Seen on FM-Style: Miss Independent

For Task 9 we did something that we never did before. Judith wrote a text about a fictional character and the contestants had to interpret the text and create an outfit appropriate for that person. Here's the text: 

"You could tell without knowing her that she was a confident independent woman. She walked everywhere like she owned the floor she was stepping on. She had never been an insecure person, she had never worried about others opinion. She didn’t have to pretend because she already fitted in. Her arrogance, her snobbishness, her pride emanated from every pore in her skin while a deep desire of disconnecting from her hectic life popped a little big through her clothes choice. She was who she was, and for an unknown reason people seemed to like her."

And then, for all the judges to have in mind the same idea, she also wrote some guidelines for them. However, contestants could write a different description as long as it matched the character. Here are the guidelines: 

- “deep desire of disconnecting from her hectic life” = Little exotic details (feathers, jewelry, something ethnic, something related to nature…)
- “people seemed to like her” , “She didn’t have to pretend because she already fitted in"  = Nothing too strange or extravagant, her clothes and appearance has to be likeable for the general public.
- “Her arrongance, her snobbishness, her pride emanated from every pore in her skin” = Elegant and luxury clothes.
- “she had never worried about others opinion” = Outfit with personality, nothing too common.
- “confident independent woman” = Adult’s clothes (avoid backpacks, converse sneakers…) and that shows self-assurance.

And after all this long introduction, 4 contestants did this task, but my favorites have been... 

Even the 2 outfits together look good, like they are exactly on the same street! 
We have Rawan (bornthiswaay) on the left, with a perfect outfit that described exactly the characteristics, but for me was a little too classy and was missing something more special, more exotic. That was the factor that made Teresa's (platinumgals) outfit my favorite. As I said on the feedback I wrote to her, for this task I was looking for this "I'm perfect without trying" look, and I think she totally made it. Looks like she just picked some items from her wardrobe put them all together and then tied her hair and added some red lipstick and ready to go. I just love it! 

Unfortunately, Felipe (yulissahermosa) decided to focus on other things besides Stardoll, so he dropped out of the cycle. As one contestant was already out, there was no other elimination besides him. 


Street Style


Splendorous: Hair Trends Brought To You By Stardesigners

Stardoll do what they can trying to keep up with all the trends, including beauty trends. The opening of Tress Up came to delight us with beautiful hairs trendier and prettier than the ones we were so tired of seeing in the beauty parlor. However the trend game is fast and quick and leaves a gap of some hair trends that stardoll doesn't cover. Luckily for us, we can still get our hands on the latests coolest hairstyles thanks to some talented wig designers. And to make it even easier, here I am, to tell you where you can buy in stardoll the hairstyle you've been seeing so much on instagram.

  • Boxer Braids by MUNCHKIN_XD: Embraced by the clan Kardashian-Jenner and worn by probably every blogger/influencer (even Chiara Ferragni), here it is the last trend on braids. The wig comes in three parts: Head (89SD) and the two braids (78SD each), which makes a total of 245SD. For me it's quite a fortune but the truth is that the hairstyle is perfectly made.

  • Wet Hair by PATRONUS.: This wet hair effect has been going on for a while now but yet stardoll didn't think about giving the option of buying it, PATRONUS. did. I'm almost sure there are other versions of the hairstyle by other designers in different colours but I wasn't able to find any that was still available for sale. Anyway is not as if this one wasn't pretty enough... You can get the wig in her bazaar in just a single piece for 89SD.

  • Blonde Beach Waves by hannahjohns1: A.k.a the hair you wished you had every summer. This version by hannahjohns (former FM-Style contestant) is perfect in texture, colour, length... The wig is sold in three parts for a total amount of 271SD (83SD + 51SD + 83SD), another little fortune, but again quality is quality.

  • Half Up Bun by CandyAlize: This trend has been so difficult to find! Not because there weren't enough designs, but because for some unknown reason every beautiful wig of a half up bun that I found wasn't on sale or it was but under a long wait list of restocking that didn't give me any clue about the price. Believe me I tried. Then I found this version by CandyAlize and after all the research I made it was heaven! She sells the wig in two parts (83SD + 80SD) for a total amount of 163SD. And if you are interested some of the half up buns I found that I couldn't find out the price so I didn't use them for the post are on Sana_who_Sana and pepelepew presentations.

  • Grey Hair by Mirage.: One of the most popular hair trends in colouring has been (along with the fantasy colours I guess) grey. I must admit that I'm not that keen on it but when I see it in beautiful hairs they totally got me. Like this wig, that you can get for 166SD.

Hope this was helpful or at least enjoyable! Have a good weekend!


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (7/10)

Hello again! We're getting there! Here it comes the 7th part and only 3 more to go! Whoop whoop! Also, now that we're giving positive vibes... it's also Thursday, so only one more day for Friday, could that be even more cool? But anyway, let's go to business.

Click on the images to view full size

For the 7th gift/"prize for spending money" we had multiple items again, as in number 3 (click here for the 3/10 post). Pretty fair for an amount of 145 sd. Honestly, I don't think I can pull a look with the 3 items together, basically because I would never ever pair that sweater with those "Louboutin" heels. In my opinion the 3 of them are pretty nice items, being my least liked one the "Gucci" bag, but it can be useful. What do you think? Do you reach that goal? 

And here they are my outfits. For the first outfit I went on with using my favorite piece of the three: the sweatshirt. I decided to keep it sporty and combined it with sneakers, but also adding some "fashion" with the fur coat. But you can also create nice outfit going for something more lady and combining it with skirts, as I did on the second outfit. That is a trend that was seen in plenty of catwalks on A/W 2015-16 and I wanted to do a task on FM-Style about it, but never was the appropriate time, so at the end we did not do it. But I wanted to try and outfit 2 is the result of that. The third outfit is me using this bag that I don't like that much, mostly for its black but not that black color. I decided to went for basic and then giving a outstanding touch with those thigh-high-sandals that I love. And all the opposite for the last outfit, using the shoes. As a pair of Louboutins are a very classic piece, I didn't want to overcharge my outfit, so I chose a dress from a similar colour of the shoes, and added a bag in a red also similar to the sole of those elegant shoes. For not making the outfit that fancy (even if the dress wasn't), I let the hair of my doll loose. And that's all! Hope you enjoy it :) 


Seen On FM-Style: Stole the show

Task 8 was tricky. You could feel the difficulty when Saturday arrived and only one of our contestants had delivered their task. We gave them an album with pictures of different artists performing on stage and what they had to do is pick one and recreate it but with a little twist that could be worn on the streets, that means reduce a little bit the extravagance of most of the outfits. 

In the end, with a little bit of delay, 5 out of 7 contestants delivered their tasks and as always they brought us beautiful outfits that I'm about to share. 

To be honest the marks I gave this time were all very high, all of them above 8, so I had a lot of trouble picking the outfits I would share with you here. The one I had clear was the one Lucia (roco_90) delivered. Second time on a row that she is between my favourites, she's doing well!

This is an almost perfect representation of how Taylor Swift's outfit would look on the streets. I loved it!

And as my second favourites I decided to pick two very different outfits. 

On one hand we've got Rawan (bornthiswaay) who did an amazing job at recreating Britney Spear's outfit as it was the most difficult artist of the whole album. On the other hand we've got exactly the opposite, Teresa (platinumgals) with an amazing outfit which was easier to represent. Both are great and deserved to be here anyway!

This time, even though we were supposedly having a double elimination it wasn't hard for us, the contestants saved us the trouble, as two of them did not complete it. And like that, there were only 5 left...


Surrounded by Trends: 80s

- Autumn Winter 2015/2016 - 

SEEN AT: Chanel, J. W. Anderson, Moschino, Loewe, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander, Peter Piloto...

WHERE TO BUY: Nelly.com, PPQ, Voile, Velvet Orchid, Bonjour Bizou, Rio, IT Girls...

INSPIRATION: All outfits styled by Judith_25
Model: kiarily


Store Statement: The Jet Set

Today they have released a new floor of The Jet Set. I usually like a lot the collections from The Jet Set so I was a little bit disappointed with this one, because I didn't like it that much, but it still has some cool and trendy items. Check it for yourselves. 

There is a Fendi inspired t-shirt, an original two-coloured fur, fringed dresses and a striped coat with a belt which has a really nice shape. Basically I can include all my favourite items in two looks.

And finally, here he have some stardoll members rocking these new items.

(from left to right) Millaxx wearing The Jet Set dress; AudreyHepburn. wearing The Jet Set coat and RawrGoregous wearing The Jet Set fur (two pieces).


Simulating: Chanel Oberlin

Chanel Oberlin is a fictional character from the new Fox show Scream Queens. The show is about a huge mystery in a campus sorority which involves murders but with a funny satirical twist. But my favourite part of the show is definitely the fashion. The sorority leaders (called The Chanels) are all about pastels, fur, pearls, heels... And they always look perfect. Chanel Oberlin is the character played by Emma Roberts, president of the sorority, and she always gets the best looks.

I must admit that they are a little bit too girly and extravagant most of the times, and I definitely wouldn't wear them, but when you see them on the show they look awesome so I wanted to simulate it at least on stardoll. Hope you like it!

Spotted: Maifhydoll

The other day I was trying to create an outfit using that dress inspired in Missoni that you can buy on Bonjour Bizou and I wasn't inspired enough and couldn't create anything. So, when I saw Mayfhydoll wearing that dress (and with pants!) I could not include her in here. I actually love how she combined it with everything in white and this beige/nude, mostly because I was going for grey-black, so seeing how good can it look with lighters tones has surprised me. Such a nice outfit! And let me just say have you seen the doll? It's super beautiful, love the unique face and countouring that she has made by herself with stardesign and make-up. Wow! Pay her a visit if you don't know what I'm talking about.


Sisters' Style: Callie's Picks Denim Jacket

Well, there had to be some day in which Mireia and I styled the selected item for the Sisters' Style in basically the same way. I have to say though that it's my fault. I had a lot of trouble styling this denim jacket. I thought it would be so easy to make a nice outfit with it as it is a pretty basic item but it's shape it's a little tricky and I found myself thinking all the time that the outfit I had just made wasn't cool enough. I went to bed without having done the styling and next morning I tried again and I had it in a few minutes. Of course it was bound to be something wrong with it. Mireia was wearing the same thing: cropped black pants, minimalist black shoes, white crop top with a belt, even the neck part it's similar cause we're both wearing something around it (Mireia a choker and me a scarf). 

Anyway, the thing is that I think that both looks are nice and I do love coordinated outfits of two girls in the fashion week street style (like the ones that Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland make, check them out HERE) so I've ignored a little bit the problem and here it is... a failed Sisters' Style post!

Splendorous: Valentine's day

Last Sunday it was Valentine's day and I though it was a nice idea to share with you how to create a lovely make up on our dolls, very adequate for a date, not only on Valentine's but for any other date or even for a casual lunch with friends.

I got inspired by a blogger I personally don't know, saw it on Bloglovin' Beauty post and I love the make up she's wearing. Her name is Jenny Bernheim and her blog is Margo and Me, in case you're interested. This is the post that inspired me to recreate her make-up. 
As lately, I decided to do a video again, as I enjoy doing it and I think it's easier to see how it's done. Also you never know, Stardoll YouTube channel featured one of my previos videos (link here), and even if they don't give us credit for it and delete my comments on the video when I say "thank you for featuring us" it's always great to see that even if in our channel (you can subscribe clicking here) we have like 35 views, on theirs it's almost 2000 which is kind of cool.  

Anyway, to achieve this outfit the keys are a touch of pale pink on cheeks and lips, and a very well done upper winged eye-liner. It's a very easy one, the only difficult part is as in real life, the perfect winged eyeliner. Hope you like it! :)

PS. I forgot to take out the fake eyelashes at the beginning, so during all the video I'm wearing them, except on the part where I "add them" that is where I remembered I was wearing them and then took them out and put them again. Sorry for that.  

Street Style


Shopping: Christmas Gift-O-Meter (6/10)

I know, I know, this is taking a long time, but you will have to forgive me. I pretended to end this Shopping posts about the Christmas gift-o-meter on January, but still... Here we are! It's taking me longer than usual but... I will finish! Once I start something, I finish it (at least that's what I want to believe).

Click on the images to view full size

So, the 6th gift was given when you spent 100 sd. It starts to be a big amount of stardollars but, again, considering all the tributes they releases I think this one was sill easy to achieve. It's a very nice dress, but, I don't think we can create very different outfits with it. However, if you know the real Prada dress in which this one was inspired (Prada Prêt à Porter Fall 2015), this one is way more cute. I mean, I'm sorry, but I'm not really into the original one. 

I tried, and this is the result. For the first outfit I tried to cover up a part of the dress, for making it different. I chose to combine it with white as I think that this nude pink looks great with light colours, and what "colour" is lighter than white? For the second one I decided to keep it simple, and as the dress had this little detail in burgundy I chose for a burgundy clutch and just finish the outfit with nude shoes, just in the same tone (or at least as similar as I could find) as the dress. To finish this post, I decided to create the last look combining it with black, totally the opposite of the first outfit, and also covering the bottom part, for making it even more different. Hope you like the 3 outfits, and let me know what you think on the comments! 


Spotted: Suits

If there's one simple outfit that I like and has a really strong effect is suits. Blazer and pants that go together. You only have to pick what to wear underneath, shoes and accessories and if you make the right choices you will instantly look awesome. Today I found prove in these two stardoll members: Mh91, SS-diamond

Mh91 is wearing a blue striped suit with a see-through shirt and minimalist style shoes and bag. The suit has a little 70s touch which she matches with the round sunglasses. The final result is absolute elegance in a business modern way.

SS-diamond is wearing a white suit with golden buttons. The blazer that originally goes with those pants is not the one she's wearing but as the one she used has the same characteristics (same white shade and also golden buttons) she can pull the suit look. The blazer she's wearing has wide sleeves which make the outfit look more original. She paired the suit with a bandeau top that has the same colour as the big statement necklace and shoes. Strong original pieces matched perfectly thanks to the colour palette which make the outfit original and sexy.

I'm loving both outfits!

Seen On FM-Style: Riding On My Bike

I'm not a big fan of this song but as we used Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood (my favourite band) for the first task I felt like I had to let Mireia use this one by her favourite band (McFly).

MIREIA's edit: Yes, McFly indeed... Even if they team up with Busted resulting in this song. -_-

Anyway, the task consisted in creating an outfit suitable for both fashion week and attending to it riding a bike. The task allowed a lot of freedom at the time of creating the outfit, as in the inspiration album we included pictures of girls riding bikes in heels, dresses, skirts... so there were very few items that couldn't be used. 

I'm not sure if it's easier to amaze us with more freedom or under strict rules because with our amazing contestants there are always amazing entries, no matter if the task is difficult, free or crazy. That's why I was delighted whit these three entries.

Lucia (roco_90) delivered a very trendy outfit using denim flares with the perfect selection of accessories. I'm talking bag, belt, cap, necklace... All that plus the original touch of the fringed best brought her to my top 3 and also third position in task 7's official marks.

Teresa (platinumgals) won again the task with a really high mark (9,9)! So impressive! Her outfit was so neat and beautiful. A little bit inspired in menswear with a perfect combination of colours and very nice selection of accessories as well. I'm afraid to say that I'm guilty of that 9,9 cause I'm the only judge that didn't give her a 10 for her outfit. And at the same time, I guess that Nessa (MissAngelFace.) is guilty of that, because she melted my heart with her outfit and I had to give her a better mark. 

Her outfit was for me the perfect balance between originality, trendy and comfortable and of course she was my favourite this week! 

Congratulations to the three of them for such great stylings! 

Sadly at this point of the competition no one is safe and we had to say goodbye to Giudy (giudyziamia97) who got eliminated. 

Next task is really interesting in my opinion and I'm already excited and nervous to see what surely will be marvelous entries. However, at the end of the week we will be saying goodbye not to one but two of our great contestants as we're approaching the end and there is another double elimination. The cycle gets harder and harder and every time more exciting. Enjoy and follow the journey with us! 

Street Style


Store Statement: Velvet Orchid

It has been a while since our last Store Statement but it felt wrong to do one about a store that had came out some time ago so the new collection of Velvet Orchid that has been released today was the perfect excuse to get back to it.

The collection per se it's not that good. I've never been fond of Velvet Orchid clothes, but you can always find something useful or cool.

That's the case of my Top 3 selection. 
The jumper it has a loosen effect but at the same time looks really good on the doll's body so I really like its shape, unfortunately, even though it's available for starcoins, it's only for royalty members so I won't be buying that. 
The raincoat it's my favourite item out of the whole collection. I really like its shape and the shiny effect it has, I think it can bring a nice touch to some outfits. 
And finally these black jeans which are quite basic but they look good so they made it to the top 3, because you never have enough of these basic clothes. ;)

And as always a little inspiration to end the Store Statement brought to you by me and a little help from my sister.

(From left to right)
Outfit 1 Wearing: Velvet Orchid bag and Coat; Outfit 2 Wearing: Velvet Orchid tee and shoes; Outfit 3 Wearing: Velvet Orchid sweater.