Seen on FM-Style: Front Row

Hello again! Today the review for the third task of FM-Style's Cycle 14 arrives!
As I'm writing this, we are on a week break from the cycle. Contestants are having almost two weeks instead of one to deliver Task 6. And while they were working on their outfits... I was creating something else... a brand new blog for Inspiration Albums! I used a Tumblr, cause it's very useful for photography and I quite love the final result. I hope contestants like it too!

Here it is.... FM-Style Inspiration !
This is a little preview of how it looks like now (denim blue jeans, white shirts and little black dresses is the theme for Task 6 as you will see in some future posts):


That being said, let's jump to what is more important... the review.

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on Stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We got to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Welcome to the first ever #TeamCycle !

Task 3: Front Row

Look for your best clothes and your more original statement pieces cause for this week you're all attending fashion week. You already know how the street style out of a fashion show is, if you want to stand out you have to be BOLD. 

Luckily, you will be accompanied by your team mates. Coordination or not is your choice but you and your team are ATTENDING TOGETHER and with the goal of looking the best.

Inspiration album: http://imgur.com/a/v8ISy

The Stylish Stardoll Sisters tried to show some examples to the contestants: 

Unluckily for the cycle, the team Trinity disappeared from the scene and didn't present anything, being 8 teams left. They delivered the next, with their respective scores: 

1. SHADES - 8.50

2. The Flaming Jalapeño Gang - 7.49

3. The Hex Girls - 7.81

4. Team KAL - 7.62

5. Sarcasm. - 8.19

6. A Team with No Name - 8.00

7. MAC Team - 5.17

8. Just Team 9 - 6.84

I have to say that I was expecting so much more from this task. I don't know if my expectations were to  high, but there was not really a team that make me say WOW. And this time my 3 favorites were, in order: 

- SHADES. I like how each member of the team is doing her own thing with their own colour, but at the same time they look very good together. That's what Judith meant when she said "coordination is optional but you have to look good together".  They are my favorite team for this task. 

- Then we have The Hex Girls. I really love the outfit they made, but that presentation is hurting my eyes so bad. Leaving that behind, their outfits are my second favorite. I just love fur and how they are all incorporating it in their own style and in different items. 

- For the third position I have a very complicated decision and I've been debating it for a while, but since I can't decide I will mention everyone: Team KAL, The Flaming Jalapeño Gang & A Team with No Name. Each of these teams have bold outfits very fashion week material, and they are pretty much coordinated. Even I don't think they are perfect, I can't decide for one better than the other. So this is triple tie for that third position. And no, I'm not having preferences over my teams. At least I try not to. 

See you soon, at Task 4 review!
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Shopping: NEW IN

We have had several new stuff lately on stardoll. New floor of Pearls, MSW store, Nelly.com sales... And I was feeling inspired and on the mood to create outfits today so I decided to bring you this post! :) Here are the three items I have bought lately: a HotBuys top, a scarf from Pearls new collection and this hot pink turtleneck from the Nelly sales.

Technically I'm a little late with the hot pink turtleneck since it's not longer available (the sales are over) but hopefully some of you would have buy it too or already had it and this can inspire you a little bit.

Combining the turtleneck with a kind of sporty look was the first idea that came to my mind for this turtleneck. It's bright colour and it's simple shape makes it great for this style I think. I don't have that many sporty clothes, in fact, I think this pair it's the only sweat pants I have, but I'm quite satisfied with the final look. The bag and top, both bring something to the outfit that makes it more cute than just another sporty outfit. 

My second look is more girly and has kind of an 80's Barbie vibe which I'm enjoying a lot. It was ages since I used that super wide belt and I think it's a perfect match with that skirt and top. Honestly (probably again for its colour) I think this turtleneck looks very good with this girly 80s-90s style, I also tried it with a dress on top and other skirts and I quite like everything, it reminded me of Clueless. 

Third and last look with the turtleneck came out of trying different items. I guess it's also a mixture of the other too, it has a little bit of a sporty and modern vibe but I'm still seeing a little bit of 80's. I usually don't like showing the stomach so much but I think it looks really good with certain items, this top and this pants are one of them. Also, loving the Prada bag!

Next on, the other top. The HotBuys black asymmetric top from Rio. I totally recommend this purchase. It's a basic item with a twist, I'm sure I'm going to end up using a lot. It's really fitted so let's you layer and tuck it under bottoms however you want and the colour shading is really nice (there are some blacks in stardoll that are really annoying when combining, the sweatpants in the first hot pink turtleneck look for example). And also the price it's really reasonable for a HotBuys, which it's definitely a plus!

First idea for the HotBuys top was to combine it with a midi skirt. I was really hoping to pull out a cool outfit with a midi but flattering midi skirt with high boots underneath without showing leg skin. Unfortunately I don't own almost any midi skirt and it was impossible for me to pull that off, so I went for something similar but with shorter skirt and shorter boots. I like the final result but it's worse than how I wanted it to be. It kind of combines a 50's vibe (it seems like today I'm very into other eras vibes ahhahaha) with a modern touch.

Another idea I had in my mind for this top was combine it with something vinyl. I have a skirt from PPQ of this material that I also tried on and it looked really good but I preferred to use this pants instead, which I haven't worn in a long time plus they were more interesting to match. Not sure of how I would define the style of the outfit that came out, punk meets purple? But yeah, chains and studs, sneakers and aviator glasses, preppy hat with purple scarf... No limits! Which is a good way to show that this top goes practically with anything you want, like I said, a basic (MUST HAVE) with a twist.

The third look it's my least favourite. In fact if I wasn't so fed up by now of creating outfits I would repeat it, but I want to end this already so there it is. I wanted to go for a total black look for the top but ended up adding that jacket and the rest is history. I don't even think it's worth a name so I'll just refer to it as total black failure

And to end this post my favourite item out of the three, the scarf. Why? For so many reasons! It's nice, it's super cheap and it's EXTREMELY versatile. Like literally, you can place it almost anywhere and it's the perfect finishing touch. As you can see I went for it's original position, as a belt and tied on the arm, but there are so many possibilities! On a bag, on a jacket, on your wrist... 

First look, no items from Millionaire Mansion but totally reminds me of it. So if you want to fake a Millionaire Mansion style here's what you need to go for. I like the combination of white blazer with white dress and white belt on top, the rest of the look it's a bit more "meh" and reminds me as well of an air hostess now that I look at it, but well it's still nice.

Second look, featuring the scarf as a belt. Definitely will be using this more times! I love the effect of the scarf with blue denim jeans and brings a nice pop of colour to the outfit. Also it makes me wish that I had a similar shirt in real life cause I would totally wear this, casual and comfortable but still cool.

The last look was supposed to be featuring the scarf as nice addition, Hermès style, to a bag. Don't know why I tried that dress with the Saint Laurent coat but I'm extremely happy I did cause it's what brought me the idea of putting the scarf on the arm and I totally love it! It reminds me of (WARNING! another era vibe about to come) 40's fashion with the coat, collared dress and the slight military vibes that the scarf on the arm brings, but obviously with a modern twist (hello sneakers and sunglasses!). I'm in love with the final result an is probably my favourite look out of this post. 

And this are all my new and latest additions to my closet! All with very good prices and very good items in my opinion! Hope this was interesting or inspiring for you! ;)


Seen on FM-Style: Basic Bitch

Hello again and welcome to the review of the 2nd Task of Cycle 14! 
Apparently Judith was feeling so bad for not helping me write these reviews that she decided to upgrade the banner I had created. Well, thank you Judith, for ALL your help... 😒 

Jokes apart, I really like Judith's creation. Before getting into the topic I apologize for those sensitive ears (or eyes in this case) for the tittle of task 2. And why I'm taking all this time to write the intro? I don't know... 

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We got to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Let me stop with the boring chit chat and let's go right into the business.

Task 2: Basic Bitch

How did task 1 go? Did you agree easily on everything? Cause here comes another decision to make together! This time you have to pick one item of the BASICS store in Starplaza (any collection, only condition: it has to still be available) per team, and each member will create a different outfit with it. Coordination or not coordination it's up to you, whatever you think looks best for when you deliver your team task. 

Make sure to state in the task topic which item from BASICS are you picking once you've decided. Two or more teams can use the same item (repetition it's allowed) but you expose yourselves to be compared at the time of judging, so better if everyone knows which item is everyone doing. 

Inspiration Album: N/A

This is what the Stylish Stardoll Sisters presented as examples for the contestants:

I don't know why I didn't think about that before, but together with each team entry I'm adding the score they got from the judges, so you can judge yourselves as well, and decide if it's fair or not and that kinda stuff (you can comment your thoughts on a section down below called: "comments"). I added the scores on the previous task as well (Seen on FM-Style: This Is Us). But well, this is what the 9 teams presented (click on the images for full-size)

1. The Trinity - 9.88

2. SHADES - 8.25

3. The Flaming Jalapeño Gang - 9.33

4. The Hex Girls - 8.08

5. Team KAL - 7.08

6. Sarcasm. - 6.50

7. A Team with No Name - 9.58

8. MAC Team - 7.08

9. Just Team 9 - 6.83

Time for favorites!

- The Trinity totally surprised us with those primary colours mixed with grey, delivering super coordinated and vintage elegant vibe outfits for what resembled an easy task. Amazing work! 

- Then we have The Flaming Jalapeño Gang with their flamenco vibes in red and black, and choosing a bold item to coordinated themselves with instead of a basic piece, like all the rest did. Kudos! 

- And finally, A Team with No Name, with black, white and blue and super original shapes, creating new pieces and resulting in super original and edgy outfits. 

See you on the next post about Task 3! 
and... join FM-Style! 😉

(Judith almost kills me last time for not using this FM-Style banner, I'm safe now)


Seen on FM-Style: This Is Us

Hello beloved readers!
After four weeks already into the cycle you might be thinking that reviews weren't going to be made, right? You were wrong!! I've wanted to start typing about Cycle 14, for weeks! I didn't have the time before, but I have it now.

This reviews will all be made by me (Mireia), unless Judith wants to take part in one some day. It will be a little different than before.

If you want to follow the cycle closely you will need to join the club FM-Style on stardoll. To show you a little of what's going on in case you don't know the fashion competitions we host there on the club, this time we have a special cycle (Cycle 14 omg, we're getting old). We get to 600 members, and to celebrate that we're hosting a team cycle, meaning contestants don't take part individually but in teams, forcing them to work together and deliver kind of coordinated entries.

Without further ado, let's jump right into Task 1.

Task 1: This Is Us

Welcome everyone to the Team Cycle!! First task is for warming up, for getting to know your teammates (if you don't know them yet) and start encouraging team work and making decisions together. This is your presentation task

First of all, you need to pick a name for your team. No rules here, a name that sounds cool for the three of your and to which you feel identified or whatever. 

Second, you need to create each one an outfit for this little presentation. This outfit can have relation with the name of the team or not at all, but what it is obligatory in this task is COORDINATION. The three outfits must be coordinated. Each one of you can do the outfit in your own style but make sure there's something that matches with your teammates (if it's not style it can be colours, shapes, similarity of items, etc.). Imagine it as a group ID.

Inspiration album: http://imgur.com/a/DsFGN

For this new reviews, I would like to show you first how the Stylish Stardoll Sisters would have addressed the task (individually). As judges, we provide examples for the contestants, and these are our attempt to present ourselves.

With this task, each team presented themselves, and we got to 10 teams:

1. The Trinity - 8.60

2. SHADES - 9.14

3. The Flaming Jalapeño Gang - 7.89

4. The Hex Girls - 7.85

5. Team KAL - 7.04

6. Sarcasm. - 6.73

7. A Team with No Name - 7.38

8. MAC Team - 7.05

9. Just Team 9 - 4.93

10. B-SIDES - 8.54

However, we already lost some participants and some teams were re-organized for the next task, as you will see on the next post about Task 2. 

My personal favorites of this task, being totally impartial and not having preferences over the teams that I coach, were: SHADES (B.E.A.T.K.A + Lawliet. + FedericoMosi), The Trinity (Isabella8103 + blinnes + minaj131) & The Hex Girls (oayes + kickherout + cami-camilla). Let's not forget the amazing work all by o397 on her own team B-Sides.

Next... Task 2!
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