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Spotted: Judith_25

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today, 25th of April I was given a precious gift in this life... THE PERFECT SISTER! I want to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you enjoy my gift :) Hope your day is going great!

And by the way, look at that outfit! OMG I have the most stylish stardoll sister ever! :D


Seen on FM-Style: California Stars

Hello everyone! Here we are again, sharing the winners of a Quick Comp we did on our club (FM-Style) where the task was to dress up for Coachella. 

The ultimate winner has been... 

Congratulations! You're here again! Definitely your outfit has everything I would love to see in a collection of Coachella outfits. 

You can also see the outfits of the runner-ups terhi6v (left) and poppet08 (right) that are also nice options for this music festival in Palm Springs. 

Can't wait for next Quick Comp to see what the members deliver! See you on the next post :) 


Sisters' Style: Easter Edition Dior Inspired Velvet Jacket

We have this saying in Spanish that says: Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más. (TRADUCTION: You will never go to bed without knowing something new). And it's so true! You learn something new everyday. For example, today I've discovered that this free jacket stardoll gave us on the easter holidays is in fact a very faithful version of a real Dior one.

As we both had the jacket because it was a free gift we decided to make a Sisters' Style with it.

So, without knowing the original version I ended up creating an outfit pretty similar to the one of the catwalk. It also involves white and a little bit of lace. 
Mireia, on the other hand, although her outfit is also mainly white, added more colour with a beautiful statement necklace that goes perfectly with the green shade of the jacket. I love that combination! Hers is more elegant as well with the jewelry and gold details.

Street Style


Sister Talking: An Introduction

Dear Judith,

Today I wanted to create a new post for our beloved blog, but I realised I didn't have enough time to do so. That's why I came running to you to tell you this new idea I had on my head and talking and talking we both came together with this new section that I am starting today: Sister Talking.

Now, I want to explain to our readers what this will be about. Basically, it's a section where we get to talk about stardoll related things, giving our opinion, maybe sharing this outfit we made on the Starplaza, or just talking about how we like red lipstick and now our dolls are wearing it. In conclusion, a more personal section that allows us to maybe get a more direct connection and create a quick post that we can make in 15 minutes instead of spending a whole hour or more. Hello busy lives... 

So, I decided to start this new section like this. Like a conversation between us, hence the "Sister Talking", like we are writing a letter to the other one. Then we can share whatever we want to with the other, answer on the next post (or not) and just keep the conversation going on. 

Today, I actually wanted to tell you how much I liked this golden ankle boots that Stardoll released on Callie's Picks, celebrating their 10th anniversary. By the way, did you know that we've been here since 2007 and that makes us like veterans on the site? If it's their 10th anniversary... and we've been here for 9 years... We are here almost since the beginning! Wow! But back to what I was saying, do you like them? I wasn't sure whether to buy them or not, but when I did this outfit... I thought they were pretty cool and different, so that maybe would allow me to create some original but fashionable outfits... I don't know, just tell me what you think. 

Oh, and I was doubting about buying this sunglasses but I'm definitely gonna buy them after this! Are they on your whishlist? Is there something of my outfit on your wishlist? Because basically I did it with some of my fave items that I still have to buy (top, shorts and sunglasses). Let me know! :)

PS. While we were thinking about names starting with S for this brand new section... BUM! I love the other idea we came up with for another section! But our readers will have to wait for this one until the 1st of May. Just a clue in case they are reading this, it will involve them and it will be a monthly section. Do you think they will guess what it is?

Sister Mireia

Street Style


Surrounded by Trends: Slip Dress

- Spring Summer 2016 - 

SEEN AT: Alexander Wang, Céline, Burberry Prorsum, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein Collection, Saint Laurent, Chloé...

WHERE TO BUY: The Jet Set, Millionaire Mansion, Fallen Angel,  Pretty n' Love, Evil Panda, IT Girls, Voile, Basics, Nelly.com.

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: janetteLow


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (9/10)

Now we are finally arriving to the end. I'm determined to finish the Christmas gift-o-meter at least in April, no longer. I'm so used to starting things really excited and thinking I'm gonna make it and then just postpone them indefinitely. Then I think of quitting, but I tell to myself "you're not a quitter!", so I finish ending it but in a very long time. If only you knew since when I should have delivered a report from my stay in Sweden... Anyway, back to business! Time for 9th part, and there will only be 1 more.

Click on the images to view full size

For getting the 9th gift you had to spent an amount of 165 SD. Say whaat? It's just like saying that this shoes cost 165 sd? Luckily they are a "gift", cause I doubt that someone would buy those for that prize. The are that hideous that I even needed help to finish this post. See the shoes for yourself. 

And this is when I went to our lovely club full of super stylish members running for help. I thought they weren't that bad, in fact I saw Judith wearing them once when she came to my suite. 

The thing is that I couldn't do it. I didn't even try, they were nice but ugly at the same time and I collapsed. So... Contest time! The tittle was my reaction when I saw what I had to do for the 9th part of the Christmas gift-o-meter: WHAT ARE THOOSE?? The job: style an outfit on my doll so I could add some outfits using this shoes. Who did it? The marvelous community we have at FM-Style. I'm so happy with our club, really. Is one of the bests I've ever been to (I want to say the best but I feel bad saying that and being the owner). And this is what they came up with. Enjoy! 

Styled by (from left to right): missBlackVenus, Marta-43, CoralCool91