What keeps Stardoll interesting

I haven't been active in stardoll or the blog lately and I thought I owed you an explanation.

As you may already know my sister, Mireia, has gone to study abroad for five months. This means she is really busy and barely has time for stardoll or blogging. As for me I tried at first to keep the blog active and bring at least one new post everyday, but every time it felt more like an obligation instead of something funny and entertaining. Now I've come to a point where I'd rather spent my time in other activities instead of logging in stardoll. 

The reason of my change of interest it's the absence of my sister. For me, what kept stardoll interesting was organising or judging cycles at FM-Style and of course this blog. But with my sister gone there's no new FM-Style cycle (for the moment) and blogging feels boring when I'm the only one posting.

I'm not saying goodbye to stardoll for good. I'm just explaining the reasons behind my actual inactivity. I hope you understand and wait eagerly, as me, for the day when my sister comes back and stardoll becomes fun and exciting again. 


Street Style

Sorry for not having been very active lately. You already know Mireia is busy and well I've been pretty occupied this week too. Let's see if next week I'm free to bring a lot of new content to the blog!


Splendorous: 4 Looks with Red Lips

Red lips are for me a thing that you don't see that much on the street but that can totally change how an outfit looks. When I see someone with bright red lips on the light of the day, for me represents strength and confidence. When night arrives though, red lips are more common, showing elegance and fierceness. That's why in this post,  I'm going to show you different make ups with different tones of red lips. Let's see if we can see more strength and fierce dolls around dollywood!

1. Natural
For an everyday make up with a hint of red. Only add one layer of a not very intense red lipstick, some natural bronzer on the cheeks and two layers of mascara. No need of doing anything to your hair, but keeping some locks away of the face will make a more dreamy red color.

2. Intense
If you want to wear an intense red lipstick during the day you have to make sure that you don't wear too much make up, because it would look overdosed. So just apply some mascara, maybe some white eyeliner for intensifying the look, and a hint of red blush.  

3. Bright red
For a glamorous night look, maybe a total black outfit where you want to show color only on the face. First things first: hair backwards, let everyone see your super bright red lipstick. Add some blush for contouring and let yourself play with some shadows, but without using too much. Here I used some brown shadows to give profundity to the look, and then finished with some eyeliner made with black eyeshadow. Don't forget your fake eyelashes! 

4. Dark red
You can combine it in the Dolce & Gabbana way, at least that's how I like to call it. Cat-eye, some white eye shadow on the corner, lashes on and blush on the cheeks. You're done, elegant different and ready to rock the night! You can even add some neutral shadows, but be careful of not overdosing, even if it's for the night. 

Which is your favorite look? How would you wear red lips on your everyday make up? And for the night? 


Store Statement: MSW 15

The anual Miss Stardoll World competition has begun. This has two consequences: 1. Multiple stardoll members campaigning to get votes; and 2. A new MSW store.
Here, in The SSS, we're going to talk about the second consequence but taking a look first to this new opening.

This year's MSW store has disappointed me. I was expecting more casual and wearable clothes between all those gowns, plus there's only one item by starcoins (a silver belt) which I don't even like. I've got in my wardrobe some items by SC bought at previous MSW stores that are quite cool, but it looks like that story is not repeating. Anyway there are still some items which are fine, here it's my top 3:
And last but not least I bring you three outfits with the new items I did for this Store Statement that made my opinion about the new store a little more positive.


Street Style

Surrounded by Trends: Vest

- Spring Summer 2015 - 

SEEN AT: Givenchy, Balmain, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, Acne Studios, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci...

WHERE TO BUY: Original Future, Nelly.com, Fallen Angel, Bonjour Bizou, The Jet Set...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: Vgnails


Simulating: Leandra Medine

Okay, so this post has take so much longer that what you might think. I've been thinking of doing another simulating for a long time but couldn't think of the right persone to "simulate". When I finally decided I wanted to do Leandra Medine the difficulty became finding an outfit in which her clothes could be available at Starplaza. Making this simulating has left me, in fact, a feeling that the clothes offer currently in starplaza lacks some basic items. I mean, where's the basic white shirt? Not to mention all the trends they could add.

Anyway, going back to the topic. Leandra is one of the writers of the successful blog Man Repeller. I must admit that I'm not a reader of the blog, however there hasn't been (yet) a single outfit of Leandra I saw in street style blogs I didn't like. So that's why I decided that simulating her might be interesting. And I do enjoy the final result. Although it took me time to find and outfit I could imitate and that was cool, in the end it was worth it.

(The shoes weren't visible with her pants so I just picked a pair that I liked how it looked with the rest of the outfit.)