag that in our dolls is even bigger than on the mannequin.

Anyway, my top choices are:

I don't want to leave you without some outfits made by me, so here we go. I have to say that I wasn't very inspired today, and this was more to fill the post than because I actually wanted to create Nelly outfits, but I think the result is fine.

All items from Nelly

Street Style

The other day I saw that cute jumpsuit that I got from Callie's Picks and I realised I've only worn it once, so I decided to give it a second try. Let me say that I prefer that second one much more than the first one. This is more my style, the other I did was more like a bohemian look. Instead, that black jumpsuit combined with silver accesories and red looks a little punk, and I love how that style suites with my dolls hair. For providing some elegance and not just a punk outfit, I used those Louboutins (that believe it or not I've worn very few times too) and that silver purse. I love how those two items contrast with the rest of the outfit! 


Store Statement: Callie's Picks

The new Callie's Picks floors are here I love the slogan of that collection: Reddy for fall, it's hilarious! However I can't say the same about the clothes. There's some pretty great items, like the Givenchy bag, and some other stuff, but in general it's a pretty bad collection. See for yourselves, here I leave you pics from the red sea that is the store:

As I said there are some good items, but as there are so few I bought them directly, without thinking. I hope I can make various outfits with them and not use them just once. Here they are the MUST HAVES, that are already waiting for me in my suite:

And last but not least, some outfit I made on the plaza with items from the collection that I hope you like. I didn't want to make it all red. Not that I don't like it, but it's just not my style.

Spotted: MissJimni1990

This is an example of how to style that new fur jacket from Nelly and those gorgeous new pants from OF (Original Future). I love how MissJimni1990 has created that glam but rocker outfit, all at the same time. All in black, some silvery details, and then that great jacket. Everything fits perfectly, the leather pants and the mesh top are the edgy parts of the outfit, but combined to those classy heels they lose their punk vibe to fill us with elegance. 


Street Style

Judith says, Mireia does. I love that idea of hers of using this key holder as an earring, so I did! 

Anyway, this past days I could't stop watching One Tree Hill (or should I say WE couldn't stop...). I don't know if you have seen it, as it's a kind of a past TV serie, or if you ever heard of it. Lately, I've been loving it so much! I love almost every character, but my favorite has to be Peyton Sawyer. She's so full of character and such a strong woman! 

I had this tee saved in the storage (where I keep my ugly clothes) and decided to give it a try some days ago. I left it on my not used items room and today, after a marathon of One Tree Hill, when I was dressing my doll, I saw it and remind me so much of Peyton. So, I tried to make an outfit very Peyton's style (until season 3) adapted to nowadays obviously. The final touch was the key-holder-one-earring-thing that I had to include to honor my beloved sister and partner in crime in everythin' we do. 

Styled: Mirdith

New section! I have to say this came out of pure coincidence. I was visiting my sister, Mirdith, and between her clothes I saw this key-ring from Limited Edition and thought it would look so cool as one big earring, like the ones we've seen this season in Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant or Céline.

Louis Vuitton                                                            Céline

Plus she was wearing the perfect hair to rock this new trend, so I decided to create an outfit with it and show it to all of you. And as I usually like to style other stardoll members as I like the clothes they have, I thought why don't share those stylings in the blog? And the next thing, this section was founded. 

Anyway here's the outfit I made for Mireia, very minimalistic but with statement pieces like the earring or those Balmain inspired booties.


Store Statement: Nelly.com

A new collection of Nelly.com is out! As you already know and as Stardoll announces proudly, Nelly is a real brand that sells clothes on the internet. Most of the internet brands like Nelly, Asos or Nasty Gal sell a really wide variety of trendy clothes, so having the brand at Starplaza it's definitely a good thing. So if I had to list all my favourite items of the new collection it would be a really long post, but what I CAN do is share with all of you my Top 5.

1. Black and white cardigan 26sd
2. Love fighter leans 18sd
3. Mindy crop top 14sd
4. Everyday bag 13sd
5. Platform ankle strap pump 10sd

The beauties of the new collection of Nelly.com don't end here, though. Here are some cool outfits you can make with the new clothes.

All items from Nelly.com


Store Statement: Original Future

O - M - G ! 
I LOVE this new collection from Original Furute! Is all about "Elevated Sportswear" and I love it so much! I'm totally a fan of comfortable fashion, and I love that sporty meets elegant kind of style, and this collection is all about it! See it for yourselves, here's the new store: 

Ok, not new store, more about like new collection. Anyway, don't you just love it? The only things I don't like is those two things with cheetah print, and it's due to the print because if not they would be gorgeous! I don't like the Prada or Chanel inspired things either, nor the leg-warmers and black unfasten boots, but all the rest... I would buy it all if I could! As the economy is not in its high point around here, this is my selection: 

I'm still fascinated for how much I like this, it's been a while since Stardoll launched clothes that make me want it all. I couldn't resist to do some quick outfits with my favorites, that I will happily share with you. Hope you like them! 



Street Style

I wanted to wear this gladiators since they came out. I love them and I don't know why. Maybe is that track sole I'm so obsessed with? Probably. 

I don't know if you suffer from the same illness I have, but when I like something so much,  it takes me ages to style an outfit with it. I want it to look as good as the shoes, and every outfit I do it seems an average outfit to me. So, I spent hours until I find something I like. Anyway, I love this Céline tee and I think it's a great choice to combine with the gladiators. 


Spotted: moiragrog

I'll be honest with you. I've never visited moiragrog until yesterday, but what I saw will make me visit her in the future. I mean, look at that outfit! She has combined a lot of different items, and using pieces that I've never seen before, like the coat, that makes me want to have it too. The sunglasses are two combined, so are the shoes. And the same with the skirt and shirt. Even the socks are another shoes! Great imagination, great creation, great outfit! 


Street Style

For me, one of the biggest challenges in stardoll is creating an outfit that I like and it's not very simple with dresses like the one I'm wearing here, those ones with which you can only add a few items cause if not the outfit looks too much over the top. I came with the idea of combining it with this denim jacket and I'm very happy with the result! It adds an edgy touch to a very vintage look. Hope you like my today's outfit too! ;)

P.D: Just while I was writing this lines a lot of ideas have appeared in my mind of ways to style that dress. Let's see if they are good ideas and this dress appears again in this blog. 

Sisters' Style: Hot Buys Black Ripped Hotpants

A new Hot Buys came out today and my sister bought it right away. She loves those shorts! It was her idea to make a post styling them together, in fact. So here we are, the two of us, each one wearing this ripped shorts in her own way. Mireia (mirdith) let her rock and edgy side came out and styled them with black clothes and leopard. Me, I went for a casual look: shirt, jumper and shorts with sneakers, something I could totally wear to school, but then give it an elegant touch with a silvery-white bag and a pearls necklace. 

I think is in these posts where we show our personal style more, where we show you how we really dress in reality, as the clue of this Sisters' Style post is to show you guys how different can look the same piece in different outfits and for that we let ourselves go and trust in our personal instincts.

Do you like too these Hot Buys Shorts? Are you buying them? How will you style them? You can post your own way of wearing them here in the comments, I would love to see more different outfits!