Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (1/10)

Since the 20th of December, if we spend money on Starplaza we can get rewards for it. Usually I don't like Gift-O-Meters too much because they make you buy compulsively, but this time the time period is very long, until de 4th of January, so you can get extra free pieces when you do your Christmas shopping. ;) 

Here are the pieces you can get for the amount of stardollars you spend. You get the last piece is at 200 SD, and having in mind that they released some Holiday Tributes it's not an outrageous amount. 


Once I've introduced you to this great gift-o-meter, it's time for me to show you some examples of what you can do with this pieces. I will make a post for every goal as I'm planning on finishing it before the 4th of January and have all the pieces. Today is the first part out of ten. 

For the first goal, you needed to spend 15 SD. Buying only a piece of any tribute you get to that amount for sure, so probably everyone will have this "Fashion Weak" tee. 

It's very easy to style, as it's basically a black tucked tee with rolled up sleeves, but here there are 3 outfits I made with it. You would have probably already seen the first one, as it was the one I was wearing for the Sisters' Style some days ago (click here to see it). As we don't allow each other to buy anything that the other one has and stardoll changed our room, we no longer can do our usual Sisters' Style, so this free pieces are the only ones that we both have and maybe some old clothes from when we didn't have this pact between us. 


Street Style

Simulating: Caroline de Maigret

Ever since I bought (well actually I got it as a birthday present) the How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are book I've been in love with this Parisian effortless style they describe in it and the best representation of that style is the model Caroline de Maigret.

Her close is like a big MUST-HAVE full of basic pieces you literally need. Trench coats, jeans, striped t-shirts, blazers, white shirts... All the basics you always make sure to have. She combines them in a very cool and elegant way and overall all, as I said before, effortles. I don't know what it is (maybe her usually messy hair) but her outfits always look on point and at the same time like if it had taken her only 5min. to put them on. Since I've taken the like in doing this Simulating posts (at first I wasn't a big fan of them, it was Mireia's idea but now I really enjoy them!) I decided I should do one of Caroline. 

The look I've chosen it's not as casual as what I had in mind at first but I loved it so I did it anyway. About the coat I picked for the starplaza outfit I don't know from where it came from, it doesn't have a label but you can find it in the catalogue (category: coats). EDIT: The coat is from Millionaire Mansion (no idea why it is not written in the label)And good news! Both, the pants and boots are starcoins items! :)

Spotted: AngelOoops

When I first saw this shawl on the Hot Hot Buys calendar I loved it. The print was great and I could not wait to try it on Starplaza. That's when the big disappointment came... it was too big for my taste. Imagine my surprise when I came across this amazing outfit from AngelOoops. I love all the black layering and how the shoes match the shawl and give me christmassy vibes. The dark red lips are the perfect finishing touch! 


Store Statement: Saint Laurent Paris Tribute

Saint Laurent Paris Tribute came out yesterday and I must admit I'm in love with this collection. I usually like Saint Laurent clothes because they look young and fresh although maybe a little too rock for me, but I definitely didn't expect I would like it this much.

This is how the two floors looked like:

Click on the images to view full size

I actually had to struggle a little bit at the time of choosing my favourite items cause I liked so many of them. In my opinion the quality of this collection, meaning the textures and shapes of the items, is really good, everything looks very real and similar to real designer clothes. In the end I went for this 5 pieces.

With such a great collection I knew I would find amazing outfits out there and I wasn't wrong. It only took me like 5 minutes to find these beauties.

ajenkam wearing: High Slim Tassle Heels; RawrGoregous wearing: Red Dot Crop Top, YSL Inspired Suit Pants and YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag; rockangelfada3 wearing: Off Shoulder Faux Fur and YSL Inspired Deep V Jumpsuit.

Sisters' Style: Gift-O-Meter Fashion Weak Tee

Stardoll improvements seemed like a great thing at first, your clothes get automatically organised, no more annoying doors and a better looking hardwood floor, but then we find out: they have ruined our Sisters' Style posts. I don't remember now if we have ever explained you how we did them but if not I'm about to do it now. Through the SuiteChat Mireia invited me over to her suite (or viceversa) and we chose an item and style them each one in a different way and then take the picture, but this way we didn't need to have the same item. Now this is not possible cause it doesn't allow you to see your host clothes, so from now on Sisters' Style posts will only be able with items we both have. Sorry...

Anyway, about the outfits we're wearing today. We are using the tee that comes as a gift when you spend 15 stardollars, which is a basic tee but looks nice. 

If I'm honest (I don't want to brag or anything) I think that both looks are quite great. Mireia's is so extravagant, very fashion week street style. At first I didn't think she would be able to pull off an outfit using that tee and that skirt together but she succeeded amazingly. And mine is simpler but I just love that yellow pop in the total black outfit. 


Seen on FM-Style: Cycle 11 Begins

You know what they say, the calm before the storm. For some time there were no new posts in this blog, no competition or great activity in FM-Style, and now that we're back, the blog is going on again and Cycle 11 has just started.

Cycle 11 is another regular cycle and although it doesn't keep secrets we're hoping it brings the same expectation. You will definitely have no difficulty in spotting the talent, I invite you to follow it, through the blog or the club, and enjoy it with us!

And now it's time to meet the ones who are going to make this happen, the amazing judging panel with no others than Marta-43, Aby400, cami-camilla and missiwantitall.
And the ones who will be competing, week after week until the end, bringing the best outfits they can put together for each task.

Task 1 has already been announced, create an outfit following Lana del Rey's song: Blue jeans, white shirt. Feel free to share your outfit in the comments if you feel like doing it but are not in the cycle, everyone can have fun with this! :)

Street Style

Spotted: miss.privacy

Former contestant of Cycle 9 on FM-Style miss.privacy proved again her amazing style with this outfit which reminds me a bit of Saint Laurent. I found her outfit a few days ago, now she changed and is styling in a new and beautiful way another skinny scarf, definitely worth the visit! 

Store Statement: Inspired by Balmain Tribute

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Christmas Eve and that you're preparing a great New Year's Eve night. In the meantime, I wanted to review for you the other tribute that Stardoll released on this year winter holidays. That's the Inspired by Balmain Tribute.

This is how the store looks like. Two floors of a Balmain collection that looks a lot like the one Olivier released for H&M. Personally it has deceived me a little, there's too many cocktail dresses that they don't even look that good (talking about quality). But see it for yourselves. 

Click on the images to view full size

My favorite pieces, as always, are those ones that you can use easily for street style outfits. That means the basic tee, baroque skirt, thigh high boots and nice black beaded shirt.

I've decided to try and give a chance to other items of the store at the time of creating some outfits for this review, to see what I can do. Also, sometimes when you try some things that you didn't like at the beginning you end up liking them, so who knows? Maybe when they announce that they're closing down the tributes I will be buying some of the items I used in this outfits... Hope you like them anyway! 


Surrounded by Trends: Candy Colours

- Autumn Winter 2015/2016 - 

SEEN AT: Max Mara, Nº21, Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Philosophy, Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior...

WHERE TO BUY: Oscar de la Renta Tribute, Nelly.com, Chanel Tribute, PPQ, Royalty, Après Ski, Millionaire Mansion, Bonjour Bizou, Voile, IT Girls and Pretty n' Love. 

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: B.E.A.T.K.A


Spotted: ajenkam

Today I was going through Spotlight again and through some dolls suites searching for fashionable people to advertise to join our club and maybe apply for Cycle 11 when I came across ajenkam. I did not remember featuring her before, but when I was writing the label, I saw that it was me that featured another one of her outfits some time ago (click here to see it).

Obviously I love the outfit, but what I like most is how she has created it combining pieces of the new Gift-o-meter and the Chanel Tribute that we reviewed here.

PS: If you haven't applied yet for Cycle 11 on FM-Style, what are you waiting for? You can apply for contestant or judge! Go, go, go! 


Street Style

Store Statement: Chanel Tribute

Today the typical Chanel Tribute that we get every year for Christmas season has arrived. It consists on two floors with the usual prizes for a Tribute.

Click on the images to enlarge

On my opinion, there has been better Chanel tributes, but I think I can take profit of some pieces, not so many though. I didn't even like the store at first sight, I had to look closely to find some items that I could like, and the chain red bag is not even visible in the store, which is the only item I actually bought. But nevermind, these are my favorite items from this collection:

This time I decided to feature some people that I saw wearing items from this tribute. Hope you like them as much as I do and if you have made some outfits with pieces of the collection, you can always share them on the comments! :)
MissAngelFace. wearing Doubble Logo Chanel Shorts (17SD) and Bubbly Chanel Sweater Jacket (25SD); aBoyNamedSue wearing Over Shoulder Chanel Coat (32SD)Andre1396 wearing Chanel Chained Sweater (26SD) and Perfume Bottle Handbag (21SD). 


Store Statement: Inspired by Oscar de La Renta Tribute

It has been a while, but we expect to bring this blog back to what it was before. If you remember, we used to do some Store Statements, meaning that we analyze some new stores that Stardoll releases and share with you our favorite items and outfits. This time I will talk about Oscar de la Renta Tribute, one of the Christmas Tributes that have arrived this year.

This is how the store looks like:

Click on the images to see them full-size

I personally don't like buying gowns in this website too much. I like creating outfits for the street, not to wear to special events. So, for me, my favorite items of this collection are pieces that we can style for example, with a pair of jeans. 

For the same reason, I have tried to combine some pieces in a very street style way. I really hope you like them and that give you some ideas for your own outfits. Maybe even you think twice about buying something from Oscar de la Renta. Have a nice Sunday!