Store Statement: Fendi Tribute

Hello beloved readers! The Sisters' are back and so are the Tributes. Good things are good waiting for, you know? Fendi Tribute is the first Summer Tribute to arrive and I have to say that we're pretty happy with it. This is how the store looks like:

(Click on the images for full size)

The prizes are fair for a Tribute, more expensive than normal stores but still pretty affordable. There are no special items only for Superstar or Royalty, which I like, as it makes it possible for everyone to get what they wish for. I'm pretty confused with the season of the clothes... I know fashion goes forward but still, I think usually in the Stardoll World, Summer Tributes had summery clothes, and this new tribute is full with autumn/winter clothes. We love the pieces anyway, but when we saw it we were pretty exhausted and nervous about all those warm clothes with the Spanish sun heating our bodies at the same time. Anyway, those are our favorite pieces, that Judith flawlessly put together: 

To end this Store Statement, here are the outfits we made with our purchases, hope you enjoy them. 

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