Store Statement: Limited Edition

Last Friday a new LE collection came out. With quite a good selection of items in my opinion and of very good graphics, I'm really satisfied with the graphics. Aaaand... They released again another version of the Vetements jeans. I think it was enough after two of them in the last two LE collections and a black version in the Gift-O-Meter but it seems Stardoll is still obsessed with them.
Here's what the two new floors look like (although most of the things are already sold out now).

Unluckily I was at class when the collection was released and get home too late for my favourite items, so I ended up not buying anything, it wasn't worth it paying for a Superstar membership for what was left. But here it is my selection of the items I liked the most! (The interior rooms are quite nice too).

And last but not least, some of the lucky and stylish dolls out there who got their hands on the limited clothes.

In order of appearance: Mery.- wearing LE Silk Midi Dress and Pantashoes; janetteLow wearing LE Lace Bralette and bornthiswaay wearing LE Striped Wide Leg Pants and Pantashoes.

In order of appearance: oayes wearing LE YSL Inspired Sweetheart Blouse, SS2017 Handbag and Velvet Chokermangunmeetan wearing LE Nude Tulle Top and Nude Tulle Skirt and Vuides. wearing LE Pantashoes.


Street Style


Splendorous: Affordable Make Up (II)

If you remember, last month year I did a post about Affordable Make Up, consisting in buying the minimum amount of make up to create different looks spending the less amount of Stardollars possible.

First, you will need to prep your face. I won't copy/paste the things I said, I will just give you the link to the previous part: Affordable Make Up (I)

Okay, and once you have your face contoured and highlighted, with long lashes and fuller brows... Let's start!

Neutral, brown tones
This look consists on a natural make up, but something evident. Meaning that you can notice you're wearing make up. It can go with more sophisticated looks for the day. I will do that with brown tones.

You will need:

- Eyes
This time the eyeshadow must be noticeable. We start with a mid brown (a little darker if your doll has darker skin) adding it from the middle of the eye to the end and putting it above the crease, with only one layer. I'm using Dot Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow. Then with the same shadow we apply multiple layers only on the lid, the closest we can add it to the lash line. Next step is adding some glow to the inner corner, so we use the same white shadow we used on the first part (Dot Royal White Eyeshadow) just on the inner corner.

We are using some eyeliner this time as well. And what's more necessary than a black liquid eyeliner for creating a perfect wing? Nothing, let me tell you. It improves ANY make up look. I'm using the Dot Black Madness Eyeliner to create a thin wing. To do that I start from the wing, clicking on the upper part and slowly going down until it draws the line on my doll. Then I elongate it until the mid lid. And finally, the last step for the eyes: a little bit of white on the bottom part of the eye, to illuminate the look. We can use the same white eye pencil as on the first part (Dot Royal White Eyepencil).

- Lips
Again, we can use one of the free lipstick that the Beauty Parlor provides us for this look. Beauty Parlor > Face & Body > Mouth. Instead of going for nude lips, this time we will add a little tan shade on the lips. The best one to do that is the second one starting on the right.

Bold, red lips
The one for the night. Obviously you can wear it for the day as well (check my Splendorous post about red lips clicking here), there are a lot of different options when we're talking about make up. The thing is that here, the lips are the center of attention, in a dark colour for being very visible during the night.

The things you need are:

- Eyes
As the lips are the feature that is going to be very bright, we will do just some shadowing on the eyes. We can use the same Dot Milk Chocolate Eyeshadow that we used on the previous look on the corner of the eyes to add some deepness and then just add a little white eyeliner (Dot Royal White Eyepencil) on the inner corner. To top it all off, lots of mascara to elongate the upper lashes and using it on the bottom lashes as well, using the same mascara we used to prep the face (Dot Black Madness Mascara). If you own fake eyelashes you could add them as well, to give more power to the look.

- Lips
The only trick for the lips is to go full red. Just visit the Starplaza and choose the red shade you like most. My advice? Don't go for a very bright one or for a very dark one, cause eventually you will get tired of it. Instead, choose for a mid-red, powerful but nice. My favorite is Dot Red Velvet Lipstick.

And that will be all! This is in my opinion, the BASIC MAKE UP PACK you should have in your Beauty Parlors, or something similar. In total, only 49 SD ! 


Sisters' Style: Starpoint Rewards Chic Cornblue Coat

Hey hey hey! First of all shout out to GOM and Starpoint Rewards items for keeping our Sisters' Style posts alive. In today's post I introduce you to this light blue half shirt, half jacket.

I was about to resign with this one and never wear it. I was so lost at how to combine it, but the other day I decided to give it its last chance and found in my wardrobe this wide leg jeans of almost the exact same blue, and I went for it. I really like the folded sleeves of the sweater popping out underneath and the brown/gold pop of colour of the bag and sunglasses. To be honest I'm quite satisfied with the final result.

Mireia's look is more trendy and juvenile (her real life style is also more juvenile than mine even if she's older than me). Her exact words were (and I'm quoting cause I thought it was funny and accurate) "mine is more modern, you look like a mum". As you can see she also combined it with white. The blue shade of the jacket it's really light so it looks really nice with light colours, and whats lighter than white? She matched it also with silver shades and transparencies in her shoes and top. The transparencies, ripped jeans and funny glasses give her an effortless young vibe which she finished off with more glamorous elements like the Chanel bag and necklace. I think it's a nice combination.

Even if both our looks are similar in colours they look really different from each other and I quite like both of them. So here it is, same item two different styles, exactly what the Sisters' Style posts are about. As always you can find out more about our two outfits and...


Spotted: the_chuba

the_chuba. You may have seen her on the weekly Seen on FM-Style posts, but here it is a gorgeous look out of the competition I caught Monika wearing when I came by her suite. And what is she wearing? Not only one, but two monthly HotBuys, and I love it so much. It's actually something similar to what I had in mind when it came the time to style the sweatshirt (the poll is coming tomorrow), but I wasn't able to do it. She did, and the final result is amazing. No wonder she is one of the finalists of Cycle 13. Totally deserved. Keep doing what you're doing Monika, we love your outfits!


Seen on FM-Style: Beautiful People

Everywhere everywhere
Everywhere I go
Everywhere that I've been
The only thing I see is
Is beautiful people

For this task, the semifinalists had to create two looks for the Fashion Week that has just happened, Fall/Winter 17-18. They had to choose two shows they could attend, and they were all smart enough to choose one on the morning and one on the evening, as it was the easiest thing to do to have time to attend both being able to change clothes to do so. The clothes needed to be appropriate for the shows they were attending. And so, they all chose Paris Fashion Week, the most glamorous and prestigious fashion week of the world. 

I like to imagine this as if FM-Style was a fashion website that needed to cover the Fashion Week. Then we sent our best "reporters" and they have to play the part as well. So, on the 3rd of March, our girl Alicjia (alusiak123), attended the Loewe show at 9:30 am. Then she went for brunch with some business partners and went back to the hotel to get ready for the second show of the day she had to attend, Yohji Yamamoto, at 8:30 pm. She did a great job, in fact she was one of the best dressed between our collaborators, so we know for sure we want her for our next project. 

Letícia (leiona_-) arrived to Paris on the 4th of March, she went out for some cocktails with some other fashion celebs,  and then on the next day she was getting ready for Balenciaga at 10:30 am. After the show she went for lunch with her contacts in Givenchy, that later on carried her to the showroom of the brand, where she met and interviewed Riccardo Tisci. There she chose her look for the evening show, at 8:00 pm, and after that she went to the after party with all the other front-row people. Definitely she caught the eye of the photographers, so we want her as well for the next project.

Monika (the_chuba) arrived on the 5th of March, she did some shopping during the day, and went to the hotel early to prepare her outfits for the next day, as she had two shows to attend to. She prepared her outfits and got some beauty sleep. She got ready early in the morning and after a nice breakfast with some old fashion friends, she went to the Stella McCartney show, which was happening at 10:00 am, first show of the day. She went for lunch with Stella herself, and discussed some related to the future events and after that, she went back to the hotel to get ready for the second show: Alexander McQueen at 8:00 pm. Once the show had finished she had to go quickly as we were already demanding her for the next project.

Unfortunately, our 4th collaborator, Stefan (sweet_gal11) got other business thing to do, and couldn't attend as planned the shows of March 4th. As he seemed very busy, we decided to prescind from him for the next project. 

Okay, that's all. Yes, I invented a whole story for doing this recap, but as you may have guessed (or not) about the final sentence of each person, my favorites are in order: Alicja did a wonderful job, very professional which got her the highest score. Letícia did a great job as well, very fashionable and on trend, which got her the second position on this task. Finally, Monika did good, but not as surprising as the other girls, which got her the last position on this task. However, nothing is decided for the final, where our 3 final contestants will fight for the first position! 

But relax, we're going on vacation! 


Spotted: jjgangstevenjj

When I saw that sweatshirt inspired in Vetements, its red color, the huge sleeves... I instantly loved it and needed it in my closet. I wanted to buy it and make an outfit with it, but I didn't have the time. Today I was visiting suites in the good Stardoll World, and I came across jjgangstevenjj! What a delight to my eyes to see this sweatshirt styled so beautifully! I love it so much! The combined pants look perfect with the sweatshirt and the white details are to die for. Look at that huge white shirt? Perfect, perfect, perfect. And the top of the cupcake (I don't know it that saying exists, but I'm using it anyway), that loosen bag. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Even the sunglasses and the earring, is like I'm loving every single part of this outfit that has been so carefully put together. 



Seen On FM-Style: Dilemma

And there were four. 

Ok, let's go back a little bit. This past week the contestants had to deliver one outfit but mixing two opposite styles and then becoming semifinalists of Cycle 13 depended on how well they did it. No pressures. None at all.

I'm not going to wait till the end of the post to tell you who did not make it. I'm telling you now. Andrea did not submit her entry, so that leaves us already with the four semifinalists, and I'm going to present them to you in order of what I liked the most this week.

That said, our first semifinalist is...
Letícia! A.k.a leiona_-

With Fenty x Puma as inspiration Letícia delivered a perfect outfit mixing Elegant and Swag. As I told her in my feedback her outfit it's so well balanced that you can't even tell apart the elegant and swag even though you can clearly see how it fits both styles.

Our second semifinalist is...
Stefan! A.k.a Sweet_gal11

Stefan had what some judges considered one of the most difficult pair of opposite styles but he managed to succeed! He created this ABSOLUTELY beautiful dress with big sleeves that it's exotic in colours and pattern but super minimalistic in shape and ended the outfit with a great choice of accessories.

Our third semifinalist is... 
Monika! A.k.a The_chuba

Monika's take on Business woman & Sporty was based in a black and white outfit and the perfect mixing of brands. Vetements t-shirt, Adidas superstar sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag... Her doll looks fabulous in this office ensemble with just the perfect amount of sporty elements to make it comfortable fashionable.

And last but not least, our fourth semifinalist is...
Alicja! A.k.a alusiak123

On her mixture of Vintage & Trendy Alicja did an outfit inspired by Celine. Though the inspiration was a good reference for the two styles her outfit came out being more noticeable the vintage part instead of both equally. Still her outfit is really nice and her several entries throughout the cycle make her spot in the semifinal completely worth it.

Congratulations to the four of them!

Fashion week it's not over on FM-Style so be ready for amazing outfits!


Spotted: GossipGirlSBC

Our two outfits styling this new HotBuys earrings is going to be posted tomorrow, but meanwhile here's another example. I can already tell you in advance that GossipGirlSBC did a much better job than us. I'm obsessed about this look, everything (even the tiniest detail) it's perfect. I'm talking about the two belts, the fishnet tights under the pants, the layered top with those extra large sleeves... And that "YOU" made with Stardesigning finishes it off and knocks me out. And by the way, I'm amazed too at how well she styled these old clothes with worse graphics (jeans and sneakers) in such a cool way. 10! 10! 10!


Seen on FM-Style: Starving

I didn't know I was starving until I... joined FM-Style ;) 

Hello, hello everyone! And here we are again! Another week, another review on this blog about our favorite club: FM-Style. Am I allowed to say that...? Anyway, this time the task was very tasty. Why, you may ask? Because it was all about creating an outfit inspired by food. As always, they could not forget the fashion part and in my opinion, Judith submitted the perfect example. Just look at that red velvet cake and those red velvet boots. 😍😍😍
JUDITH'S EDIT: Wow that's really nice sis! Thanks for featuring my example! :) But what are you doing here? It was my turn to do the review... Well since you're so eager to do it I'm going to let you finish.

But we're not here to talk about Judith. Judith is always here. (JUDITH'S EDIT: I am. Literally) By the way, have you seen the last post she did? I loved it! And if you want her to do more of those you just have to show some love on the post. It's a "possible" new section called: Starcoin Treasures, and the first post is about dresses. Click here to see it. JUDITH'S EDIT: Wow so many compliments to Judith. I swear she didn't know I was going to edit this post with my comments!

But, back to the task, my total favorite this week has been Alicja (alusiak123) and her take on a Chinese take out box, creating the perfect outfit for representing it. Just look at all the detailing, the tattoos, the red clutch, even the chef shirt... Is like she paid attention to absolutely everything. Bravo! JUDITH'S EDIT: Alicja it's my favourite this week too! LOVE HER OUTFIT!

Then, next to Alicjia, we have Monika (the_chuba) and her take on cute pink food, like cotton candy and pink lemonade. She did a perfect background for the outfit and her outfit totally goes with it. Perfect for a fashion magazine as Judith (JUDITH'S EDIT: Today I'm EVERYWHERE!) pointed out in her judgement. Last but not least, another outfit that has been really liked from the judges is this one from Letícia (leiona_-). Instead of going for a food, she put herself in the position of a food seller, which is great, different and what is most important, she created a great outfit for it, that is what we value.  
JUDITH'S EDIT: Letícia and Monika were both in a tie for my second favourites this week.


And that it's all for today! This is getting closer to the end and now the level is high, so high that a little mistake can get you out. At this point of the competition is always sad to eliminate people, but what is a competition with no elimination? It can't be and the one who got the lowest score in this task was Beata (B.E.A.T.K.A) an amazing stylish girl... Is sad, but it's life (JUDITH'S EDIT: So saaaaad!!! 😭😭😭). This is how the Contestants Board looks like now: 

Let's not get crazy for next week, remember that opposites attract!