Store Statement: Marc Jacobs Tribute

Brand new tribute coming in! It's Mr. Jacobs turn!
I had the text written for this since quite a few days ago but wasn't in the mood to take the pictures, now I'm so late I couldn't even take the pic of the stardoll banner... :(

Before starting reviewing this new collection I highly recommend the article written by fellow FM-Style judge Lucy (SunnySidesSue) as I highly agree on everything she has said there and it's a very well written and thoughtful review. You can check it HERE. And now let's get into business!

My first impression of the new tribute was bad. That background along with the display of the items in the outfits they created for the mannequins was a bit too much for me. Too strange, too extravagant, too odd, name it whatever you want, but I didn't like it.


I always like to buy at least one item of each tribute so that's the reason I paid more attention and watch more closely. This is how I find some very interesting items and ended up buying three of them:

I loved the quality of the silver pants and also their shape. I'm not sure how will I style them but they're not too extravagant either (the only thing more special about them it's their colour) so I'm sure they can bring a nice touch to many outfits.
A bit of the same thing happened to me with the yellow skirt. The shape is quite simple but it's good quality of graphics too, and the colour is fantastic. Can't wait to style it later on for this post.
And the last item I bought would be the white playsuit. I liked it when I saw it but was a bit reluctant. I didn't see many possibilities for it. Then I talked to Mireia to see what she liked and she told me she hoped I would buy it, since she loved it but didn't thought it fit her style. Basically she made me reconsider and I decided to give it an opportunity, let's hope I don't regret it!

The other three items are the ones chosen by my sister. I think the military jacket it's a very good item that I'm going to see a lot around stardoll and if one of the two had to buy it that was Mireia, I'm sure she will make the perfect outfit for it. I also love the texture and colour of the short pink dress and even though I'm not a lot into those kind of playful items with things like a cat face on them I do see the possibilities in that and I'm sure Mireia will be able to make me like it.

So enough talking. It's time to see how the styling part goes!

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