Store Statement: Tributes Gallery

I'm so glad I didn't get to do the Tributes Gallery Store Statement of the shoes floor. I had the images prepared but didn't put myself to write it and now I can do it together with the second floor... bags!

Stardoll decided to innovate this Tribute season bringing us Tributes Gallery: two floors, 1 of shoes the other of bags, with a selection of several designers items instead of just a one brand store. I'm quite happy with these. A whole store of Aquazzura (for example) might have been a little bit boring. Here are the items available to shop.


Both floors have very interesting items and the graphics are very good quality, plus the store looks quite nice.

I like very much the shoe selection from Aquazzura, loving the three of them. From the other three brands included in the shoes floor I think they could have brought something better but still, I like the blue stilettos from Christian Louboutin, the cream fur sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti and the butterfly sandals from Sophia Webster.

The selection of bags in general I think it's worse, less interesting items for me in terms of quantity, but the ones that I do like... well I'm completely in love. That's the case of the Prada shoulder bag, the Chanel crossbody bag and the light pink Louis Vuitton shoulder bag with toucan birds on it. By the way, I don't think they have ever released a whole Louis Vuitton Tribute... It's not my favourite brand but I think it would be interesting for a change. I also thing they messed up a little bit in size with most of the big bags, they look way too big for my taste, but I'm a sucker for little bags so maybe it's just me.

Anyway, we narrowed down our selection and picked our favourites between my sister and I, and finally, this is what we got.


And to finish this review some outfits with the items. Mireia abandoned me this time so the outfits are just mine, but better that than nothing right?

What do you think of the new Tributes Gallery? Do you want to see it again in the next Tribute Season?

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