Street Style

I was in the mood for something sweet and soft. You're probably will be seeing a lot of outfits similar to this one cause I looove pastel colours!
Hope you like it and feel free to comment what you like or dislike!


Some Advertising: NEW PARTNER!

Good news!
We've stablished a partnership with the one and only Green_Eye_Angel and her fabulous Stardoll blog, called Skeletons of a Medoll

I fell in love with Skeletons of a Medoll since the first time I visited. It's clear that Green_Eye_Angel clearly knows about fashion, and she shows it with unique outfits. She has different sections on her blog, some very new. You can find there:

- How she styles her entire and huge stardoll closet, along with a little story about the piece she's styling on real life: Wear it all challenge
- Her everyday outfits: OOTD
- Reviews of the stores: HAUL

All of them are written very carefully, I really do admire how well she expresses herself! So, don't hesitate and visit and follow it. You can go there clicking on the image above or accessing from our Partner's section

Green_Eye_Angel loves mixing and matching and it's shown in her posts. Also, you may have seen her around this blog, as she competed on Cycle 7 of FM-Style, and got good scores various times. 

Here they are the last two posts on her blog: 

- OOTD: Immortal Beloved. She shares with us a look she created with several pieces for the perfect medieval gown. Flawless!

- Haul: Callie’s Picks - Immortal Kiss. Review of the new floors in Callie's Picks. She puts together all the items she buys and comment them one by one. Love the honesty of her words, where she praise the good things and admits the bad ones. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and have a look! :) 

P.S. She has the disqus comment section, so it's easy for you to let her know what you think of her marvelous job.  

Shopping: Cupcake Form Top

I don't know about you, but I always buy almost everything they release in starcoins. I mean, what do I want the starcoins for? All the pretty things are for stardollars, and I accumulate amounts of those annoying blue/purple coins for no reason. So, when I see a new item for starcoins I buy it without thinking if I like it or not. I love trying to make a good use of things I don't really like.

That is what happened with this top from Pretty n' Love, available for 150 sd (a bit pricey, as is the equivalent to 15 sd). I hate the combination of pink and red, but I like the form of the top. So I immediately thought of using it as a pleated skirt. 

As I don't like the red-pink, in every outfit I did I covered the red part of the top. I want to show you what you can do with this top, using it as a top and as a skirt. I created one outfit combining it with white and other with black. Let me know which one do you like most on the comment section :) 

As Top:

As Pleated Skirt:


Street Style

Today, on my way to the gym I saw that on some streets in my city they have already hung the Christmas lights, so beautiful! Even if it's still really hot in here it made me think of wintery outfits so I picked up that leopard coat from my doll's closet and put it on! I went for an elegant look and combined it with a black dress and knee-high boots. Hope you like it! 


Street Style

I've always wanted that dress from Gucci. I never payed for SS before, except for monthly offers. I only had enough stardollars for one piece or two as maximum for when tribute stores came. When the amazing Gucci collection arrived, I bought some pieces but not all I wanted (I think it's my favorite tribute collection ever). I have found Gucci things in Bazaar, but not this dress. So when I won it in a competition... I WAS SO HAPPY! Finally I could use it! 

I didn't want to cover it up, so I only add some accesories to it. And I decided to recreate something that I Hate Blonde would wear. She's a blogger based in New York with a unique style that I love. All her pictures are gorgeous, and I think I managed to do something that looked like her. The plattform shoes are definitely her thing, and let's not talk about those sunglasses. Gosh, I fell in love with them for IHateBlonde, as she wears them in all colours: black, white, pink... If you like my outfit, don't hesitate and pay a visit to her blog. She's also a great writer, I highly recommend it to you. It's not another fashion blog, it has this edginess that makes it special in my opinion. If you know her, or you decide to visit the blog, let me know your opinions in the comments below :) 


Spotted: fernyc

Do I have to say something about this perfect outfit I've just discovered? I think it's not necessary. It has everything I like: the combination of sporty and elegance. That's my favourite style and I can't see a thing I don't like in this. As I like complete outfits I would say that she's missing a bag, but with this coat, who would wear a bag? I mean, I'm sure it has big pockets were you can put your things in, and who wears a bag when you're able to wear none? So, everything is said. Thank you fernyc for delighting our eyes with this magnifique outfit. 

Seen on FM-Style: Opposites Attract

This was a very fun task to organize. We, the Stylish Stardoll Sisters (Judith_25 and myself), decided to do a personalized task. That means that there were specific directions for each contestant. We decided to do this on the 3rd task. The contestants had to dress in the opposite of their style.

We visited everyone one by one, and tried to look at their albums, sceneries, blogs or whatever they had to see a variety of their outfits. All that in order to define their style. We knew several contestants from before the cycle, so it was easy to assign the opposite to those of you who have been on our friends' list for a long time. For the others we made an approximation.

I think it was a a well welcomed task, and that it was fun for everyone to read what we thought it was their style and knew what opposite outfit they had to make.

Now, enough talking and let's see who caught the eye of the judges on this task. Give me a drumroll please...


Green_Eye_Angel: Alexandra mentioned on a previous task that she liked mixing different styles. Also we saw a variety of their outfits in Stardoll Most Wanted blog, all very feminine. That's why we decided to make her create a MASCULINE outfit, thinking as a boy and without mixing. All the judges agreed on her mark, it was unanimous. Congratulations on the best mark! 

whereisalice: What we saw in all the tasks from the previous cycle of Alice was that simple but elegant looks. Also, every time we visited her she was wearing those trendy outfits but without adding too much. For this task we wanted her to do something we rarely have seen her doing: adding a lot of accessories and elements to the outfit, with a lot of colour. That's why we thought she could create an ETHNIC outfit. She didn't disappoint us, and although it's still a little plain and not over the top (which probably is better), almost all the judges gave her the same mark positioning with only one decimal less than Alexandra (Green_Eye_Angel). 

I have to say though, that a lot of other contestants did it great on this task. I'm talking about nikkiGOESrawr, sweet_gal11 and JosephinaA, who all got grades above 8. 


Store Statement: It Girls

New colection! And I have to say that it's only me or Stardoll is getting every day better? I just love some of the pieces, and although I found horrible some others, there are a lot of items I would love to buy. Here's how the new floor looks like:

And here there are some outfits I've made with some of my favorite pieces. I'm sorry I don't have time to write more and talk about everything and post my must haves, I think the outfits are more enjoyable than my talking. So, here we go:


Street Style

I told you this skirt was one of my favorite items (ok, MY favorite item) of the Jet Set collection. The first thing I did as SS again was buying this great skirt inspired by the collection of Roberto Cavalli F/W 2014-15. 

Picture from VOGUE.ES

I created this boho-business outfit. Very Kate Moss style in my opinion, or Poppy Delevingne. It looks glam and elegant but at the same effortless. At first I wanted to go for all black, like in the Cavalli catwalk, but I changed my mind and only kept the idea of the sandals + shirt. Then I added the blazer and boho details like the one-earring trend and the glitter shoulder bag. Some bracelets to add some fun to the outfit, and ready to go! 

After checking Jet Set as SS again (Royalty), I decided to start a new era with my doll, so I changed her facial features and went for a new hair. That was the final result that I hope you like it. 


Spotted: Nikkixx7

I was reading this post on a spanish blog about plastic raincoats some days ago and I loved them. So when I found Nikkixx7 (click on name to visit) and her outfit, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How amazing is that raincoat she's created with an actual raincoat and this plastic coat? I LOVE IT! Also, the rest of the outfit fits so well all together. It's so good to find this talented and stylish girls around dollyworld. 

Here's some real life inspiration of a trasparent plastic raincoat. Thoughts? 

Picture from Kayture


Street Style

I was trying to wear a dress in black and white, then I began adding things and putting out others. At the end, I saw myself keeping this blouse from Decades and changing the rest of the outfit to fit it. It was a long time ago since I wore it, and I quite like how it looks covered up with a jacket, because it looks like a jumper instead of what it really is. Anyway, as I have mentioned in other posts I have this room full of the stuff I've bought but still haven't worn ever. I could not make a new outfit without using anything from there, so I began trying things until I found that bag. HOW HAVEN'T I USED IT BEFORE? I don't understand, it's perfect! I didn't want anything to distract the attention from it, not even the blouse/jumper, so I kept it low and went for an all white outfit, the salmon jacket and then the gorgeous Chanel bag. Also, is limited, what the hell was I thinking to keep it hidden for so long?

I like how this outfit reminds me of a tennis costume, all in white and with the short skirt. I was about to use sneakers, but it was too much tennis! When I finished the outfit, it totally reminded me of the song "Hello", with Martin Solveig all in white.

PS. At the end, the skirt is also from the new stuff. And yes, maybe someday I show you my "new stuff" room, although it's kind of messy.


Store Statement: Jet Set

Is not a new floo, is actually a New Store! The bad news is that is only for Superstar/Royalty... The good news is that is GORGEOUS! There's a lot of nice items and very versatile! I love it. Really.
When I saw the spoilers I thougt: "Ok, nice. When I buy SS membership I will buy some items". Now that I've seen it it's like: "Go buy SS membership, RIGHT NOW!"

This is how it looks like:

Ok, so there's also furniture, but the fashion clothes caught my eye. I'm more into fashion than decorating, you should already know that for what's this blog all about. So, my totally favorite items are:

And some other must haves of the collection in my opinion: 

And to finish the post, some outfits I made almost entirely with the new Jet Set collection. See how it really is versatile? ;)


Sisters' Style: Hot Buys Luxury Skirt

Here we are again! The two writers of the blog showing our different styles. This time the item selected was this skirt inspired by Balmain Fall/Autumn 2014-15. It's quite a statement piece, and you can't mix it with anything too extravagant or the outfit can be a disaster. We opted for black (me) and white (Judith). 

I went for a more basic outfit, combining the skirt with only black and gold. Basic black tee, transparent black tights, black heels and this necklace in gold. To finish the outfit I needed a bag, so I went for the typical Chanel 2.55. 

Judith instead combined the skirt with a mix of styles that look pretty good together. She added those socks and blouse more lady, and then the camo ankle boots, black tee and chain necklace more urban. She went for a Chanel too (seems like Balmain and Chanel go well together), but she chosed the Chanel Boy. Also, she added some drama with the big vintage sunglasses. 


Store Statement: Pretty n' Love

Pretty n' Love has released some new clothes. Between them we can find dresses inspired in Valentino and some nice jackets or accessories for the winter.

If you want to know my personal opinion about this, I'm not a big fan of these new clothes. From all the new floor they have I would buy just these two items:

I have to admit, though, that you can make pretty cool outfits with them. I have made some and I love the result. Hope you like them as much as I do!

Store Statement: Callie's Picks

Hello again! Today we are posting a lot of material, but it's logic. The weekend arrives and we all have more time. Some days ago the new collection of Callie's Picks arrived. This time the theme was Black&White, and Stardoll introduced us the new collection with this quote from Coco Chanel. Therefore, it was obvious that we would find some Chanel items on the shop.

This is how it looks like, only one floor:

It's not a bad collection, actually there's some nice things, but I already own almost all the things I like. Anyway, here I leave you what are for me the must haves: 

I am not in the mood for creating a black and white outfit, but look what amaia_estebanez did, it's so amazing I couldn't end this post without sharing this with you: 

Styled: joje191

When I saw the awesome hairstyle joje191's (click on the name for visiting) doll was wearing I couldn't resist to style it. I wanted to make an outfit to go with it that was very girly, with bright colors and that stuff, but while I was looking at her clothes and I saw that shirt and that skirt and I knew I had to put them together. So I dismissed my first idea and went for a more folkish outfit. Finally, for making it more adaptable for the streets of a city I picked that minimalistic city bag and the basic black pumps.

Spotted: shazaib12

I've been exploring around dollyworld searching for dolls that were using this HotBuys leopard jacket inspired by Balmain. I've seen some, but there was always something that didn't convince me to put them on Spotted. But today I came across with this magnifique and very smart outfit by shazaib12 (click on the name for visiting her). It's perfect! I love the elegance of the all white-cream outfit and then the accesories in black and gold give still more elegance. The jacket apports a modern touch, but at the same time it looks nice and expensive. If I had to describe this outfit with one word that wasn't "amazing" (cause it is), it would have to be: LUXURIOUS. 


Street Style

As you read on the last Store Statement about the new floor of Royalty (click here if you haven't seen it yet), I bought this nice blouse from Pucci. I wanted to create an outfit beachy, luxurious and sophisticated, very French Riviera style. This is what I came up with, all details in white and silver for not distracting the glance from the great Pucci blouse. 

I even decided to create a make up look to go with the look. My doll usually wears smokey eyes and nude lips, but for this outfit it was necessary a luxurious make up that went good with the rest. I applied pale pink lips and created the eye shadow with a mix of purples, pinks and a little dark blue. To finish the make up look I applied turquoise eyeliner on the lower lid, only on the lower lashes. I left my earrings, blush and fake lashes on. 



Seen on FM-Style: Silver Linings

Our Task 2 from Cycle 7 was all about styling a skirt. But not any skirt, the one called "Cloud Vinil Skirt", available for 172 starcoins on Bonjour Bizou.

That was all, they could do whatever they want as long as they were using the item requested.
And the contestants that got the best qualifications were:

AudreyHepburn. totally nailed it. He got almost a perfect score from all the judges with his all white-silver outfit and those pink touches. It was simple but elegant, very classy, a perfect representation of his doll's style.

nikkiiGOESrarw surprised us with this casual and very summery way of styling that skirt. She combined the silver vinil skirt, with a white top with transparencies (originally a dress) and adding all the accesories very sporty and mint coloured. That was a great example on how to mix textures!